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    You play in a league where Conley gets dropped. And you get upset about using a #3 waiver on him. That is not a serious league, Get over yourself.
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    Raiders, Eagles, Packers, and Saints were all better landings spots. Raiders as the top since he arguably would have been the best WR on that team and Gruden isn’t shy about getting his teams talent heavily involved.
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    I think he'll be in the top 10, but 4 is a reach.
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    There seems to be a direct correlation between post count and intelligence in his thread. This new wave of posters this season is pretty rough. It’s like a bunch of 14 year olds playing fantasy for the first time have discovered these boards.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. This thread is the very example of that. Tbh though I kinda wish I played with some of these guys. There wouldn't be much in the way of competition but it'd be hilarious to see them make these idiotic decisions week after week
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    I sat murray to stream carr over darnold. I have a bad feeling...
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    I think they're still figuring out the rotation. I'm going to hold for now and see if Kerr let's him play
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    Montgomery unless you need a lottery ticket, I’d like to see a good game from Johnson before starting him
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    ZERO. He stinks as an NFL QB and he's really dumb. Tampa Bay wasted 5 years with this clown and have nothing to show for it. Fantasy wise he's solid because he will give the other team 7 quick points with a pick 6 and get the ball right back and do it again, forcing them to play catch up and throw even more.
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    This thread reminds me of the Breida thread. Why can’t owners accept both backs will be used and both backs will have their up and down games?
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    Johnson to me is the most likely to return value regardless of the situation. JAX should be mostly healthy - if Dede sits I MIGHT consider starting Conley, but Conley has been an inconsistent producer and is clearly not a favorite target in that offense. Thanks for the help with mine!
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    My ranking would be: Conley (if Westbrook is out), Diontae Johnson, and Pascal.
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    The vibe I'm getting from this isn't good at all.
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    Preston Williams who is on my waivers has outscored him the last four weeks Odell is a wr3 with upside only in plus matchups
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    Dropped for Wiggins. I dont care and may regret but just fed up with inconsistency. How do you play 28 minutes and rack up 3 pts on 1/8 fg and 3 boards only?! Plus he isn't getting as much usage like he did with the suns. Brogdon, Lamb, and eventually Oladipo will cut into his usage. Atleast Wiggins is guaranteed high usage and his PO schedule is better than the pacers for my league (Week 21). Sadly drafted TJ in the 10th round - looking back there were other players I could of selected that returned more then their ADP.
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    McLaurin assuming Keenum is the starter after he clears concussion protocol. He has a great schedule ROS.
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    The GB% and K% are concerning but that just means he could improve that much more. I remember when McMahon was 21 in AA and he had over a 30% K rate. The next season in 49 games in AA he cut it down to 19% and even lower to 16.9% upon a 71 game AAA promotion that year as a 22 year old. So I'm confident in the kid making adjustments. I would call his first half 14.5% HR/FB rate equally as flukey as his 40.5% 2nd half HR/FB%. His 27% on the season though seems fairly sustainable with how high his hard% is and how low his soft% is as well as Coors Field (I haven't heard of any talks of changing the baseball next season either so that clearly helps). Now a big factor of his hard and soft percentage I feel is his willingness to sell out contact for more power so I expect his hard% to come down and his soft% to go up some once he starts cutting down the strikeouts but overall his numbers will improve from it. Also consider how many ground balls he hit, when he was hitting flyballs in the 2nd half he was really making them count. If McMahon can make an adjustment to hit less ground balls he could see one of the bigger jumps in the league in terms of slugging next year. Hampson could certainly cut into playing time. But both players offer a lot of versatility. Hampson actually played 49 games in the outfield to 50 games at 2B (David Dahl being injured played into this a lot). McMahon played 22 games at 3B and 19 games at 1B, I'm to assume his 1B role should grow even more this year. Also consider Hampson didn't hit well last year in the bigs and his AAA was vastly underwhelming comparing it to the league averages. McMahon had 95 more PAs (all in the MLB) than Hampson did last year (counting 117 AAA PAs) so that's just another edge to McMahon in terms of reps and development. I feel Brendan Rodgers is more concerning for McMahon long term but shouldn't be much of a threat next season upon under going season ending shoulder surgery in July 16 in 2019. Rodgers may not even be ready to get ABs in spring training. I'm 99.9% sure Rodgers starts the season in the minors. With already having McMahon and Hampson and teams holding back prospects there's absolutely no reason to rush Rodgers. Plus it's funny how everyone was hyping out over what Rodgers was doing in AAA last year (only a 160 PAs) because McMahon at 22 was even more impressive in AAA before they started juicing the ball in AAA and this was over 314 PAs.
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    Agree, but next week is vs. MIA, followed by JAX (not so good), but then another sweet matchup @HOU. That's 2 sweet matchups the next three weeks if you're in a pinch. And then TY could theoretically be back (vs TN).
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    For everyone picking this guy up, he’s not a good start this week unless you’re really hurting at WR. Steelers have been absolutely manhandling WR’s as of late. Not a 100 yard game given up and something like 13 is the most PPR points over the last 4 or 5 weeks. I know how deep leagues are though, sometimes you have no choice.
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    I like Stafford slightly, over Brady ROS, not enough to drop Brady though. GL
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    What a gift to the NBA. We are witnessing greatness. My favorite player to watch, just suck that I can’t watch the Mavs on regular basis.
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    So he’s basically Daniel house with worse fg and a handful more assists. Difference being I got House for free while Conley cost me a 4th round pick
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    Isn't that his projection in PPR?
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    The fact that the Kings are willing to put him out there against Gobert in the second quarter, even with foul trouble, already says a lot. Don't panic.
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    I thought the same exact thing when I read it the first time lol. I think they’re talking about Jeffery. There’s a weird Rotoworld trend lately where 90% of the blurb is oftentimes about someone else. Can be confusing and annoying if you read through it too fast.
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    JW gave me 31+ points in the league I started him last week. If you are in a league that deducts points for INTs and fumbles for the QB he's prolly not your guy. Everyone else, he's a 30+ point monster waiting to happen every week. He's got two of the best WRs in the NFL, plus no running game --- he has to throw! And, even being big and average footed as he is, he also adds a rushing element. I think he had 50 yards rushing last week.
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    This might be the week to start Winston over Lamar if you're ever gonna do it. Anticipating a high-flying shootout in Seattle.
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    Understand about trading a RB for a QB, but I am all for winning now. So if getting Wentz can help, I say go for it. You have the depth.
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    Should I change my username to My Dinner with Deandre?
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    please please PLEASE invite me to your leagues next year. All of them. I wanna know how it feels to play against an actual real life psychic
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    Despite what people say here, Horford isn’t the worst. I think both he and Conley will finish top 50, maybe Conley a little higher Eg 40. I imagine many of the people here are Conley and not Horford managers.
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    There's a popular belief that unions protect lazy, unmotivated workers. Guess who's the NBA Player Union president...
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    I have both Delon and Adams. They haven't performed as well as I would hope so far, explains why they were dropped. But they have both shown signs of turning it around. I agree with the others, Delon is a better fit. But I wouldn't burn my waiver pick on him. It's a long season. Someone dropped Curry in one of my rec leagues lol. Its not like you absolutely need Delon's stats. Trae, Brogdon and Lowry are having good years. So I think you can be set for assists.
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    It's now or never. They need to give Walton 20+ carries this week and see if he can be the guy moving forward.
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    Just looked at the Per 36 #s and couldn't believe the improvement across the board! This year 21.8 / 13.1 / 1.5 w/ 1.9 stls / 4.4 blks on 69%/82% Last year 12.8 / 11.2 / 1 w/ 1.4 stls / 4.3 blks on 69%/60% Small sample size but huge improvement in Pts, Stls, FT with a slight uptick in Reb and Assts. Only downer is 2 less minutes per game and the fouls (5,4,4,1).... More minutes please!
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    First thing they did once he got in Patriots facility is take his ring size.
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    I definitely like Lamar over Winston but OBJ and the Browns are just terrible so I dont think hes worth anything. I do like Gallup though, he have anyone else besides OBJ he could throw in?
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    Yeah that's why I'm holding, was pretty close to dropping though!
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    Username makes perfect sense
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    I love the first week of the season so much, just for these comments hah
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    Pick up Carlson and drop someone else.