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    Someone is wrong here, but it’s not him. Zobrist grounded out, which was the first out. The play in question, Heywards “single”, if ruled an error would have been the second out. Then schwarber fouled out. That would have been the third out. Meaning the hbp and home run afterwards would not have occurred.
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    Between that and a positive 1.8 Fielding Runs Above Average grade at both AA and AAA, I think we are moving past him being a DH prospect only. He's plenty fine at 1st and one of the best slugging prospects in the minors. Oh, and he hit another HR yesterday and is now up to 324/.387/.714 with 10 HRs last 26 games at AAA (post-all-star break).
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    Last season I plotted the 2016 ADP against the 2016 end-of-season leaders. That gives you a graph with 4 groups of data for RB, WR, TE and QB with ADP vs actual results. I let Excel figure out the best trendline through each group and retrieved the formula for the line. This formula now gives you a very rough estimation for what each position should give in expected value at each pick. I then let Excel run thousands of mock drafts and compared the results (I assumed a standard lineup). I found the highest expected value if you drafted RB, RB, RB, TE, WR, WR, QB. This would be around 10% better than the worst, which would be to draft a QB in the first round. I then started playing with the formulas and the parameters - and found radically different results. The thing is that the uncertainty involved in each player is so much larger than the potential gain in a slightly different strategy, that in practice it doesn't really matter too much. For example, if you drafted DJ first last season, everyone would have agreed you did the right thing. And then he got injured and suddenly your best player was essentially a third rounder (and with a bit of bad luck you would lose him too). TL/DR; just go for the players you like and don't get too hung up on strategy. Oh, and of course I will do the same exercise for 2017 data. I'll share it too, if anyone is interested.
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    I love this kind of stuff: Jansen had been in the lineup for the Bisons when, late in the game, he was told to take a seat on the bench. He was approached by Bobby Meacham, the Buffalo manager. “He said, ‘Kid, you’re going to the big leagues, I don’t want to see you again,’” Jansen, 23, said on Sunday. “It was awesome.” Jansen said he quickly telephoned his parents to spread the good news. “Some tears came out,” he conceded.
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    Here's a guy who could help you win your league if he hits the ground running. He was completely off my radar, so thanks to the guys in his MiLB thread for their insight and news of his callup. Here's really all you need to know: - C eligibility in most formats - slashed .349/.446/.531 in 102 games between AA and AAA this year - 14 HR / 18 SB - will be playing 3B for the Angels regularly down the stretch, there's really no one to challenge him - former 1st round pick who has finally found his offense after being moved off of Catching That's really all I know, and it's good enough for me in the wasteland that is the catcher position!
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    I’m in MN and have the same assessment. He been pretty “meh”, sparq be damned. He’d sprinkle in some games where he looks really good, but there were many more games in between where he looked average at best. He’s not a good runner unless he has a lot is space untouched. His situation has improved now, but he’s essentially a DND for me at his current price because I just don’t believe in he talent or the ability to not be dealing with nagging injuries all year, which seem to significantly impact his performance.
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    Devante Parker is sort of the definition of a roster clogger. Compiles just enough stats that he probably shouldn't be on waivers, but you wanna run to the nearest toilet and throw up at the thought of having to ever start him. Sadly that might not be the case this season since he'll probably lose his starting job to Albert Wilson. I only draft WRs with souls. That means no gingers and no Devante Parker.
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    Scary good, but those guys did it against a league that struck out a far lower clip. Randy Johnson in today's game would have a shot at 450 strikeouts in a season.
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    Sure wasted a lot of time to be wrong. He has 12 straight, including last season. It is yards from scrimmage, not rushing yards.
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    Patently false. Gore has 3 1200 yard seasons: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GoreFr00.htm Barry Sanders had 9 (in fact they're all 1300+ yard seasons): https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SandBa00.htm Emmitt Smith had 9 as well: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SmitEm00.htm Walter Payton had 10: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PaytWa00.htm And Curtis Martin had 7: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MartCu00.htm This isn't hard to fact check.
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    One is 6 1 215 the other is 6 5 235 freak that ran a 4.3. I don't see the comparisons.
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    JuJu is nowhere near Megatron. Nowhere.
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    Cheat code for catcher with stolen base potential and everyday at bats? I’m all in.
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    Geezus...I hope you were on the swim team! Anyway, I don’t care if it’s a hamstring or calf with McKinnon, I’m out on him in my next auction. On my fantasy baseball team, Josh Donaldson has been on the DL for over 2 months with a calf strain. I definitely don’t want the headache of a RB with a hamstring issue either. Be careful with him & don’t be surprised if this is a recurring issue this year
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    Rotoviz had an interesting article comparing hits and misses where they showed the average bust WR has a faster 40 time than the hits. Personally my my experience has just taught me to trust my own eval and learn from the calls I get wrong. So much of the scout community is groupthink.
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    Is anyone starting Touki Toussaint today against the Marlins?
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    Is this him in the midst of being taken over by Vigo the Carpathian warlock in Ghostbusters II?
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    i live in Niowa i watch all viking games......i never thought mckinnon was that good. in fact he was just average at best. shanny is now saying he may have made a mistake insisting that lynch move up and draft joe williams because he just had to have him in the 4th round. does shanny really know as much as he seems to think he does???? i dont know? since i'm not an nfl scout i'm just asking???? i wont take mckinnon that high because i just dont think there is anything about him worth taking that high. maybe just shear volume could move him into that "elite" rb status, but when peterson went down for minn. i never saw that there. neither did minn. because they went out and drafted dalvin cook???? just sayin. if want you want mckinnon take him, bit i'm not on his wagon.
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    I'm not starting him in Boston BUT he has the level of stuff that if he figures it out it can play in anywhere against anybody. If seems as simple as being allowed to throw higher strikes. Pittsburgh forces low strikes on it's pitchers, and when coming from the angle of 6'8" Glasnow the downward plane would have him miss low when trying for it too often, but TB is allowing the high strike and switching levels - so he can aim higher in the zone and if he misses low instead of being a ball, it's a low strike still. Of course he's also dealing more in the meat of the plate so there is give and take but that is the art of pitching and pitch calling.
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    Pedro's 1999 and 200 seasons were ridiculous when you take into account how good the hitters were back then. A 1.90 ERA, 0.83 WHIP and 36.1 K% over 2 seasons. How is that even possible?
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    PLAY OF THE DAY GOES TO ... RUSSELL WILSON AND TYLER LOCKET The chemistry between quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Tyler Lockett looks like it's at mid-season form. On a play-action pass in team scrimmaging, Wilson connected with Lockett on a 75-yard bomb for a touchdown — drawing the largest cheer from the 12s at the VMAC Sunday. The fourth-year wideout blew by safety Bradley McDougald on the play. https://www.seattlepi.com/sports/seahawks/article/Seahawks-Clark-participates-in-team-drills-for-13150625.php
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    Hello! Just wanted to say Thomas is a bust and it isn't close. Book it, he's made of glass! Don't overthink it!
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    Why would we draft those players in fantasy drafts where they were drafted in the actual draft? I don’t get the framework you used at all and it’s incredibly strange. Every single one one of those RBs except Spiller matched or exceeded their rookie year ADPs. The point of showing them was to show the amount of volume top 10 RBs generally receive. Not sure why Barkley would be any different. I don’t think it’s crazy to have that 2nd tier of RBs in any order I’m just making the argument against dismissing Barkley just because he’s a rookie and I think the production of former top 10 RBs does a good job of refuting that.
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    Crazy that a guy with easy top 5WR potential only has 7 posts on his thread up to this point. Young guy with a huge chunk of the target share in an offense that is a shoo-in to be ranked in the top 10. Consistent, expect 95-100 catches, no injury history thus far. Easy WR1 and could push for top 3 WR value if he hits 8-10TDs which is very possible. Major target of mine if I'm between picks 12-16. And I would take him over Julio too- strictly due to age, injury history, and PPR consistency.
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    Zeke came into a team that had the most dominant Oline in the league, and a situation in which RBs for 4 years prior to him consecutively put up top 12ish RB numbers, from players many considered less talented than Zeke. So when you transplant a lesser player into an already elite producing situation and there's at lot less to be debate in that player's thread. Barkley, even if he's just as good as Zeke is in his rookie year from a talent perspective, is joining a team with a mediocre line 'IF' they improve on field like they have 'on paper', and a situation in which a RB hasn't had success in 5 years, back in 2012 when Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 1,000 yards, but was still only RB20. Dallas had a dominant Oline, and a 4 year track record of ~top12 RB production... enter Zeke. Giants have a mediocre Oline, and a 5 year track record of garbage RB production... enter Barkley. It's not an apples to apples comparison. If you put LeVeon Bell on the Giants, he would no longer be my #1 RB overall. It's not nearly as much about Barkley as it is his team/situation. Zeke was in the perfect team/situation and all that was up for debate was whether he could transfer his previous success to the NFL. Look at Gurley from 2016 to 2017. It had nothing to do with his talent or ability, and everything to do with his situation/team/coaches. People's concerns about Barkley, at least the ones I've seen, rarely question his talent, ability, or potential, but have been completely focused on whether or not the situation around him will allow him to REACH the ceiling that his talent/ability/potential offer. That's the best way I can rationalize it. Updated for Week 1 of the Preseason. 1PPR: (Yellow just means they're currently dealing with an injury of some sort)
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    He cut threw that lineup like a throwback jersey
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    Yeah but the blame is really on Keuchel because he didn't throw a complete game shut out.
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    "Yeah my guy blew it big time. But if things had hypothetically been different, he might have not done that." ^ This isn't an argument. It can be applied to literally every situation in life.
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    Updated Standard RB Rankings Tier 1 1. Ezekial Elliot - has the potential for a historical usage rate this season, feels incredibly safe to me 2. Todd Gurley 3. LeVeon Bell - the decrease in efficiency and usage over time scares me a little bit 4. David Johnson - last out of the four because he plays on the worst offense Tier 2 5. SaQuon Barkley - history of Top 5 RB production provides floor and his talent provides ceiling 6. Leonard Fournette - awesome on per game basis, improved OL, locked into huge usage 7. Alvin Kamara - usage scares me a little but the talent is transcendent 8. Melvin Gordon - huge usage on great offense 9. Kareem Hunt - the changes to the offense provide a little instability but still RB1 for Andy Reid 10. Dalvin Cook - on pace for crazy production last year + believe in the talent. Maybe a worry about preseason injuries to OL. Tier 3 11. Devonta Freeman - a little worried about the efficiency decline but the entire ATL offense should rebound 12. Joe Mixon - leap of faith for me believing in the talent 13. Jordan Howard - could see usage decline coming from run heavy John Fox scheme in a scheme he doesnt fit OR could explode as centerpiece of an improved and modernized offense 14. Jerrick McKinnon - dont really like the player but in one of the best situations for RBs in football Tier 4 15. LeSean McCoy - not really sure what to do with him 16. Derrick Henry - not 3 down back but TD potential is huge and Lewis can easily get hurt at any time 17. Mark Ingram - with all the rookies falling off a little bit I'm willing to wait the 4 games for Ingram's RB1 production 18. Christian McCaffery - dont love drafting him but solid floor as receiver 19. Ronald Jones - trying to not overreact to the negative buzz out of training camp - still uber talented 2nd round pick for a good offense only competing against Peyton Barber 20. Rashaad Penny - similar to Jones, think he's in a committee at the worst 21. Kenyan Drake - he looked so good last year but doesnt seem like Gase wants to hand the keys to him 22. Kerryon Johnson - lots of competition but love the talent and the offense, plus I dont see a team trading up to draft a RB in the 2nd round and not letting him get work 23. Jay Ajayi - are the Eagles committed to their RB usage patterns from last year or was Ajayi just put on ice because he was acquired during the season? 24. Alex Collins - still don't believe in the player but the news about Dixon being on the roster bubble helps 25. Jamaal Williams - has lead to be lead RB in ARod offense 26. Marlon Mack - see above but the hamstring injury is a little scary 27. Sony Michel - would be a lot higher but for the injury 28. Lamar Miller - thought he looked absolutely toast last year and could easily lose his job to Alfred Blue but opportunity + situation is so great 29. Tevin Coleman - RB3 floor and RB1 ceiling if Freeman gets hurt 30. Dion Lewis - upside in standard not that high and dont think he can hold up to big workloads Tier 5 31. Rex Burkhead - could be RB1 in New England depending on Michel's health 32. Marshawn Lynch - looked good last year and Gruden wants to run 33. Royce Freeman - not sure he even wins the job but upside is big if he does Tier 6 34. Carlos Hyde - still love the talent 35. Devontae Booker - see Royce Freeman 36. Rob Kelley - now the RB1 for a pretty good offense and great OL 37. Isaiah Crowell - could be RB1 for Jets 38. Chris Carson - looked really good last year and the hype is strong but dont believe they make him a bellcow over Penny 39. CJ Anderson - really, really weird he came in behind Artis Payne this weekend so need to monitor that 40. Peyton Barber - betting that the TB buzz is accurate 41. Ty Montgomery - worth the gamble as the GB job has so much potential 42. Aaron Jones - see above 43. Jordan Wilkins - may need to move him higher with the Marlon Mack injury but a little worrisome that he came in behind Robert Turbin 44. Nick Chubb - not a fan of the player 45. Doug Martin - Gruden likes him a lot, Lynch could easily fall apart at his age, starting Raiders RB should be productive behind that OL 46. Matt Breida - injury doesnt help but I want players on the 49ers and don't totally trust McKinnon 47. Nyheim Hines - I want players on the Colts offense and lots of opportunity available 48. Tarik Cohen - dont think the upside in standard is there 49. Chris Thompson - Guice injury helps 50. Terrence West/Jonathan Williams - whichever RB wins could be a high end RB2 for first 4 weeks
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    Tyler Freeman was taken in the 2nd round (71st overall) by the Cleveland Indians in 2017. After an average season last year in rookie ball Tyler Freeman seems to be breaking out in a big way. Right now he's looking like the by far best hitter in the NYPL (short season) and is doing so at only 19 years old (most players here are 21 out of college). In 52 games Freeman is slashing .374 / .424 / .550 for a .974 OPS. His OPS is 33 points higher than the next highest qualified hitter in the NYPL. Freeman is leading The NYPL in AB, H, 2B, TB, AVG, SLG. All while doing all this Tyler Freeman only strikes out 9.62% of the time. Granted his walk rate is very low and could use some improvement.
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    “No.” translation — I’m so lazy/dumb can the rest of the league work around me? same answer, no That’s what we did, just changed the payout structure and went from 12 to 10 teams. I told everyone as commish I wasn’t going to actively look for new members but if they know of any feel free to invite them
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    https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bell cow Definition of bell cow 1: a cow with a bell attached to its neck; especially : a lead cow 2slang : leader the bell cow in county politics —James Street & J. S. Childers
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    If the recovery goes well and next TC and preseason he's making plays and it looks good - similar to this year I bet hes top 40 again. Now lots can happen between now and then, especially if WSH brings in a guy and he plays well but I think the hype will continue next year. In keeper/dynasty now is the time to buy. I'm definitely interested I just don't know where I should draft him so I can stash him.
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    The difference here is that Hill’s ADP is 257; Gillislee was going in the 4th or 5th round. Hill had a promising game Thursday, not that production against 2’s and 3’s means a blessed thing. He made a special teams tackle on kick coverage. He also converted a slick third down reception where he had to gain about 6 yards after the catch to keep his TD drive going. He’s only 25. He’s the only RB on the roster who’s ever handled anything close to a full season NFL workload. He’s a proven commodity at the goal line. He should be drafted in all leagues, especially when the cost is negligible.
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    Yea he's been crushing the ball since batting leadoff. How can anyone not be impressed with his production so far? 15 HR, 42 R, 34 RBI and 7 SB in only 64 games. This kid has legit 30+ HR/20+ SB upside. The only OF with a higher wRC+, wOBA and OPS since the ASB are Martinez, Yelich, Davis, Peralta and Harper.
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    What is even more messed up is that his GB% over those 10 starts is over 50%. All hitters are doing is either striking out or hitting the ball on the ground...
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    Well, my draft hasn't happened yet and I don't own him so I'd guess he's back sooner than later. If I had already drafted him, 10 weeks seems about right.
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    top 5 dynasty catcher for next decade.... all aboard!
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    Another dominant save for Treinen. The dude is truly elite.
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    Im not sure what stats you're looking at, but you're wrong. He's been raking. Especially for a catcher.
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    Someone who doesn’t own him in a fantasy league saw him look at a pitcher too long.