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    Can't wait for when giants go for it on 4th and 1 with a jet sweep to Sterling Shepard and he gets tackled for a 5 yard loss and the camera goes to Garrett clapping.
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    The rest really did him good. I love it. This is why when a proven but struggling and/or injured vet appears on the WW, you take a flier. So glad I did. Now hopefully this same rejuvenation happens to Conley.....
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    Not trying to police the thread but we should probably limit speculation to actual sourced rumors and the resulting fantasy impact. Otherwise this will become a giant mess.
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    He is an entirely different player when he is paired with Siakam.
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    In my 30 years of watching the NBA, I think that's the first time I've ever seen anyone tossed inbetween shooting their 2 FTs 😂😂
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    this is just for ST ... right?
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    Yeah, I always chuckle at that. What integrity of the game? Baseball started with fielders yanking runners down by the belt loops, runners sharpening their spikes and groundskeepers hiding extra balls in the outfield. Sign stealing scandals date back to the 19th century. There's been the Black Sox, spitballs and emory boards, pine tar and corked bats, and of course the Steroid Era. Baseball players have cheated, are cheating, and will continue to cheat. It's a fact of life. I can't muster up any more shock and outrage about it.
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    you must take conley from the wire
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    Tough call. I like the steady production that Rendon would provide. You can lock him in and not lose sleep over his production.
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    I dont hope that. The game doesn't need that ugliness. However, I would like to see the cheaters have terrible seasons.
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    Oddly, this was all before McDowell was in the majors. He never played for LaRussa.
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    I’d pick Lamet of the two, but mainly hoping that his helium continues to rise and I can trade him.
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    spot on - exactly what ppl miss - ive sometimes done 2 for 1 trades because theres someone on the wire ive had my eye on and then if you weigh up the real 2 for 2 thats the proper evaluation but ppl get fixated on the 2 for 1. def bit lopsided but Harden is so far ahead its not that bad. lonzo and Ibaka pure sell high - remember they were both super average at the start of the year until team injuries saved their seasons
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    ALSO Beal and Vleet owner 🤪
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    I would definitely disagree there. With no SBs I don’t see him sniffing top 5 upside. A lot of it’s environment, and surroundings. Some guys like Stanton were meant to sit in Miami in front of 17 fans and hit baseballs. I don’t think he’ll ever be up for the rigors of competing in market like NY. He doesn’t have the personality or backbone. Factor in injury risk, I just don’t see any reason to even target him before 90-100. Zero point IMO.
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    I'm of the opinion this job is Carlos Martinez's to lose. Cardinals have Flaherty, Mikolas, Wainwright, and Hudson locked into the rotation, and likely will slot in Kim as their 5th. I'm assuming they did not sign him just to stick him in bullpen. They also have guys like Ponce De Leon and Gomber who can step in for injuries. Martinzez only pitched 48 innings last year, all in relief, and he was mildly successful as their closer. No reason to think he can't repeat and maybe go 70 innings this year. He's also coming off offseason clean up surgery so that's another thing to monitor. Hicks had surgery in June, so you'd think at best he's back around the all star break and will likely need to get broken in - I highly doubt he's in the closer conversation until the earliest August, and by that point Martinez should either be established or out of the role already, so Hicks is essentially a non entity in regards to thinking about Martinez. To me at an ADP of 190 Martinez is at a great price to profit. We just don't know where he will be for sure. If he is named the closer, he will hit value. If he makes it into the starting rotation, which I think is unlikely, he still isn't a terrible gamble at 190. As for Gallegos, I would think he is the clear front runner. Gant is solid but does not profile as a closer. Brebbia does have the profile but Gallegos is simply better. Andrew Miller is locked into the fireman role. At an ADP of 209 Gallegos is essentially free. In summary, to me both Martinez and Gallegos are nice values at this point in time. Gallegos probably has the higher upside but its less likely its realized, IMO. That being said, when you are past pick 200 upside is typically more important.
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    I can't believe no thread for him exists up to this point?!?! Just sharing his quote the other day after getting 4 blocks: "I'll be at the rim every now and then, being a rim protector and helping people's fantasy teams." Source: https://sports.yahoo.com/bizarro-world-hassan-whiteside-7-065528738.html This kid knows what he's doing.
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    Dude is sneaky like Danny Green. Put up 3tocks to save this line.
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    Probably more the match up. Can't have patty guarding trae.
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    One step at a time, my Cleveland baby thug.
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    I picked him up as a points streamer last week but he’s been too good to let go back to waivers. Hope he can keep up the consistency ros.
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    I don’t even know who this guy is but he’s on my team and making all my other guys look like scrubs.
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    Pretty spot on^ I really do like Gallegos, but it remains to be seen if he is more than just a flash...even if I strongly have a hunch he is... Gant heavily overachieved in the first half and stuff got corrected real quick with him (though some absurd workload def contributed too)...still think he is just a quality middle man imo. Hicks will be back around the break too and likely has to get a chance to close again.
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    Grabbed him a couple of minutes before tip off. Loving the output so far... what a beast
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    Balling. Super active on both ends
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    Yes if you are punting FG%.
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    Finally our long suffering Mariners fan, Cmilne23, can have some actual fun at a Mariners game.
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    KAT and Siakam is what I would do here. Tough starting KAT first game back, but he’s had plenty of rest. if your super concerned, lean Collins as KAT May be rusty and hurt that FG% siakam mustvokat v WAS
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    Stanton is the biggest potential draft profit amongst "known" players, bar none. For leagues who are drafting early the gap is even wider as people may be cautious until he's out there in Spring Training for a while.
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    Go with TBJ Melton White if you need stocks, otherwise Herro (if he's gonna play).
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    I would tend to agree but we saw Toby get traded from the Clips last year when they were in a similar spot...
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    If he's healthy to start the year and you can get an "injury risk discount", that's a bet I always suggest taking. Been saying that in many player threads over the years.
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    It’s what happens when someone improves on basically every statistical category like this. Hahaha.
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    100% yes. AD won’t be shut down.
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    That dude was literally wrong about everything
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    Yep, i'm a happy man! B2B 2 stl, 1blk. Awesome fg%. 5 dimes. 3/3FT. What a night. And so fun to watch him play. I'm absolutely in love.
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    Forreals. They caved in to giving Tyler Herro SF. It can be done again.
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    Yea. It's just my assumption. I think they would want a PG in return if they deal Covington and it is definitely an upgrade from Napier. Low usage and is a very good defender.
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    Shame he can`t win stocks, rebounds, and assists, I had to drop him for the next LeBron on the waiver wire
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    https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN14218.html Team and league registration is open from January 30, 2020 until July 5, 2020. First day for live drafts - February 3, 2020 Last day for live drafts - June 21, 2020 First day for live draft lobby - February 25, 2020 Last day for live draft lobby - April 5, 2020
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    He won’t be a top 5 pick.
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    Last year he had a bicep, shoulder, calf, knee, and quad injury. A true 5 category powerhouse in Injury-only leagues.