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    Remember when 2 games have been played
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    Back of his jersey name will be “SHE HATE HIM”.
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    Kerryon Johnson stats 2018 avg ypc 5.4 2019 avg ypc 3.18 Maybe that won’t continue, but to me he looks more plodding/slowing down suddenly shrug
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    Hype's getting outta' hand Wife's trying to grow a mustache
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    When you say 'Change of Direction', is this what you are talking about?
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    Your multiple posts seem to imply you really want him off your roster. Just cut and him and move on if he is bothering you. I am sure there is some lottery ticket in the FA pool you could seek oput.
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    When it’s clear he’ll get more than 4 touches?
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    I'm never drafting an injured player again after making that epic mistake with Kawhi a couple of years ago. Never again.
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    Hollywood!!! Against KC could be slinging it to him all day
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    I give him a 10% chance of doing that.
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    You’re right. Kerryon’s quick feet and athleticism are an issue. He should have let himself get tackled by each of those guys. Creating yards on his own, what a loser!
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    A lot of dancing, not too many yards...
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    This is a team that's currently 3rd in rushing and 32nd in passing. Without a stud RB they will literally suck. Mack behind that line is basically the only chance they've got. There's a reason Mack's been taking a lot more of Hines' passing snaps so far. The Colts know it.
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    Really wish this forum still had its confused reaction. What's been wrong with Lafluer?
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    Id start Juju. Mason actually connected with him on a deep ball and itd honestly be hard for Mason to perform worse than Ben had the first two games. Gordon has some boom appeal but its always hard to project which pats player is going off.
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    The chiefs have become a pass first offense. Mahomes has put it up 77 times in the first two games, and with the tear he’s on, why would you stop? Especially when you have a banged up backfield that’s been ineffective and you’re playing the best rush defense in the league. I’m guessing we only see 18-20 touches total for the backfield. McCoy will see 8-10 with Darwin and Darrell splitting the rest.
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    Yep. Practice reports are all that matter now. McCoy is a go for me in any flex spot. Need to see KC run the ball better to think anything more.
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    Solid take. I'm a K. Johnson owner so obviously interested. That said, I've got a ton of RB depth with lots of RBs who are "playable" in a pinch -- M. Sanders, R. Burkhead, AP (along with starters Barkley, Ekeler, K. Johnson). For me, I'm thinking lotto ticket vs. playability.
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    McCoy has been battling minor injuries repeatedly over the past few years. It didn't impact his effectiveness until last year. Is he injury prone? Yes but which RB isn't? Williams himself has now gotten hurt twice this season and it is only Week 3. Does McCoy run away with it? It's definitely possible but by no means a certainty. Let's see what happens.
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    Good call you can always pick up another te if needed If you are struggling at te keep an eye out for Jets te Herndon I would grab a week before he comes back from suspension. JAson written if available could be a decent stream until he comes back from suspension. help
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    So what’s the current take on this guy? Is he a good buy low after last weeks dud or do we expect more inconsistency all year?
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    I think this is the week fuller breaks out with Chargers depleted secondary and heyward on nuk. But the bust potential is there. Safer floor Terry (matchup concerning) and Debo with the better matchup but usage concern
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    And yet Damien Williams is the one who’s out while McCoy will be active. Now that’s funny.
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    Brown is one for sure. I lean to Lockett for the second as the Rams' O isn't looking as good this year so far and you never know who among those 3 WRs will do something. Lockett has more opportunity.
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    Trade terry pick up metcalf ASAP do it i had Allen last yr and he did great for me
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    Hollywood, j brown, Woods help
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    No inside info here but I feel like Harris is one of those guys that will be relevant later in the season. No way burkhead stays healthy, as mentioned Sony is not breaking tackles, he is running good cause Brady is his QB and the Patriots know how to coach their Olinemen. Someone always comes along later in the season, completely fresh, and wears out tired defenses.
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    People would say the safe bet is Woods. But is it really? How has he, or any of the Rams receivers, proven that they will be Goffs flavor of the week? He's a third option in that offense. Hardman and Mahomes seem to be building rapport. Mahomes wants to get the ball to Hardman. Fortune favors the bold. If you want a guaranteed 6-7 point floor then play Woods. If you want that money then lay it on the line with Hardman.
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    If you need a TE, it's worth the shot, but if there is someone like Olsen available, I'd go that route.
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    How are your rbs? If you have good rbs, I might do the trade for kittle to possibly upgrade at te just not sure kittle has a better fantasy season than Andrews . Is the kelce owner weak at wr? Help
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    Someone actually just offered me McLaurin for him if you were curious about return.
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    I remember when Damian Williams was an afterthought and everyone picked up Spencer Ware. Worth a shot when an opportunity opens up in this offense
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    I would try to get a better rb if your giving up Kelce. I also prefer B. Cooks to Lockett.
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    I vividly remember people pronouncing this guy as irrelevant and dead last season. "washed up" and "old" were a lot of the terms used when he was on the Bills. His team was bad but that didn't stop people from focusing in on his physical skills. But suddenly he joins the Chiefs and people are saying "he looks like old Shady" and that he like he's in "great shape" as if that wasn't the same guy there in Buffalo. This forum I swear to god lol
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    I think that's a little too much especially with AB gone in NE
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    Gordon about to hit the pipe in celebration after hearing the AB news
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    Patriots signed him after his Steelers/Raiders shenanigans, then held him through his rape allegations. So, no.
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    Dude ruined his career in less than 2 months this is crazy
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    Without a TD he is still on pace for 172 fantasy points in a 0.5 PPR league. That would have been good for 20th last year, aka a mid/late RB2. Add in literally 5 TDs and that would put him on pace to be an RB1. The fact that Fournette has squeaked out 273 yards playing with this OL and 1.5 games of Gardner Minshew is incredibly impressive.
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    If you own Winston, this is a week to start him. I will. If you don’t trust him in a matchup against the Giants, he shouldn’t be on your roster.
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    That really brought my heart rate down.
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    Ok but if I lose then it’s on you!!!
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    You are probably better off with Big Ben dying on you and forcing your hand to pick someone else up.
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    Biggest impact for Rodgers this year is the vastly improved GB Defense. They are keeping the games close and GB is leaning on the run game to finish.
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    Positives: Rodgers looks like Rodgers to me. Arm strength looks great. Run game should be strong this year. Packers are winning, which should help prevent any drama. It’s great for the Packers that the defense is looking solid, but not so much for Rodgers’ fantasy owners. Through two weeks, this team has gotten a lead and not needed Rodgers’ arm to win games. He has done everything he needed to do to get wins against two great defenses. Better days ahead forsure.
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    Gore says Singletary will be fine. Lock him in your lineups.