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    Quick roundup: Atlanta Hawks: Interested in Capela, Steven Adams. Pivoted away from Drummond due to extension demands. Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Some of those teams have inquired about John Collins, thinking the Hawks might be worried about extension talks with Collins in the offseason, Hawks have shown no interest in dealing Collins yet. Boston Celtics: Another team engaged with the Houston Rockets in trade talks for center Clint Capela. Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets: Malik Monk Draws Interest From Members Of Knicks Front Office, Multiple Teams Monitoring Availability Of Marvin Williams, Hornets Identify Andre Drummond As Long-Term Target. Some names that came up in Hornets and Knicks recent talks included Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr., Terry Rozier and Malik Monk. Chicago Bulls: Sellers at deadline? Thad, Otto Porter, Satoransky? Denzel Valentine could be on the move. Cleveland Cavaliers: Players Feel Cavs Trying to Deal Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Cavs 'Resigned' That Deal Won't Happen at Deadline. Sexton available for great offer. Toronto, Houston and Dallas are among teams with registered interested in Tristan Thompson, who was pulled from tonights game with a sore quad. New York and Cleveland had been engaged in trade talks with John Henson included as part of a deal, but dialogue has since cooled. Dallas Mavericks: Mavs Exploring Possible Deals For Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Execs Believe Grizzlies Have Offer From Mavericks For Andre Iguodala As Fallback (Courtney Lee + 2020 GSW 2nd), Robert Covington Trade Talks Pick Up With Mavs Interested Denver Nuggets: Nuggets Open To Discussing Deals For Malik Beasley, Juancho Hernangomez, Malik Beasley Receives Trade Interest From Multiple Teams, Michael Porter Jr. Remains Untouchable By Nuggets, Interested in Jrue Detroit Pistons: Asking price for Drummond is multiple 1sts, No Real Trade Market Right Now For Andre Drummond. Everybody else on team also available, incl Rose, Reggie Jackson, Wood, Kennard. Pistons Looking For Lottery-Level, 1st-Round Pick For Derrick Rose. Pistons should be able to move Markieff Morris for a second-round pick. Detroit and Phoenix are discussing a deal centered on guard Luke Kennard. Suns' first-round pick is in play. Golden State Warriors: The Warriors are "listening to pitches" for D'Angelo Russell, Would want 1st rounder from Minny. Warriors Not Interested In D'Angelo Russell For Aaron Gordon Trade, Warriors are sellers at deadline and want to move guaranteed money. New York Knicks have an offer for D'Angelo Russell. That deal would include Bobby Portis, Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, Allonzo Trier and a 2nd round pick.Warriors not interested. GSW want Mitchell Robinson & Knicks unprotected 1st rounder added to offer. GSW turned down an offer of BKN’s 2020 pick AND MIN’s 2020 pick. The Timberwolves would be trading Robert Covington to HOU for the BKN pick as part of a multi-team trade. Houston Rockets: Rockets Actively Discussing Trades For Clint Capela, discussed Clint Capela packages with Atlanta and Sacramento. Looking For Impact Wing, Mike D'Antoni On Using Lineups Without Player Taller Than 6-Foot-6: 'We're 2-0 With It' (not anymore) Rockets Make Future First Round Picks Available In Trade Talks, Robert Covington Trade Talks Pick Up With Rockets Interested. "According to league sources who spoke to CNBC, Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta is seeking to shed additional salary off the team’s nearly $140 million payroll hoping to avoid a luxury tax." Indiana Pacers: Pacers Rebuffing Trade Inquiries On Myles Turner. Could get a 1st for Aaron Holiday, but no indications that they're looking to deal him. LA Clippers: Clippers Looking For Front Court Size, Wing Player Before Thursday Trade Deadline, Clippers Reportedly Show Interest In Marcus Morris. Clippers could easily deal Mo Harkless' expiring deal. Cavs’ Tristan Thompson has been made available.The Los Angeles Clippers are interested. LA Lakers: Lakers Express Interest In Trading For Derrick Rose, Kings Offered Lakers Nemanja Bjelica, Draft Pick For Kyle Kuzma Memphis Grizzlies: Teams are trying to play chicken with the Memphis Grizzlies on Andre Iguodala. Multiple contenders believe Memphis will not find a deal and will have to buy him out. Iguodala is prepared to sit out the rest of this season if Memphis isn’t able to orchestrate a trade with one of the agreed-upon teams he designated by Thursday’s trade deadline. Miami Heat: Heat Could Have Interest In Either LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan, Also still love Jrue's fit and Gallinari. Mentioned: Robert Covington, Shabazz Napier, Jae Crowder and Rajon Rondo. Also pay attention to a player like Brandon Ingram. Pelicans may not want to max him. Milwaukee Bucks: a lot of teams have asked about Sterling Brown. Bucks need to show that they want to be all in and help Giannis get a ring. Minnesota Timberwolves: Minnesota "has sought two first-round picks in exchange for Robert Covington.", Robert Covington Trade Talks Pick Up With Rockets, Mavs, 76ers Interested, Wolves Reject Trade Offer From Mavericks On Robert Covington, Wolves Building 'Everything' Around Karl-Anthony Towns, The Wolves are still in hot pursuit of D'Angelo Russell New York Knicks: Knicks Rule Out Trade For Andre Drummond Preferring Free Agency Pursuit, Dennis Smith Jr. Receiving Trade Interest From Timberwolves, Magic, Knicks Front Office Expected Team To Make Playoffs This Season, Sources say the Knicks seem hell-bent on keeping Marcus Morris Sr.. The Knicks have registered interest in D'Angelo Russell and discussed potential packages. New Orleans Pelicans: Teams who have called about JJ Redick have been shooed away, Is Jrue staying put? Oklahoma City Thunder: 76ers, Mavericks Amongst Teams Interested In Trading For Danilo Gallinari, Adams available? Orlando Magic: Warriors Not Interested In D'Angelo Russell For Aaron Gordon Trade Philadelphia Sixers: 76ers Express Interest In Trading For Derrick Rose, 76ers, Amongst Teams Interested In Trading For Danilo Gallinari, Robert Covington Trade Talks Pick Up, 76ers don't want to deal PF Al Horford because of Bucks. The Sixers are most likely to tinker around the fringes (E'Twaun Moore?). Phoenix Suns: Exec: Aron Baynes Could Make More Than $10M Per Year On Next Contract - Trade target for contending teams? Possible package gaining traction for Kennard: Jevon Carter, Elie Okobo and a first-round pick. Suns imagine Kennard as a 30 minute-plus per game floor spacer to complement Devin Booker, Kelly Oubre, Jr., and Ricky Rubio. Portland Trail Blazers: Not likely to make any big moves anymore. Sacramento Kings: Kings Offered Lakers Nemanja Bjelica, Draft Pick For Kyle Kuzma, Lakers countered by asking for Bogdan Bogdanovic, which the Kings refused. Hornets also want Bogadnovic. Kings Open To Reconciling With Dewayne Dedmon. Harry Giles III: declined his third-year option for next season, Team are asking about him. San Antonio Spurs: San Antonio Spurs have not yet decided whether they will explore the trade market on LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan, Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Woj: Spurs Heading Towards Rebuild.Spurs could be willing to part with Gay,and are also shopping Marco Belinelli at the deadline along with DeMarre Carroll Toronto Raptors: "Holiday would be a dynamite fit, but it's hard to see how the Raptors get him without dealing OG Anunoby" Utah Jazz: How available is Conley in trade talks? The Jazz and Timberwolves have discussed a trade that sends swingman Robert Covington to Utah. Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal: Wizards Need To Start Winning, Changing The Culture, Bradley Beal's extension took him off the market until the offseason, lots of team inquired about Bertans, but Washington needs to keep Beal happy.
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    The Knicks are reminding me of that annoying dude in your fantasy league that thinks he can finesse your early round player away with a cornucopia of mid/late round players and hot WW pickups.
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    I think Dieng might make it to the rockets if that 4 team trade goes through. He might be good for them too, he can shoot the 3 pretty decently so they would finally be able to have 5 guys above the 3. Imagine picking up Dieng today and he puts up Capella value ROS.
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    So have I, by leaving him on the waiver wire.
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    Nolan Ryan led the league in strikeouts for 4 years in a row ... after the age of 39. he also led the league in ERA once and in WIP twice.
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    Knicks will trade their guards for Looney and Dieng.
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    He literally shut down Embiid. Not sure how that’s even debateable
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    There’s no warning signs, velo loss, recent injuries, etc. He’s got as much risk as any stud pitcher. All of them can get injured. But his track record as a horse and lack of red flags mean that the spectre of age is overblown.
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    i don’t think so. Wiggins is no PF
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    Wiggins is a black hole. Nobody wants him. Expect the Knicks trade 5 first rounders for him.
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    I meant somewhere not here lol and more "credible"
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    You're on drugs if you think: 1. The Raptors will sacrifice future assets for a 29 year old PG when they already have Lowry and FVV on the roser 2. The Celtics are going to trade us Jaylen Brown for Marc Gasol Stop being a clown.
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    This guys per 36 in the 4th would be stupid good. Absolutely dicks us around and then turns to the camera, winks at us breaking the fourth wall, and gives us a line like that. I see you lord. May praise be onto you wherever you may land after the trade deadline.
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    Right, but there is zero sign of it in his profile. Wouldn't you like to see any tangible evidence of regression before you pass on ELITE production and not just pass on it because you think this year it randomly happens despite zero warning signs? The trend in his profile right now is sustainability. 94.8 velocity on goods fastball last year... Harder than he threw in 2013-2016 and on par with career average of 95.0. Swinging strikes of 16.1% the best of his career, topping his previous best of 14.5% the year prior. Z-Contact of 77.7%, best of his career. SIERA of 2.95 the 2nd best of his career. 1.70 BB9 the 2nd best of his career. 12.1 K9 the 2nd best of his career. 0.80 WHIP the best of his career. Show me the decline.. Regression will come, as it always does, but regression typically comes with signs unless there is an injury. There are no signs of regression, only sustained reliability and new peaks of excellence. Someone mentioned Nolan Ryan earlier... In his 10 seasons from age 37 to 46, Nolan Ryan had a 3.36 ERA, 2.86 FIP, 1.165 WHIP, 9.8 K9 with 2,037 Ks... Led his league in strikeouts 4 straight years. Led in WHIP twice. Led K9 5 straight years. ERA once... Verlander is 37 this year... I'll by regression when I see it present itself. Until then I'll buy his elite production. Right now I've gone back to back with him... If he pitches like Ryan did at the end of his career "we're lookin at a minimum 8-peat ere Bahb"
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    Bogaerts 141 wRC+ JD 139 wRC+ Mookie 135 wRC+ Devers 132 wRC+ Let’s be clear, “Fourth best hitter on his own team” is not only false, But based on how close and great all these guys are, it’s an attempt to be intentionally misleading. Mookie was still REALLY good. They happened to have 3 top 25 hitters in MLB. Lol The home/road splits is also an attempt to be misleading. I know you know this, but all the people loving your post apparently aren’t aware that just about every team hits better at home than on the road. I’d expect Mookie to hit less HRs in some of the larger parks out west. But I wouldn’t be shocked if some of those turn into doubles, as well as some of his other “usual” outs in those cavernous outfields. It’s quite possible his average goes up.
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    There is actually a chance for playing time here... 👀
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    I think the implication was that Dieng would be moved to a team where his minutes would increase dramatically (e.g. Houston)
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    The guys in Milwaukee. Toronto's an upgrade
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    Whoooaaaa take it easy on that strawman! Literally no one has mentioned a word about owners pockets, just the realism of how a monster contract that turns bad negatively affects your franchise for years with the Luxury Tax limits and loss of draft pick penalties and how little confidence there is of Mookie being an impact player just a few years forward. Mookie has turned down 30 per year over 10 years and stated he wants to go to free agency. Why let a player walk out on you for nothing when you can get a significant return and still win this year... He was the 4th best hitter in that lineup last year. No reason to sell out the franchise for him. The Sox can replace their 4th best hitter and still compete. In 2020 for Mookie he's likely to take a hit in fantasy value if a trade occurs although he will likely be highly valuable in LA but not nearly as much in SD. Park Factors courtesy of ParkFactors.com: Boston: +101 LA Dodgers: -97 San Diego: -86 Mookie career home/road splits: Home: .319 Avg, .333 BABIP... .542 Slg, .930 OPS Away: .285 Avg, .295 BABIP... .497 Slg, .858 OPS With a 42% pull rate, mookie really takes advantage of the green monster. His results in the road are rather ordinary and his BABIP suffers. If mookie gets traded I devalue him immediately. Although he can still be good in LA for high counting stats but i wouldn't bank on that Avg to be .300.
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    What a bunch of nonsense, especially the part about Capela not fitting into today's game. Not every team has to have KAT (nor should they want to). Capela is elite at all phases of the pick and roll (people like you don't understand what that does to a defense, and how it creates better 3-point looks), very good for a center at defending it and very good at rim protection. At his age and with a reasonable deal with a few years on it, he's one of the best assets in the NBA that isn't on a rookie deal.
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    Yahoo needs to get their act together. All the players we complain and comment about , none of them get processed. But then you see random players get positions added
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    Just 2 more days and it's clear sailing. Just 2 more days.
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    thus far thy Lord has blessed us with 3 all balls amen
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    But if you own both him, AND his opponent for that night, he provides you with 2 huge lines 😀😀
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    Don't let the village idiot stress you. The forums are much more pleasant after adding that clown to your ignore list.
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    Where’s the guy who said this is his worst first round pick ever lol
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    How can you say a top 90 pick is "great value" for a guy with zero MLB experience who had a 5:1 K:BB ratio at AAA? Yes, the upside is enormous, but the hype is out of control. Everyone keeps saying how his price could skyrocket if he has a big spring, but nobody wants to admit that it works both ways. If he has a terrible spring his price will fall.
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    Jesus Christ. We get it man....you don’t like Wood.
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    but ... as a Detroit homer? We don’t do anything right, ever. so I fully expect both Drummond and Wood to be Pistons. sorry guys. Our ownership and management is Incompetent.
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    Who cares about "skills level." It is not competitive any more as a league. NBA is run by about a half dozen players. It sucks because of that. And quit saying people who are against 12 year / 420 mil contracts are "for the owners" and their pocketbooks. You never saw John Henry complaining at all about the money. Or the money he paid out in luxury tax penalties. He has been THE biggest spender in baseball for years now so get over that false argument. Some of us fans here are for the team and not having albatross contracts preventing the team from winning. We are for the team and not for losing major draft picks as well as international signing money pool penalties preventing signings of those young players too. Which is where the luxury tax hurts teams for real and that prevent the team from sustaining a farm with either replacement players or prospects to trade and prevents a team from staying on or near the top. You can have Dombrowski. I like this guy Bloom way better already. He worked some major magic with TB and that was with pocket change. Let him get out from under these terrible contracts and under the cap and watch him work his magic in Boston with some real money freed up because he knows how to build teams for the long run. Which leads to dynasties and not one year wonder teams.
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    Watch Drummond get traded for Randle. Casey would start Randle/Maker and Miller would start Morris/Drummond, thereby screwing the owners of both Christian Wood and Mitchell Robinson.
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    The cupboard is bare? What tells you that, some arbitrary top 100 list? Arms like Mata, Houck, Groome and Ward may not be top 100 specs but that have a lot of potential. Noah Song is down their prospect list but a nice prospect arm. Jarren Duran looks like he can be an outstanding OF too, he draws some walks, has 40+ SB speed and hits for a high average. You already mentioned Casas and Dalbec. Their system may not be great, or even really good, but they have some guys down there to help. I mean, cool story bro? This is a lot of conjecture. A wRC+ of 135 was their 4th best bat? I'm not sure if this helps your argument buddy (it was also one of the 25 best in baseball). I'm pretty confident anyone would take 30 homers, 16 SB and a .295 BA from their 4th best, or even 1st best, hitter. I don't know why saying Boston has the ability to win a world series this year is really going out on a limb. If they trade Betts then yeah, they should seriously focus on the future, but they could very well hold them and have more than a decent shot at it. Outside of NYY and Houston I don't know anyone who I'd say is definitively better. A's, Twins, Indians, can make an argument for any just like you can Boston. I'm not a Boston fan by any means, but I find it interesting some people are already writing them off as if they don't have a shot. They do, if they care to take it.
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    Now if Dolan would only fire himself, the Knicks might get somewhere
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    At this point I'm less scared of Father Time than I am Dr Andrews. Yes, he's old but his profile is outstanding. His track record of health should be a sign of reliability.
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    Hiura's BABIP should come down there's plenty of reason to believe his K% will also come down to balance that out some. Further, part of that BABIP discrepancy can be explained by Statcast numbers: Albies avg exit velocity: 88.8mph (145th in baseball) Hiura avg exit velocity: 91.4mpg (22nd in baseball) Albis barrel %: 6.6% (242nd in baseball) Hiura barrel %: 13.9% (29th in baseball) In Hiura's rookie season he hit for a higher average (.303 to .295 AVG), got on base more (.368 to .352 OBP), and hit for a lot more power (.570 to .500 SLG) than Albies. Albies is a great young player and there is definitely a case to preferring him in in dynasty. It's also perfectly logical for someone to prefer Hiura.
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    deserves being dropped after 1/16 showing haha.
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    Lol the team has lost the last 16 games he’s PLAYED in look it up sunshine
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    Means Svi and Bruce Brown Jr. have a clear ROS outlook. Whichever is your cup of tea. I think Galloway and of course Drummond are about to be dealt too. Maybe Rose as well. Even though Reggie Jackson has an expiring, I doubt anyone wants that bum.
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    Once you make the playoffs, anything can happen in a short series. The current world champs a Josh Hader from not even being in the NLDS. Either blow it up or give it one last go. Trading Mookie and NOT also selling Xander for actual impact prospects is just treading water. Xander will be past his opt out date by the time Boston can put something together that is better then their current roster with mookie.
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    I'm in the same situation. And he doesn't play again until the 7th, so I'll just keep him there. Good times. Rui was really coming on in his December games, with splits for the month of 17-6.6 with high FG% and FT%. He has poor stocks, but that is pluses in 3 categories from a wire pickup. He pairs nicely with low scoring stocks monsters.
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    Those four combined don't have the upside of MRob. I don't see why the Warriors would make the trade for anyone else on the team. Knicks are hopeless. They'll probably wager the future for DLo and Drummond.
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    Not such a headache for teams punting FG% and TO's. He's been top-50 the past month if punting these cats, so I'd suggest finding that team in your league (i.e. the one that drafted Harden), and checking their interest level if you're ready to move on from DG. I can't fathom why you would want to flat out drop him in competitive 12+ team leagues.
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    The Lord is mysterious in his ways.