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    Probably won’t ever own Kittle again (because I never target TEs early)... It’s been a great year, stud.
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    That's a distinction without a difference. Something only pseudo, wannabe intellectuals engage in. "Wisegeeks". Right. And in this case, an embittered one that spends his Sunday night flailing around attacking people he's never met. Oh, and I never asked you to trust my speculation and take it to the bank. I was wondering if other people felt the same- hence, what Russ' ROS outlook likely will be. Your scorn is accomplishing nothing but making a mockery of yourself.
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    Snell was one of the many arms available to me close to the 3/4 that I was a big fan of. -- In terms of my team, was ecstatic to add 40 HR and 40 SB in consecutive picks with Khris Davis and Whit Merrifield. I like matching players up, and I haven't ran the numbers, but the combined projection of these two I think sings together into quite the impressive stat line. But more ADP thoughts, we're starting to get into the area where real disagreements happen. -- I'm way under the consensus on Rhys Hoskins and Ozzie Albies. In fact, more than a decent chance that I'll still have players I prefer to those two when it gets back around to me. -- Hoskins I just don't get. I was low on him last year, and my basic takeaway was that he was being drafted as more than he was. Most rankers had him in the 40-50 range, I had him one spot behind Khris Davis a bit later in the draft, because I'd prefer KD's consistent power to Hoskins variables going into 2018. (KD's price took a huge rise this year ofc). Hoskins had a GOOD 2018. But it wasn't a GREAT 2018. 34 HRs, 5 SBs and a .246 BA. Good, not great. ESPN Ranked him #92 on the Player Rater for overall performance. He was just drafted at #37 after a #92 Performance. That makes no sense to me. He has an excellent Contact Tool for the power he's generating, but I don't think his 2018 BABIP (now .265 Career) is the result of "bad luck." He has a 51.7% FB% with 11.3% IFFBs, and a 50.0% Pull% against a 18.9% Oppo%. I will use the EXACT same comparison I used this time last year: Jose Bautista. Now Jose Bautista is a great comp if you can grow into it. But while they're putting up similar BABIP profiles/Pull/FB/Good Contact/Good eye, Jose Bautista hit 40-50 HRs and managed to get his K% down under 19% most of his better seasons. Hoskins again hit 34 HRs and struck out more than 22%. He's a discount Jose Bautista right now, going for FAR more than discount prices. Plenty of hitters on the board that have power right now that I just have no interest in taking Hoskins over. Absolutely zero. Could he be a better BABIP hitter? Sure. But he does pull the ball a lot and hit it in the air a lot, and so I'm just not expecting him to even be average. Very talented hitter, but nothing I saw last season said this guy should be bumped UP into the top 40. Doesn't "deserve" it based on performance. I'm not buying into this being a massive growth year. -- As for Ozzie Albies, guy obviously has a ton of upside with Power, Speed, and the way he hit especially early in the season last year. But his Left Handed / V. RHP swing... was just TRASH. Utter garbage. Splits are really important to me obviously because some people struggle against one hand, but they're particularly important to me in a young switch hitter, because fundamentally their may be some differences in Albies RH and LH swings. Albies v. RHP 2018 .231 / .283 / .412 LD% 1.9% Worse FB% 10.4% Higher Pop-Up% 5.1% Higher HR/FB% 5.1% Lower Hard% 3.4% Lower ISO 31 Points Lower BABIP 107 Points Lower He produced poor results v. RH Breaking balls .195 BA v. RH Sliders, .159 BA v. RH Curves And dominated Lefties: .335 / .357 / .548 Ozzie Albies is an incredibly talented hitter who has the chance to contribute in all-5 Categories. But that said I just have no interest in him as a top 40-50 Player this year. If you believe personally that the 100 Point BABIP difference v. RHP is luck based, or that Albies will not have this problem at all, I can see him as a top 40 Player. But IMO, it wasn't unlucky, it was a poor annual performance v. RHP that drove Albies numbers v. RHP down. He probably improves, but I don't need to draft players in the fourth round that throw up giant Red Flags against the handedness they'll have to go up against 2/3 of the time as an everyday player. -- Just my 2 Cs. Two incredibly talented players, but for redraft right now I'm projecting a bit of a chasm between where I feel it's appropriate for Hoskins / Albies to be going and where it seems the general consensus is.
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    I’d do it and try to get a rebounder WW pick up... to off set the rebounds lost from Lauri... you’d be selling high on sato without him playing a single game...
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    This thread is stupid. I got him at 12 in my 14 team league and I've been ecstatic to get a superstar that late in the draft. And now that the B2B saga is close to ending, it can only get better.
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    Indeed, though I'm watching a lot closely next year. Tomlin: Heard a line last night that Collinsworth (or maybe someone at halftime) called them the most talented non playoff team in a long team. I think next year he's coaching for playoffs or his job. its gonna be tough too with Cleveland standing tall and Lamar Jackson. Marrone- He'll get a new QB, somehow. That player either does well and Marrone stays, or he struggles and that's that. Jay Gruden- i dont really even want to go here because who the hell knows with Snyder. They played pretty well for a team that lost a dozen QB's and didn't really have an offensive identity. I'll guess playoffs or fired for Jay Patricia- Next to Marrone, he's my favorite to get canned quickly. He comes in with a solid offense, and they just plummet on that side of things. He's no defensive wizard, so i dont get why he was hired. Rivera- I'm not sure how close he came, but the thing to remember here is that its a new owner. They have no binding loyalty to their guy. If they're in the bottom half of the standings next year, I expect a housecleaning Quinn- Falcons have underachieved the last two years. They need to get a lot better fast or it'll be the end for Quinn, I think.
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    While that may be true, as long as you didn’t reach for him on draft day or have rode out the waves in dynasty, I would think people are happy with his scoring, rebounds, and minutes/role this year. I know I am.
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    Reddit live streams is your friend here. And yes, announcing needs a rehaul. Essentially every guy is either super vanilla and of questionable game knowledge, or is shock jock over the top and just loud and ridiculous. Few holdouts of the old days still floating around, but on their last days. Corporate mindset. Bring back some characters to the booth.
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    I'd take McGee especially if you're in need for blocks and stocks/rebs.
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    Imagine if Odell did something like this. You'd never hear the end of it.
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    Oh boy apparently Brown wasn’t hurt, he was benched for agreeing with a teammate. Thoughts on the offseason or next year for dynasty league owners.
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    Position scarcity is the most valuable aspect of season long fantasy football. Protect and value great players at scarce positions (TE and RB) and you will have a successful year.
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    yeah, and wasn't he clicking with Jimmy G when they played together? Guy seems like he has a turbo button after he catches the ball. I see him being drafted in the top 30 next year.
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    Sleeper and the Bust used to be the best bar none, imo. Paul and Eno were really great together. I just can’t do it anymore with Justin though. Maybe it’s just me, but he comes across as condescending, argumentative just for the hell of it, and will freely gloat on his correct calls and completely bury his many incorrect takes. I know replacing Eno can’t be easy, but man. Paul and Nick Pollack on the weekly fireside chat still brings the heat though. Love how they dig into pitching. For prospect hounds, the Razzball Prospect Podcast is a good source. TINO was good, but they haven’t had an episode out in a while; not sure what happened with them. Scott White is still awful
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    Forbes for Teague is easy. Dedmon should be a pickup for most people but the way Mudiay has been playing I wouldn't want to give up on him just yet
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    All good, won my matchup still.
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    Thomas Satoransky with John Wall getting season ending surgery. Tyus Jones could be good with Rose/Teague out.
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    Hart's production has been up and down, which I really dislike. I'd go for Mikal since he has more opportunity. Honestly, I don't think it would tip the scales much with either one of them, but I think Mikal will have more opportunity to develop because he's in the Sun's Thanks for the help!
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    Which puts him in the group of streaming TE's. There weren't many options that could be counted on weekly for at least some production. TE was very thin and top-heavy this season.
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    I don't think it's crazy he gets everyday PT. If no other additions are made, I'm going to guess it's going to be a Kemp / Schebler platoon where maybe Puig plays in CF against LHP? The Reds do have a small CF at home. It's hard to always say what a team will do. I'm buying both Puig and Winker as if they'll be everyday players and expecting it to work itself out. They clearly should be everyday players of the bunch IMO.
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    How is that. Dunn just got up 15 shots and produced 8 assists.
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    Which is a significant drop from the 21 (20% less) he averaged last year and 24 (30% less) the year before. I agree though, the issue is he just cant buy a bucket from anywhere. Also, the reason I'm speculating that his ppg and attempts will increase is because in the one game PG was out, Brodie dropped 40 on over 50% shooting. Its speculation, and I just thought I'd ask what other people's thoughts are. Didn't expect backlash over something rather innocuous
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    It’s an expensive offer, but if it’s the player you want it should be enough. Drink a beer and send it.
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    In a tight matchup in STL and I was grossly concerned he didn't had any after Q1. Now he has 4 STL at the end of 1st half. Not so sure I miss his PTS anymore.
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    (I assume you had a typo/oopsie, but that's RB/TE of course. If he'd be TE/WR then even I would agree with @oliminator123 that the rules are broken).
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    Why THE f--- do they keep giving and then taking away a steal from Covington?! Did he get the 2nd one or not?
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    I wouldn't do that trade, maybe put Whiteside if you're not punting ft.
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    Yeah he was drafted pretty high for a wr...but at least howard had a few solid games.
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    Jesse Winker if he looks healthy in the spring, that combo of high BA, high BBs, and low Ks is extraordinarily rare, if it all comes together he could have a breakout similar to Brantley’s 2014 but without the steals. Hunter Renfroe. Kinda risky if you play in OBP leagues but he’s slowly but surely getting better at taking walks, and that big second half hints at the 40 HR season to come. The pieces are there to put together something close to vintage Chris Davis.
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    I would trade Bum for Flaherty. I think Flaherty will be better than James long term. But, other than that I would keep Bum and hope for a bounce back this year. Your other problem is Darvish which is probably also weighing you down and making you want to trade Bum now rather than later.
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    Are you just ignoring the fact that Andjuar was worth over 20 million dollars last year despite playing negative defense? Even if you don't take fangraphs valuations exactly how they are, I don't believe the true number is going to be too far off. Andjuar did that even going well less than 40 bombs. Having Andjuar at his curren state cost controlled over the next 5 seasons is incredibly valuable, of course it would be a significant amount more if he was a plus defender. By WRC+ Andjuar was the 30th best hitter in the entire league last year. The Yankees IMO are trying to sell high because they feel his value might be at an all time high and they could fill a significant pitching need and replace Andjuar via free agency. I don't think they are dying to get rid of him, only if it makes sense.
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    I find it impossible to cheer for A.B. The guy is so selfish and has never been a team player. It's all about him. He makes me want to hurl again and again.
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    What will you do differently in 2019? Call tails on the coin toss!! This had me LOL'ing:
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    I'm with you and people don't realize how small differences can hugely impact one's rating. For example, if he was 22 ppg/6 rpg/4 apg/2 spg/2 3pg/.7 bpg with 49/85 and under 1.5 TO then that would easily be top 10 value if not pushing top 5 value. That's exceeding the mean in literally every category. If you adjusted the numbers even slightly to 20 ppg/5 rpg/3 apg/1.5 spg/1.5 3pg/.5 bpg with 45/80 and 2 TO then that would make him fall to top 25 value even though those numbers aren't a huge difference to the naked eye. Him falling outside the top 25 is unlikely because he simply produces too many stocks and is too efficient for that to happen.
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    0-7 career on MNF. First QB with a guaranteed contract. His career record vs teams over .500 are equally disgusting. I can’t help but hate this guy for ruining football. Someone was going to get a guaranteed contract regardless in rough and tumble nfl world. But why some dude who’s literally never beaten anyone? It’s a fantasy forum and he puts up stats against bums (like most players). But this guy f***** sucks . Sadly now the better qbs (long list) will be using this embarrassing contract as the bar for nfl teams to be bent over by. Thanks Cousins, thanks Vikings. Losers.
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    McMahon got screwed with the signing of Murphy. I liked him as a post hype sleeper until that signing. I just dont see the fascination in Mazara. People seem to really love him or hate him. Buxton is a guy that does interest me as a post hype sleeper as well. Dude just needs to stay healthy. Another late bloomer like Profar
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    2.4: Clayton Kershaw @azeri98 OTC @Members_Only_76 on deck.
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    It was supposed to take me a couple years to look foolish. It only took you 3 days. Still gonna comp him to Julio since they both went to Alabama or something? Amari still 6th best WR or...? What's the personal ranking system saying now? It was a total blowup spot at home vs Bucs - they even had the Bucs playing back at them - against arguably the worst pass d in the NFL he puts up a dud. Average Amari has been as disappointing as they come since he went pro and has never lived up to his potential You can throw all the negative stuff from this guy's past out the window and he's still on a run-first team with a dominant touch-hogging bellcow, a quarterback who is a middling talent, and a team philosophy and personnel that is run first. That makes him a 3-4th round pick at best. Simple stuff. Well, it should be.