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    11 rebounds and 4 stocks, stop complaining you bums
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    At this point, I'm resigned to the fact that 90+% of posts on RW are completely useless now (reactionary, Assistant Coach question, CSB, vent/rant) and provide very little insight. In particular, the negative posts on his slow start from tonight (mid-game vs Lakers, his 4th game of the season and 2nd since coming back again from injury) were so awful that they deserved to be called out. While I missed tonight's game, I did watch a little bit of his 1st game back from suspension and wasn't too surprised by his slow start again tonight. On the game I did watch, I observed that he clanked a lot of mid-range jumpers in the beginning, and that he started to find his comfort zone as he played closer to the basket as well. Seemed natural for someone who's finding a feel for the game after a long layoff, but fortunately his teammates kept him very involved in the offense through the slow start. I also noticed once that he shuffled his feet behind the 3-pt line upon receiving a pass, but passed it to another player before attempting a shot - which I saw as a sign that he might be willing to shoot them once in a while.
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    lol why? Isaac wasn't even taking that many shots
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    What gear can you buy him though ?
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    Right on cue ↓ Got 16/14, 2 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, and the negative post looks silly within half a game 👏
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    Sorry for the all bold, having formatting issues. I forget who else is available as a FA besides Lucroy. Bart/Varsho seem to be the prospects to watch out for in 2020. Astudillo, Barnes, and Y Gomes seem like the most solid catchers if the primary gets hurt. Feel free to provide feedback, I will be changing these around. I'm pretty high on Sean Murphy compared to consensus, as some of you may have seen in other threads. Roster Resource currently has Travis D'Arnaud as the cleanup hitter for the Braves which seems highly suspect to me, even if they dont upgrade 3b, but he would be a tremendous sleeper if he gets close to full time PAs as the 4-6th hitter, that's a developing story to track. Murphy, Kelly, Garver, and Smith have all really improved the position this year, as well as having Sal Perez back, but it's still the weakest position for deeper/2 catcher leagues. Catcher JT Realmuto Gary Sanchez Willson Contreras Yasmani Grandal (moves up a tier in OBP) Mitch Garver/Astudillo Sean Murphy/Austin Allan Will Smith/Austin Barnes Salvador Perez Wilson Ramos Omar Narvaez/Manny Pina (Platoon?) Carson Kelly/Daulton Varsho/Vogt Yadier Molina/Andrew Knizer Jorge Alfaro/Cervelli Travis D’Arnaud/Tyler Flowers Buster Posey/Joey Bart/Aramis Garcia Francisco Mejia/Austin Hedges Christian Vazquez/Plaweki Danny Jansen/Reese Mcguire Kurt Suzuki/Yan Gomes Roberto Perez/Sandy Leon Tucker Barnhart/Curt Casail Tom Murphy/Austin Nola (only C in Y!) Jacob Stallings/Luke Maile Chance Sisco/Pedro Severino (Platoon?) Mike Zunino/Michael Perez Martin Maldonado Tony Wolters/Drew Butera Austin Romine/Greiner Max Stassi ( LAA) Jose Trevino/Jeff Mathis (TEX)
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    He did his thing in the NBA guys, he got the deal and he proved he can shoot the 3 ball. Now whats most important is that he drops a good mixtape and if possibly, start a beef with someone. east side
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    PG is way more risky for load management. Wolves have not shut down KAT the previous years, why do it now? KAT defenitely a buy low candidate atm with all of his owners panicked.
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    RT from Woj: @OrlandoMagic F Jonathan Isaac is walking and bending his left knee and feels his MRI on Thursday in Orlando will come back clean. He is confident that he avoided a major injury and might not have to miss any time of game action.
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    thank god from the stretcher and vid to this
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    i think its safe to say he's missing a few games...
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    You might be in one of my leagues so yes.
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    ..let me know if you have an opening next year!
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    Uhhh how are we lucky? You're the lucky one - we have to drop him. Its not a structural injury so his long term value is the same.
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    I'll take the other side of that bet. Any amount you want.
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    Does it? No one thinks the Warriors cheat. No one thinks Lebron cheats. No one thinks Duke cheats No one thinks Clemson cheats The only team that has a massive amount of the population think they cheat is the Patriots. Probably because they have. FTR I think the entire thing is overblown and saying the Patriots win because of cheating is a stretch. However, acting like there's no truth to it and they've gained no edge from bending the rules is also a stretch. The entire argument of "People only hate because they're good" is an extremely weak cop out.
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    Increasing the number of keepers or going to a full keep as many as you want for as long as you want dynasty setup can help mitigate this by ensuring that both teams in the transaction are moving assets they could otherwise be keeping. Having a variable number -- something like a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 -- could be a good compromise that creates a bit of a "fog of war" on both sides that could let teams credibly say they've got enough slots to keep the prospects involved and force the "win now" team to cough up more future value.
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    he’s not AD, he’s under a long term contract, and guys getting shut down always gets overblown because rotoworld fear mongers on any top pick on a bad team. it actually doesn’t happen nearly as much as you would think, guys generally play even when the team is well out of the playoffs (see kemba). It usually rears it’s head in the final few games, but your league is newb if it doesn’t set the playoff dates back. A few weeks back I traded Taurean prince at his peak and wcj for Vuc when he was injured and the magic’s losses were piling. You’ll never know what you can catch unless you throw a net out.
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    He'll figure out the shooting (hopefully). Contributing in the cats you have him for though. Boards, assists, and defensive stats.
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    Bruh my food is gonna hyperextend out of my body what a god damn roller coaster ride
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    My man, you are a great poster. You're not some rando on this forum. You know goddamn well Jordan McRae is not ******** money.
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    lol @ ESPN prematurely making Isaac IR-eligible. Obviously hope it's not foretelling
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    Just that it's now more random then ever.
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    Based on Passan's tweet, Robert will start the season in Chicago. Aggressive.
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    FVV. Had to address team needs before it's too late. 14t/Roto
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    Just picked him up in my non-IR league. Let's gooooo https://streamable.com/6mw37
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    Ugly line or not it's his 3rd game of the year after dealing with suspension and injuries, so is it fair for people to be calling him a bum? It's only natural it will take some time to get back in the swing of things. No one goes through a year without bad games, a guy that averages 20/10 will have 30/15 games with some 10/5 games in between. It's ok to be frustrated but some of the comments I read on these forums are just downright comical, but hey I guess I need rage droppers in my league so guys like me can reap the rewards lol.
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    His game is absolute gold for fantasy. He’s like a better version of prime OPJ. These types of guys are league winners, undervalued elite performer.
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    Got robbed twice, should have 8 blocks
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    The Lord's light will once again shine on the undeserving, I am sure.
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    And you only hate them because they win. Im not even a Patriots fan lol if you didn't get the memo, i follow the Steelers. I just like brady and respect what hes done, snd think hes a great qb getting unnecessarily bashed
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    Agreed, has a higher ceiling. Already got more minutes than Osman the past two games. Another possible path to starting: there's been talk of bringing Sexton off the bench (which makes sense). Garland is closer to a true PG that can make his teammates better, KPJ could move to the 2, and Sexton can be the scoring punch off the bench (source). Either way, he's trending to get starters' minutes and plenty of FGAs, whether he starts or nots. I'm definitely intrigued to see how he improves over the season and what sort of stats he produces - he only played 22 mpg in one year at USC, so there are some unknowns there. As long as he doesn't wreck stats, I'm going to try to hang onto him to see how he progresses
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    Yes you have been right for the last three years. Please keep us updated on the next 3.
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    Wow. The entire premise of this latest "cheating" theory is honestly too dumb to even react, but I have EDIT OK ONLY 17-whatever-thousand posts so obviously I just can't resist. The Patriots needed to "cheat" on one of the worst teams in NFL history to beat them, so the story goes. I think that's why not many people are taking this seriously. I should just quit there but one more thing - on its face it is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard/witnessed. And I hate the Patriots.
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    Different situation. Toronto did it that way accommodating his load management plan to do everything they could to convince him to stay. Kawhi had ALL the leverage. The Raps gave the blueprint to keeping him healthy and the Clips are doing the same because it’s the only way Kawhi can make it through the season and the playoffs (Kawhi admitted this last year). KAT on the other hand is in the first of his five year contract. Unhappy or not, he has no leverage if he truly is asking to be traded. And they would be ridiculously stupid to trade him now too. I don’t think they are that stupid. He cannot just sit out. So I have no doubt he is hurt and the team/training staff is the deciding factor in him being deemed ready to play or not. Remember, players coming back too early and getting seriously hurt is a real concern. He is their franchise player and biggest asset. Trading him or keeping him, they are not going to risk getting him seriously hurt.
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    Quoting what El_Chingon said: "In 5 games as a starter this year he averaged 12/11/.8/.8/1.2." This stat line isn't "trash", as you claim. He averaged similar numbers last year and he ranked 78. I guess only top 50 players aren't "trash"
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    It's the wizards. Everybody on that team is bi-polar. Look at Troy Brown. He'll put up 26-9-7 one night, then garbage the next
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    Passing hard on Kenyan Drake. He was putting up 7 points every week until he exploded in the fantasy playoffs. I can see him having a 2019-Damien Williams season. Last year’s playoff studs are often a risk to be overdrafted. Plus if DJ sticks around it’s possible he’s not done-done and it was just a lingering injury that needed time to heal.
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    When I torn my acl, the doctor can tell right away by doing couple tests.
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    When did I say anything negative towards BB ? I simply posted his record and you got all weird and defensive. I think Brady is the GOAT QB and BB the GOAT HC. How else could you have such a sustained dynasty in an era designed to bring parity to the league ? It's OK though, I get it. I've been seeing this for years. The haters fall into three camps, "Brady is only good because of Belechick" , "Belechick is only good because of Brady", and then my personal favorite the skitzo "they're cheaters" camp. 😂 Have a happy new year brother and good luck to your team whoever they may be. And don't let the Pats stress you out so much - the dynasty can't go on for much longer.
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    Contract years not being what they were, where the player balls out and plays through whatever injury to ensure to get that new contract, now they just hold out, the millennial NFL era is upon us
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    Saw on twitter: Yahoo rep says last Thursday in January likely for 2020 registration to open
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    Busting around pick 162 is not a big deal. People overestimate how well they do in drafts, but again I challenge anyone to look at some redraft drafts they did last year around pick 150 or later. Obviously better fantasy players make better picks, but everyone busts on a ton of picks. The argument with Hampson is that if he starts every day, even if it takes a month he's going to be a + average and ++ SB guy when steals are very scarce. That's a potential difference maker. I do agree with you that he's easier to stomach in daily leagues, just like many intriguing players, but if he gets full time AB he could be a fantasy monster. Lets take a look at picks around 162 from last year courtesy of fantasypros ADP (easiest to find from a previous year) Look at these names. Hampson certainly could bust again for pick 162, but I think you're overestimating the importance of "not busting" on each pick. You're going to bust on many picks in redraft, everyone is. You need to make some rational solid picks but you also need to take chances. We'll see how the Hampson storyline develops in spring training, Based on him being a hot fantasy prospect the year before and how he finished in 2019, he's pretty interesting for next year. Source: https://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/adp/overall.php
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    Really? He’s number one pick no matter what, he’s a cheat code.
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    About to make a long post, some of this may not be relevant to Christian Wood. But it could be helpful and insightful when looking at how Casey would play him and run this Pistons team ROS. You’re spreading a lot misinformed stuff. You seem to have some kind of prejudice. Difference between Casey and those coaches is Casey actually knows his Xs and Os and he has a pretty impressive record as a coach. Minus Mike Brown those guys were NBA players and relied on their basketball brains as players to land them jobs. Casey had to grind from the bottom and work his way up. He knows his coaching and basketball. You kinda picked at one thing in my post and ignored the rest. I agree that Casey at times can be frustrating with the rotations. But his defensive schemes can be masterful at times. He doesn’t get enough credit from outside sources when it comes to this, 3 examples 1) The Mavs defensive schemes and match ups against Miami in the Finals. Casey was the spear head for that. It’s what landed him the coaching job in Toronto. 2) Nick Nursed used many of his defensive schemes last season and during the playoffs. Raptors only got beat by LeBron led superteams last few years under Casey. 3) Pistons have improved ten fold defensively compared to other years. They made the playoffs for the first time in years and many of their players are having career years. How much further was he expected to bring them in playoffs? Their ceiling is first round exit. How is this getting exposed in the playoffs? The Raptors were only beaten by LeBron led superteams when they stared to emerge under Casey. That was their ceiling with DeMar and Lowry. More reasons... 4) “Pound the Rock” isn’t just “preaching”. He actually changes the defensive culture of these teams. He’s the first coach to hold Lowry accountable, he’s also the first coach to give him a chance. Before Casey, Lowry was fat, lazy, wanted to leave Toronto and complained all the time about everything. His teammates hated him. Now he’s a leader. Several Raptors players gave Casey immense credit for their title run and continued defensive intensity and pressure. Before he came to the team, they were close to dead last in defence. So I trust their opinion more than a fantasy basketball fans. 5) Not sure how he can’t adapt his system. Tony Snell is shooting career highs from 3 and actually looks like a solid and relevant player. Luke Kennard is averaging career highs and looked like an emerging breakout player before he got injured. Svi Mykhailiuk is shooting lights out and looks promising, Bruce Brown has learnt a whole new position and actually contributing and playing well for a young guy, they are all getting good looks. Wood has had a shorter leash than other players, but that’s because there are established players making bank that are playing over him and he gambles to much on steals and blocks. That pisses Casey off. He’s managed Rose minutes well and he hasn’t picked up any injures. Only issue is Blake Griffin, who is letting Casey and the whole team down immensely. 6) “Young Bad teams” Sorry but what coach is going to do well coaching a bad team? Want to know an average coach using your logic this season? Greg Popavich, his rotations suck, his team stinks and if Casey is average, how isn’t Pop? Maybe Pop was just a ride along to Duncan and co. It remains to be seen how he can handle a young team with players like Murray, White, Forbes, Poeltl, Lyles. It hasn’t been any better than Detroit. Pop is obviously a good coach, but can’t I make a case for why he’s regressed and average now using your logic? People complain that all Casey did was run Iso for DeMar, but look at the Spurs. DeMar is doing the same iso stuff there. So why blame Casey for that? It’s so hypocritical. Bet you think Pop is still elite though right? Look how Casey’s plays have helped fringe players like Tony Snell and Langston Galloway relevant. 7) Nick Nurse is kind of a fraud, the guy still relies on the players Casey coached up defensively, he uses Casey’s defensive schemes. Nick Nurse is an offensive minded coach, yet the Raptors have still managed to remain one of the top defensive teams, Casey deserves credit for that. Yet Nurse is the one who gets all the praise from Raptors fans. Look at this season, he’s ran FVV, Siakim and Lowry to the ground. No different than what Casey did with the same core group of guys. Difference is Casey didn’t get lucky and have the luxury of coaching Kawhi, he’d have won same way imo. Maybe that’s just what you have to do to get wins with this core group of players. Run Iso. All they do now is run Iso with Siakim, Lowry or Fred and chuck 3. So what’s the difference? He was just a scapegoat for the Raptors. Problem was DeMar’s weak mentality and Lowry chucking up bricks. Look at last years playoffs and all the similar struggles Raptors had before they picked it up. I bet you think Nurse is very good coach though right? Pretty much been stressing defence a lot here. That’s because I think Casey is elite in that regard. I refuse to lump Casey in with Scott Brooks. He’s easily a top 10 coach in the league right now. That’s good enough to be “very good” imo. As for Christian Wood, Casey probably limits his minutes due to Woods gambles he takes defensively, lack of size, heavy minutes for Drummond and Morris/Griffin being in the way. Sorry if my post gets long, but I read and type fast so it can get a bit wordy.
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    I'm the f'ing Jason Garrett of fantasy.