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    Let us observe a moment of silence for all of us who benched Godwin and lost our weeks because of it...
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    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss Thanks for the amazing run, Austin.
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    This probably looks pretty appetizing to quite a few people right about now
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    Owning RJ right now feels like watching your son blossom into a man right before your eyes
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    I think they've finally realized who the offense should run through
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    and I'm on pace to have diarrhea every day this week so far. He will get in there, I'm not worried.
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    'jUsT wAiT uNtIl HuNt GeTs BaCk' Yeah, gtfo of here with that stupid crap. Chubb's elite.
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    Christian McCaffrey is on pace for 1,644 rushing yards, 100 receptions, 872 receiving yards, 16 TDs. LOL.
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    If he can't do it when Winston has almost 400 yards and 4 touchdowns, he ain't ever gonna be reliable. Move on, people.
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    If he didn’t have that 81 yard run, he only would have had 31 touches for 164 yards. He is a JAG and benchable
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    WR1 on the Bucs and top 10 in fantasy ROS. It’s nice to see a popular breakout candidate actually live up to the hype for once.
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    Look, I don't want to keep going back and forth but i'll lay things out as simply as I can. 1. Carson is an elite NFL RB 2. Carson perfectly fits the system Seattle runs 3. Penny is a below average RB 4. Penny is a terrible fit for the system Seattle runs 5. If Carson continues to fumble, he will go in the dog house. This has nothing to do with his talent. 95% of the RBs in the NFL would be in the dog house with that much fumbling 6. If Carson fumbles, Penny will not suddenly become an elite fantasy asset for the season. Even with fumbling issues points 1-4 will still play in factor. It would simply make carson go from an elite RB1 to a lower RB2 and Penny from useless to a flex (maybe). 7. Last year Elliot had 6 fumbles on 381 touches, CMC had 4 on 326 touches, Conner had 4 on 270 touches, Ingram had 3 on 159 touches, DJ 3 on 308 touches, and AP 3 on 271 touches. Carson had 3 on 267 touches. In other words, he doesn't fumble drastically out of porportion to other high volume RBs. 8. This leads to the conclusion that Carson should be an RB1 going forward. I am not interested in "what ifs."
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    It's a pretty barren week. Dawson Knox - showed great body control on a really difficult catch near the sideline while falling down. He's getting more involved in that offense. Chris Herndon - if still available, can even pick up now for free before Monday night's game as he is on a bye. AJ Brown - I suppose. Might just be chasing points in this low volume offense. But you can't ignore the 2 TDs. He's got good 6-1 size and runs the whole route tree. Courtland Sutton - surprised to see he's only 54% owned on Yahoo. Broke out yesterday with 6-62-2. Perhaps now is when all that potential finally gets fulfilled and Flacco makes him the #1 WR everyone always said he could be.
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    "Confident in Colt McCoy" in 2019 sounds like a phrase a Head Coach says about 3-4 games before he gets fired hahaa
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    Call me a homer if you want but if people didn't have draft stock bias Carson would be regarded as a tier 2 RB talent in the NFL. He consistently makes dudes miss and gets extra yards like no other. The man almost never goes down on first contact and almost every time a guy has an open shot on him out of the backfield it's a missed tackle. You know what kind of back fumbles 3 games in a row and then proceeds to still get over 25 touches? A full blown elite stud that's what kind.
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    2019 Godwin = 2018 Juju ...but, apparently, with a higher ceiling
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    Amazing what a RB can do when he doesn't get destroyed behind the line as soon as he touches the ball
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    You're getting called out for being phony because instead of just accepting feedback that overwhelming disagreed with your initial post, you claimed that you "posted this exact same thing on Reddit" and that "every response said it sounded like collusion" - clearly, that wasn't true.
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    Just found the reddit post. Top liked response (8 likes) says trade is "legitimate." OP is a big fat phoney who just wants to veto.
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    2 weeks in a row he's gotten the most snaps in KC backfield. 2 weeks in a row he was in at the end of the game on critical possessions. 2 weeks in a row he made the game winning play. We don't even know if Damien will play again this year. We do know that Damien is not playing right now and in his absence Darrel is playing a major role and KC continues to win relying on them. We also know Darrel is excellent in pass protection and keeping Mahomes protected may be the most important thing the Chiefs do this year to achieve their SB goals. Do with those facts as you will.
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    Duh, because Ekeler is CLEARLY the superior back and I want him to remain the starter. Isn't that how it's done in here? Make a wish, create a story, and watch other owners rally around it until it makes sense?
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    Doesn't feel good. I think I'll skip the game and just either be pleasantly surprised when I check my fantasy score or not surprised at all by my loss. No point in me watching the game and screaming, "THROW IT...HE'S OPEN!!!", the whole time.
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    They also show Prosise apologizing to Carson on the sidelines for vulturing 😂
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    Been reading these forums since the days of markdash and Titanium Man, but post so rarely I had to start a new account because I couldn’t remember what the hell my login info was. Been in a very competitive 10 team 8x8 redraft (we just like it that way) with mostly the same bunch for 17 years. I’ve been kinda successful having been in the finals 5 of the last 7 years, winning 3. I’d won before that too, but I’ve gotten more consistent. But thought I’d post in this thread this year just because this year’s title was the sweetest of all because I had to work so hard. It’s always a lot of work to win, but this was just tougher than normal. The first half of my draft was wrecked by injuries like never before and a couple of high picks that weren’t exactly bad but also not worth where they were drafted. But I was pretty quick on the draw with prospects/rookies and wound up with Alonso, Tatis, Alvarez, Soroka, McNeil, and Bichette. Played the wire well and outmanaged opponents on weekly adds. It was a hell of a grind and I began August in first place. Hit a rough patch in August and got into the playoffs as fourth of four. Played the number one reg season team in the semis and got him. Played the number two team in the finals and got him too. It was just a lot of work, a grind from start to finish, and another title. Again, I’ve won several times but it feels good to overcome really tough challenges to find a way to win.
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    RoJo run good https://twitter.com/_SteveFrederick/status/1178484113931689984?s=20
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    RoJo was the man at the end of the game today. They didn't even look at Barber. I think he's definitely solidified at least a 60/40.
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    The 8-yard flea flicker. Dialing up plays for Teddy's skillset.
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    These group celebrations of running 50 yards to the endzone are stupid.
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    Really? He did it at least 3 or 4 times last year. One was a 90+ yarder against the Falcons. He, and Dalvin Cook, are the biggest homerun hitter RBs in the NFL.
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    That was the worst 500 yard passing game I’ve ever seen.
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    Lol huge upside with a floor of 0. How about a floor of -1.10 Lost me my week but that’s the chance we were all willing to take.
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    Now if only we could do fusion and fuse Darrel, McCoy, Damien and Darwin into ONE man. Basically would have a BANE looking dude running the ball. 6 TDs a game.
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    Why ask for advice then? You obviously want to veto it. It's your call. I'll tell you, I'd be kind of pissed if I was trying to do what's best for my team and people veto it because they are salty and think another team will be too good LATER. That's speculation. I mean Barkley could come back and get injured again. As a Barkley owner myself, I'm worried about that. Hurt players don't win you anything.
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    "Sit Chark, he's gonna get bottled up by Harris" *Chark blows past Harris for a TD, play called back due to O-line penalty "See, I was right!" Smooth....
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    say it louder for the people in the back!
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    Need Tyler Boyd to hit that magic sweet spot where he scores enough points to win me one league but doesn't score too many to cost me another league. Go Boyd !...kind of.
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    This guy looks electric. He finally looks like the guy we saw at USC. This backfield isn’t all his yet, but you have to imagine he earned himself the majority share. A couple more weeks of playing like this, and Arians will have no choice but to feed him and fade Barber. Also, very encouraging to see his pass pro. I thought he did a great job in that department.
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    I try my best to help everyone out...
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    This was an awful game for every chiefs pass catcher. I think its an overreaction to straight up drop this guy. Most weeks you will want as many chiefs as you can get. Mahomes throwing 0 tds will not be a trend. Mecole only needs 1 catch to give you flex value weekly, i will continue to roll him out in weeks where i am projected to lose to my opponent by a large margin.
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    Montgomery’s adp was in the third or fourth round depending on league size. So he was likely being drafted as an RB2. I’d be curious what the average record is of those teams that have had to start him as an RB2 these first four weeks. It must hurt. Especially when some of those teams likely chose him over Mark Ingram or Chris Carson. People drafted this guy imagining that he would have bellcow status from early on. And while it looks like he has assumed at least the lion’s share, now the question is what it’s worth. If this were Walter Payton’s Bears, it’d be worth a lot. But instead, you have this tinkerer Nagy who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, Tarik Cohen who will siphon a ton of work, and a pretty anemic offense now being led for the foreseeable future by a career clipboard holder. Outlook not good.
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    104-1544-16 pace, obviously the TDs and yards won’t hold but I could easily see him being around 104-1300-12.
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    Sell high? What?! The dude has a bad case of the fumsies and they still force feed him. They love him.
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    Also if you take away every play where he used his hands and feet to get past the line of scrimmage he had negative yards!
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    Regardless of what happens the next 3-weeks, I have trouble believing there was a higher-upside play on the waivers than Gallman. I think people slept on the bellcow role/touches. What's fairly unique about Gallman is that he gets both goal line work and receiving work. How many lead backs can you even say that for (ignoring the fact that you could get Gallman off of waivers)? You can't really say that for Gore, Hyde, Jones, and Barber, who all may have been available on the wire depending on league size. Limited receiving action for all of them. And then other RB pick up options like Mostert don't get goal line work.
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    We get it, you own the K.Hunt.