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    A beautiful man Kenny G is. I’m still stating him on the bye week to pay my respects to him.
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    it's the vent/rant forum. this space is not for being logical. It's for coming in here and venting and ranting about how your fantasy football players have not played up to your expectations. I'm not sure why you'd come in to the vent/rant forum and say "man--why's everybody doin' all this ventin' and rantin' in this forum?" I don't get people sometimes.
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    Next year will be the break out year, draft him in the third round for the steal of the draft!!!
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    My league awards points for coach speak. Thanks to Hue Jackson, Pete Carroll, and Vance Joseph, I am winning this week!
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    Can we please stop with 'I hope he sits I have yeldon blah blah blah'. Not all of us were lucky enough to get yeldon and its annoying to hear the same comments posted every week that don't add to the discussion
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    Golladay is making up for every season I drafted DeVante Parker.
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    For where he's drafted, he's returned very good value. Not sure what people are expecting.
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    Well I actually watched this whole game today and it left me nothing but discouraged. He is basically non existent in the passing game. I don't think he lined up as a WR once the entire game. He spends most his time blocking (which he supposedly isn't even good at) on passing downs and Rosen doesn't even look to check it down to him. His 3 targets consisted of Rosen flicking it to him as he was getting sacked (which should have been like a 5 yard loss but DJ made a few guys missed and gained 5....imagine that), a dump off on 3rd&20 where they basically waived the white flag on the drive, and then one actual screen pass that Rosen didn't throw anywhere near him. Speaking of Rosen, I know he has only played a couple games and might be good in the future but from what I saw today, he is terrible right now. He completely missed like half his throws and I have 0 confidence in him helping DJ's value moving forward. Also, I find it hilarious that when Edmonds finally came in for a drive they immediately had a designed pass play for him (which he dropped of course) and it took them like whole game to run a screen pass for DJ and that was it. Every run play is up the middle into a brick wall where he falls forward for 2 yards or loses yards. Then Rosen overthrowing someone and them punting the ball. I think they ran a toss sweep at some point in the 2nd quarter that went for like 7 yards and announcers talked about how the Chargers shredded the 49ers on those type of plays last week and how teams will see that and abuse it. Nope. They don't run a play like that again until last drive of the game (where DJ goes for 7 and Kirk goes for 10 on back to back plays) and the announcers are laughing at them and wondering why it took them so long to make an adjustment. This offense is horrible all around. I mean their scores consisted of a 75 yard TD pass, a defensive TD, and two DJ TDs that were off the back of turnovers where they started in the red zone. I am sure DJ is probably good for another 3 or 4 games of 5 pts the way this offense is ran. The only silver lining is I think Edmonds played 3 snaps and they won with DJ scoring twice so maybe coaching staff can conclude having DJ play every snap is way to go. Now that I am done rambling on, I probably should have put this in the rant thread but I digress. /rant
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    I'm actually relieved. Now I don't ever have to make the decision on whether or not to start him now. Plus I freed up a roster spot.
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    Well there's always these classics: Eye Poke Throat Punch Lung Destroyer
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    So sick you need to see it 5 times.
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    5 games in he is pacing for 86-1369-10.
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    Tier 1: Gurley, Kamara, Gordon Tier 2: Zeke, Barkley, CMC , Hunt , Connor/Bell, Mixon All of Tier 2 will get you similar production in my opinion
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    The dude will never have anything good to say about Carson. Carson two 100+ yard games in a row and it's still somebody else's backfield and that he's some worthless JAG. The moment Penny gets his first career TD Carson might as well retire.
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    From a Ram beat writer... McVay seems optimistic that Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp won’t miss any more time with their concussions “Signs are pointing in a positive direction. Those guys feel good.” Says they were able to converse in locker room.
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    Broncos are just a poorly coached team.
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    I'm dropping Amari Cooper as soon as I possibly can on Tuesday. I don't care if it's nonsensical or short-sighted or he's set to have a bazillion yards the rest of the season. I (fantasy football) hate the guy and his unpredictability and I seem to start him for his 0's and bench him for his few big games. Let him be somebody else's headache. DND for ever and ever.
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    Why do I feel like Howard will have a huge week next week and this thread changes..... then another bad week and everyone complains again.
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    Are the salty Bell owners back posting in this thread?
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    please philly save shady from fantasy hell in buffalo, hoping he misses those philly cheese steaks with ajayi going down
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    With his 10 carries/game, it's clear they overworked him
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    These folks are the knee jerk reactions that can kill your fantasy season.
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    I hope you never ask for a raise from your employer and they take advantage of you knowing full well they never want to give you a raise and job security and that the second they find your replacement they will fire you. Since anyone who disagrees with that outlook is an “entitled bitch” I suppose you are someone who would go along with it. Every day I lose a little bit of faith in people. What a stupid, misinformed thing to say.
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    That guy shouldn't be playing fantasy football, he should be wearing a helmet to protect himself from himself.
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    For a vary of leagues.... WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling -- Saw 10 targets and brought in 7 with a TD +1 TD overturned. With Geronimo and Cobb both out, he made a nice impression. May only be short-term but is worth the upside for a week... Taylor Gabriel -- Had a great game last week that put up big numbers. He receives a bulk of targets, and has 20+ receptions on the year. I like him more in PPR. Trubisky likes him too... That could be points for you. Taywan Taylor -- Had a bad game and may have been dropped. If the offense runs, he should produce with a nice floor. Christian Kirk -- I think he is as must-own as anybody right now. His rapport with Rosen is already nice, and he's had two really nice games and looked great in both. Dede Westbrook -- Still under 50% ESPN and should be owned. Robbie Anderson -- Big play opportunity guy. Hard to trust in PPR, but someone I'd eyeball. He is fast as lightning. Courtland Sutton -- Still a long year, and I expect Denver to be playing from behind a lot. He caught a TD yesterday. I like him if he starts to see an uptick in that offense. TE Cameron Brate -- With OJ Howard out somewhere from 2-4wks (I'm guessing and going off RW blurbs), Brate could emerge as a low-end TE1, or high-end TE2. Barren wasteland of a position this year... Geoff Swaim -- Has a solid floor, and TE is so bad, 10pts wouldn't be the worst thing to wish for...would it? RB Ty Montgomery -- Thinking he may see more pass targets next week... With receivers hurting, I was shocked he wasn't used in the pass game more. Alfred Morris -- Could take the job, but I'm not big on this guy. I would almost be looking behind him on the depth chart. Alfred Blue -- If it's his job, jag or not, he's going to put some points up. Duke Johnson Jr. -- He ended the game strong and the ball was in his hands to wrap things up. Nothing to really read from it, BUT maybe there will be more use from him as a receiving back. Kyle Juszczyk -- I like him much more in the passing game than Morris. May see an uptick with Breida out, nice deep league PPR flier. LaGarette Blount -- Goal line/TD vulture. Seems to fall in for a TD every wk. Not sure but I heard Kerryon will be alright. Still not a bad add.
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    Comparing Connor to Bell's first 5 starts: Le'Veon Bell The Steelers went 2-3 in Bell's first five starts. He rushed 81 times for 282 yards (a 3.48 average). He also had 17 receptions for 147 yards (8.65 average) James Conner The Steelers went 2-2-1 in Conner's first 5 games. He rushed 84 times for 342 yards (4.1 average) and had 5 rushing touchdowns. Conner also had 22 receptions for 239 yards (10.9 average).
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    Miller owner with shares in Foreman and Blue. It really doesn’t matter who the “starter” is if Bill O’Brien continues to call shot gun plays from the 1 yard line. Last night was the worst goalie package play calling I have ever seen. The fans are calling for him to get fired.
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    Yes I cut him as well but lets be serious here. How good can he be on this 49ers team? He does not have the explosiveness of Breida, the team has NO weapons, and will be playing from behind in most games. Still for sure is a great pickup but I doubt we will lose sleep over cutting him when he goes 15-45-0
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    Henrys been bad, but if it was all just him being a crappy runner, Dion would be putting up numbers (which he's not). So it is a good comparison that no one would be succeeding in this backfield right now. The whole Titans offense is crap and doesn't produce. For people to immediately jump on DH like he's the one causing the inept offense to stink. There's more people in here crapping on Henry than people giving him hype. The people that are complaining that the thread is too long are the first ones post game to come in here and post.
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    Probably pretty close to what he did in 29.4 mpg last year.
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    You were wrong. I started Blue as a volume-based DFS punt and he paid off handsomely. He looked awful and got about half of his yardage on plays where Dallas looked completely lost. As someone that was in the GameDay thread the entire game and didn't see you pop in there once, it's pretty obvious I was actually watching him play, as I have for years when he's looked terrible in just about every game he's ever played in (hilariously, this was probably one of the better ones). Did you watch him?
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    lets see a snap of Tracy. On no its NBC, so its disgusting Michelle Tafoya
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    It's the quarterback's fault. It's the coaching staff's fault. It's the opposing cornerback's fault. It's the game script's fault. It's the odd week's fault. It's always something besides Amari isn't it. But here's an update on his career history... Sometimes players are who we thought they were. Cooper has now played in exactly 52 NFL games (including one playoff game). He's been held under 50 yards in 27 of 52 games...so over 50% of his career games. In 2015, he was under 50 yards in 8 of 16 games. In 2016, he was under 50 yards in 7 of 17 games (including the playoff game). In 2017, he was under 50 yards in 9 of 14 games. In 2018, he is under 50 yards in 3 of 5 games. Setting the bar even lower, Cooper is statistically more likely to get 20 or less yards in a game (14 of 52 career games, so 26.9% of his games) than to get 100 yards (13 of 52 career games, so 25%). This is every game of his career... —2015 5-47-0 7-109-1 8-134-0 4-49-1 4-47-0 5-133-1 5-46-0 7-88-1 5-79-0 1-4-0 7-115-0 4-69-0 0-0-0 6-120-2 2-10-0 2-20-0 —2016 6-137-0 5-71-0 4-62-0 5-48-0 6-138-1 10-129-0 4-29-0 12-173-1 6-56-0 4-57-1 4-22-0 2-59-1 5-29-0 1-18-0 5-76-0 4-39-1 2-10-0 (playoffs) —2017 5-62-1 4-33-0 1-6-0 2-9-0 1-8-0 5-28-0 11-210-0 5-48-0 4-58-0 3-28-1 1-9-1 0-0-0 3-66-1 3-115-1 —2018 1-9-0 10-116-0 2-17-0 8-128-1 1-10-0
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    A week after Chubb's big blowup game - Hyde 17 carries, 3 targets. Chubb 3 carries, 1 target. Cleary Chubb is taking over this backfield right? ?
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    Absolutely brutal performance by Baldwin. I don't doubt that he'll bounce back this season, but for some of us fantasy owners, it's going to be too little too late already, with his colossal busts in weeks 1 and 5, and his injury no shows in weeks 2 & 3. Thanks for nothing you f***head.
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    9 of Stafford's 26 targets. That's a 34.6% target share. And the kid OOZES talent. Absolute monster in the making.
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    My god mods get your heads out of your asses and stop trying to censor everything. If i want to say vance sucked today on a fantasy football forum I should be able to. You're ruining this site
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    Did they even man a full 11? Thought I saw a few plays where they only had 8 on the field. Could be me. Probably explains Conners success. Take out all of his runs over 5 yards and he averaged less than 4 ypc.
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    Update: Pederson threw a paper ball at Ajayi, resulting in a broken back and torn ACL.
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    Damn - he embarrassed Clinton-Dix and that is one damn good football player. I have the utmost confidence that the Lions upper brass will never, ever waste generational talents...
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    I don't think gase is a good coach...
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    Hasn’t happened in like 53 years.
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    The Henry haters in this thread are pathetic. Yeah, dude blows this year and it's looking like a waste of a 4th round pick. But all you haters seem like you're just licking your chops, waiting for the end of every Titans game just so you can come in here and talk s**t. Y'all really have a hard-on for hating this guy. I'm even seeing some of you resorting to non-Henry related attacks...like telling one guy his entire team blows because he also got a poor performance out of Tevin Coleman. Grow up guys.
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    I assume he's talking about targets in the passing game because Blue did absolutely nothing on the ground (20 carries for 46 yards). But you knew that.