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    Lourdes of the Flies- Gurriel is rakin' and bakin' lately, occassional swipe doesn't hurt and he's batting 3rd...who knew out of LGJ and lil Bigg that he would be Lourdes of the manner... Super Mercado- last day for the big Sale probably, top dollar if he remains on your wire is in your future... Yam I am- I have a hunch that Yamamoto will have you sayin' Domo arigato in this 2 start week! The new flyin' Hawaiian can chuck and he's playing the same team he blanked last week...STL Zac Gallen- I've been drinking Gallens of this Kool-Aid all year, but is it finally time w/ Urena on the shelf? I said yes... Urias got me Curious- "I'm C-Urias, I'm very C-Urias"- Dennis Hopper, Apocalypse Now...I think it'll be soon...
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    Is it happening? Is the average finally starting to come up? He's hitting .500 over the last 7 days... .351 over the last 14, and .286 over the last 30... strap in
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    My main problem with some fantasy prospect rankings is they overvalue steals, and dont factor in if a player can hit well enough for his steals to end up mattering.
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    Well, then maybe you should apply for the cushy job of being an RB in the NFL.
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    Could be Trea Turner in the outfield with fewer steals. That is his ceiling probably.
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    Joey wendle does all the things managers love. He’s got grit and moxie. He’s paid his dues. Brings vegetable platters to the clubhouse with the small broccoli you can dip into the ranch. Nobody likes the huge florets. He is batting .133. Just needs a little time to work through his slump.
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    After today's big game, here's his updated pace: .296 BA .375 OBP% .507 SLG% 36 HR 106 RBI 110 R 20 SB Anyone still think he's not living up to expectations?
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    Just an FYI to weekly-league Sho owners, he's in STL this weekend and will be limited to PH...but with 4 games in TOR preceding it still is prob worth the play!
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    Check these fun numbers out (last 30 days): 14.4 BB% 15.4 K% .433 OBP with a .739 SLG Tops in MLB with a .472 wOBA and 201 wRC+
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    Let's go boys! Pitching has been so bad that I'm not even thinking twice about first off the DL here...
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    It's def possible. If phillip lindsay can get 10 tds then Jacobs can too. But I think people forget just how hard that stat is to get. The last three years theres been 7 to 10 rbs that get double digit TDs. Start listing possible 10 td guys and you see that Jacob's is lower on the list. Saquon, Zeke, Alvin, Gordon, Henry, chubb, DJ, CMC, Mixon, fournette, Conner, Those guys are for sure possible double digit td guys most have done it already. Other guys are certainly capable Cook if healthy Gurely if hes the goalie back in LA and healthy Aaron Jones if he gets enough touches Mack if he plays 16 games Michel if belichick decides he wants to (lagarret blount 18td season) Carson had 9 last year. All of these guys to me seem more capable to score double digit TDs than Josh jacobs. But on average 10 or less RBs will. So I think Jacob's probably falls out of that top 10.
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    Starting and not even thinking twice about it. Pitching is a dumpster fire this year and there's nowhere to go but up for most. Welcome back, Clev!
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    Kinda has to gravitate towards that at this point due to basically the whole foundation being changed around him. We already know what DJ can do. But you need to dig way deeper than the regular extrapolating of last year's numbers or looking at the statistical trends for the position in the new scheme because in this case you can't even do that. Kingsbury's offense changed that much from year to year even in college since he creatively adapts scheme to personnel rather than personnel to scheme. Which is one reason I believe he can work out in the NFL by the way. Scheme to personnel happens to be a big positive for DJ as well, obviously. I do see a lot of promise regarding his 2019, which is further discussed in my last few posts above, but conventional wisdom still tells me to go for something more of a sure thing drafting at 6th. Might change come August regarding DJ, but I'm not quite there yet. Perhaps sacrificing the overall RB1 upside, which I do think is there for him in this offense, for someone who didn't get an unproven QB or a completely new system this offseason. Someone where you to a greater extent know what you are getting. You don't win a league from the value you happen to find in the first round but it can pose problem if you completely whiff on it, is my experience. Especially drafting top half. On the other hand, the Wilks/McCoy offense last year was absolutely horrendous, actually the worst graded in PFF history dating all the way back to 2006. Yes, worse than 2006 Tampa (second worst), worse than Jeff Fisher's Rams or any of the laughing stock Jags, Jets or Browns offenses of the last decade. DJ's situation with how they completely neglected what he is actually good (in his case, elite) at and kept running him into the middle without presenting any other threat to the defense whatsoever couldn't have been much worse really. And he still finished an RB1 in most leagues, albeit backend. If you look at it that way, hey maybe that is the safety you need right there. Comes down to if you believe in Kingsbury/Murray I guess. I'm not there yet with the research needed to even have a June first round board in my head, so can't really give you any other options at 6 with much to back it up with though. On the top of my head Melvin Gordon and maybe James Conner feels more safe though, Le'Veon Bell doesn't. Also really hard to project this offense in numbers as mentioned. But I do believe he will be an absolute cornerstone in it and especially be used a lot more as a receiver than most people imagine. The difference in creativity between Kingsbury and Wilks/McCoy is absolute night and day.
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    Remember a week ago when there were people on here talking about benching him. Here’s the week they missed out on... 9-28, 0.321 BA, 2 2B, 3B, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 8 R
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    Not sure about other platforms, but Yandy Diaz is only owned in 37.8% (!) of ESPN leagues. He's been on a multi-hit heater for over a week now.
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    Happy to have verified that Zeke isn’t bigger. Surprised you didn’t google it as adamant as you were.
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    Cleveland has the 5th most stolen bases and today is beginning a 4 game series vs. Texas who is last in the majors in catching base-stealers. Time to grab Mercado and corner the market on stolen bases (see what I did there).
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    I own the kid and have no worries, but its a keeper league and I've got time. While I don't follow TOR closely, I've read enough comments to believe the manager is in over his head, the hitting coach seems to suck given the teams overall numbers, yada yada. While I'm not remotely concerned w/ Vladdy, I am concerned that this inferred "ineptness" overall from the coaching staff will be detrimental to all the quality youth currently on the team and in their near future. The entire starting lineup is crazy young, and a group failure (for whatever reason) is directly and indirectly tied to Vladdy's success. We've all seen talented players fail when the star feels he must carry the team, hit a 6 run homer on every pitch. Hitting is contagious, both good and bad. I played enough ball to know it wasn't worth putting on the batting gloves and getting mentally prepared when I was in the hole w/ 2 outs, and there was no way I'd get my chance that inning. On the flip, I've been on teams that were exceptionally coached and I've lead off an inning, scored, and knew damn well I'd be hitting again before needing my glove. I don't think of TOR in the (MIA/BAL) level of suckage, but there is certainly an advantage to a blue chip stud being promoted to a quality team. Y. Alvarez for example will get a huge boost from his surrounding cast, and have minimal pressure compared to Vlad Jr. Guess it's time to evaluate that reality a lil more w/ hitters, when historically, I've only really thought about it w/ RC SP's. IE, Vladdy seems to be the equivalent of a top SP who's been promoted to COL... as good as he may be, it's Coors Field and that's just reality.
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    Shildt basically said he was playing conservative just in case there's extra innings, because the bullpen was depleted. Martinez breezed through the eighth, so he took advantage of that by just letting him try to finish it and have Hicks available to bail him out or pitch in extras, just in case. Hicks is still the guy who gets the most saves, but Carlos or someone else might get the odd save in a weird situation like this. -- In STLtoday.com article (St. Louis Post-Dispatch):https://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/cardinals-notebook-birds-not-trying-to-baby-rarely-used-hicks/article_858a978c-fa1e-5843-9df8-2aa17e26446c.html "When Martinez sped through the eighth inning Sunday, Shildt gave him the ninth to save Hicks should there be trouble – or extra innings. The Cardinals did not have a readily available long reliever, Shildt said. “We don’t have a short guy, either,” the manager detailed."
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    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him post a 30/30/30/20 line. Hr/sb/2b/3b. I think he’s probably one the fastest guys I’ve seen going 3 bases reminds of a young Eric Davis in that he just glides and doesn’t look faster than those little speedsters and his numbers are off the charts today he also has a play on mlb where he rifled a 93.7 mph fastball to 1b which was the hardest thrown ball this year. The avg fastball in mlb is 93
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    This thread has turned into a “Vent & Rant about Yahoo,” so thank you for bringing content. Last year he threw a little over 70 IP, and he’s already at 56.2 IP this season. Even if they bring him up, I’m assuming he’ll be limited? Maybe use him like they’re using Beeks (4-5 innings after an opener)?
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    Mookie has proven he doesn't need to rely on Baltimore every week. Last I checked he's a pretty good player.
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    Oh, I assumed you were being sarcastically hyperbolic. Yes, strategy beats randomly choosing names out of a hat. Does that justify your point? That is a very low bar.
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    I haven't been more excited about a true speed guy in a loooong time!!! Someone said he was a "twig"...lol, umm not even close. Most "twig" SB guys are the Gordon, Dyson, etc... Oscar is a man child comparatively, has tons of room to grow into his frame (@ the detriment of SB's, so plz don't do that kid...), and has legit power unlike most "speed" labeled players. I saw an oppo taco he hit not long ago that made me rewind and watch multiple times. It was just a smooth swing in a clutch moment that carried well over the fence... it was beautiful! Lastly, dude has been nothing but clutch, he's thrived in big moments that normally are too much for young guys. IMHO, the speed is about to come in a big way, like 5-6 bags in a week... since he's yet to really start stealing bags (2 in last couple days, but only 4 total) you still might have a window to scoop him from an owner less savvy. I absolutely love this kid, and hitting in the #2 hole behind the best SS in baseball never hurts! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!
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    Flash-forward 13 days: "Mets announce they amputated the wrong leg"
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    At football or at fantasy football? Cuss your wrong at both
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    Hey Negative Nancy, Puig has a .353 avg vs Miley in 17 ABs with 1 HR, 2 RBI, 6 BB and 4 Ks.. good for a 1.051 OPS. He also has good numbers vs Cole. (5 for 11, 1.136 OPS).
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    I have a 12 start pitcher limit in my points league. So any pitching points I get without using a start is gravy. Josh hader for instance has crazy value in this league. He’s top 20 for pitchers and doesn’t need to start.
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    Some sites cater directly to fantasy players. Others are more tied into established baseball and see it through that lens. I think all of the lists have certain bias built in. Your job is to take that info and and make adjustments for your needs.
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    Another impressive turn yesterday against a pretty tough TB lineup (even if the final line doesn't wow), also another very good chart: FB- once again averaged 95 MPH with great vertical movement, threw 35--only 20 strikes but got 16 hacks and 6 whiffs on it SL- sat 89 MPH with some nice tilt/spin action, tossed 23--16 strikes with 11 cuts and 6 whiffers with it CU- couldn't quite harness it with consistency but I really like the horizontal compliment to all his primary vertical movers, a lot were just off the strike zone plot--just missing low and slightly out, I feel like this could turn the corner real quick and be a K generator for him, spun up 21--12 strikes with 5 swings and 2 whiffs CH- sits half a tick higher than the slide piece, but with more off the table dive (89.5 mph) went to it 14 times--11 strikes with 9 swings and another 2 whiffs
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    This guys seems safe enough to me. Should have a 250 carry 40 catch season. Maybe 1500 total with double digit touchdowns? Not sure why everyone seems so down on him. Long speed is overrated for a RB. It’s all about short area quickness and ability to run through tackles. He’s a plus blocker and catcher, should be on the field a lot. I like him in the top 40. Id prefer over a lot of guys in that range.
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    Gase had Ajayi and Drake in Miami but he did not like the way they played (too many long TD runs, apparently) so he shipped Ajayi out and shelved Drake 50% of the time in favor of Frank Gore. So Bell had better be on his toes. And the Jets just re-signed New York Football's answer to Rasputin, Bilal Powell. Caveat Emptor.
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    He’s as good of a pick at 6 as any. Right there with Kamara CMAC for me. Too much unknown to say much more than he will be a focal point of what looks like a fantasy friendly offense. Or could be a complete flop. As long as they’re giving DJ the ball in multiple ways, I like our chances.
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    He already pretty much was an everyday player (only getting an occasional day off against a tough lefty, but really nothing different than a rest day). It was only early in the season that he was really not getting every day at bats.
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    It's a fact. Toronto is putting a bad product on the field and Montoyo is sitting the only draw in that lineup far too regularly to justify anyone buying a ticket in advance. Vlad is on the bench every 5th game or so with no rhyme or reason. Good game, bad game, stud pitcher, or bum. Doesn't matter, the only consistent variable is his bad manager.
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    Couldn't agree more! Sad I have no shares, but watching the interview the other day before the game, just WOW. Kid TOTALY gets "it"!!! Humble, hungry, well spoken, super appreciative of the priceless time growing up on the field w/ his dad, his daily talks w/ his dad... I'm twice as excited now to see he won't go the route of another guy right next to him who has similar talent, but apparently more love for himself and bank account than baseball's legacy. He and Acuna are just 🔥!!! Must see TV on every AB. Baseball and it's recent wave of premium young talent is getting exciting again. Crazy juiced balls don't hurt either I guess...
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    Clemente dug in at the very back corner of the box. Many times he would be outside of the box until the ump would kindly remind Mr Clemente that he needed to move up a tad
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    Rage dropped Givens. Time to put that guy out on the farm.
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    Oscar Mercado's ownership is still way too low. Under 50% (47% to be exact) on Fantrax. He's driven in 4 today and swiped a bag. He's hitting for modest power and the steals are coming. Add him...now. edit: season line is up to... 98 AB, 3 HR, 12 RBI, 21 R, 4 SB, .306 AVG, .352 OBP, .459 SLG, .812 OPS Plays everyday and is batting 2nd.
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    On what planet is Hilton going to fall to the 4th round? Seriously? He would have been a top 10 WR last season if he played every game (which he is as good of a bet as anyone to do). Not to mention Luck wasn't himself early on in the season. He was a top 6 WR from week 10 on. He is going to go mid 3rd at the latest.