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    this is why owners do this. and its shady and bush league.
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    This doesn't belong here, but needs to be seen.
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    Just because someone is offering a player in trade doesn’t mean they’re “trying to get rid of a player”. It could just be a matter of roster needs. If I’m loaded at WR but thin at RB, offering WRX for RBX doesn’t mean I’m trying to get rid of WRX. But your post speaks volumes in terms of owners being paranoid about “losing” a trade.
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    People liked this post? Dudes the guy i don't want in my league... have fun doing nothing but waiting
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    every time? it happened once lol
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    Every league I’ve ever been in has certain owners who seem to simply ignore trade offers. They don’t accept, they don’t reject, they don’t counter. The trade offer just sits there, unresponded to until I eventually withdraw it out of frustration. They certainly don’t send out any trade offers. To them, trading is essentially nonexistent. Can any of you relate to this? Are any of you this type of serial non-trader? If so, why? To me, trading is one of the best parts of FF, so it’s difficult to understand why an owner would intentionally ignore that aspect of the game.
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    I prefer to feign interest in terrible trade offers, often replying that i am 'intrigued' by the offer and would like to sleep on it. Then ghost them most of the next day but text that night asking if offer is still on the table. Then not respond again till next day but commit to a phone call the next day where you'll pull the trigger live. Then come up with a barely but kinda plausible excuse why you missed the call. If I'm extra playful, I will apologize profusely for being a trade tease and counter to make the lopsided offer even more lopsided but just not gonna pull the trigger quite yet. This goes on for most of the week, right up until I trade their guy to whomever he is playing that weekend. This is a 25 year old league with mostly original members and it STILL works hook, line, and sinker just about every time!
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    After last nights game this is like drinking keystone & watching tumbleweeds
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    not sure what game yall are talking about....all ive seen are commercials
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    rude to leave the trade up when you know you won't accept it...just decline it so they can move on.
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    Completely wrong about my take on Antonio Brown last week. Didn't think a team would take on Mr. Big Chest's diva persona, but sometimes talent trumps all. With an injury-ravaged Week 7 and byes approaching here is a list of Week 8 and onwards pickups. Most player listed below have an ownership below 35% on Yahoo. QB Teddy Bridgewater - Streamer. With high profile QBs like Murray and Watson on bye this week, Bridgewater is a serviceable filler, as he plays the terrible ATL defense this TNF. Tua Tagovailoa - While I don't like the matchup vs Rams and Cardinals next two weeks, Tua has that unknown upside that fantasy players love to gamble on. His mobility should give him some value as a rusher. If you need a QB replacement or want to gamble on a bye-week filler, Tua is definitely worth a stash. RB Sterling Shepherd - Shepherd posted a solid 6/59/1TD on 8 targets in his first game back from injury. While, Slayton is the big play WR for Giants, Shepherd is the safety blanket. Like I said last week, I would not be surprised if he leads the Giants in receptions moving forward. He needs to be owned in most leagues. Treat him as a low-end WR3 in PPR leagues. Cole Beasley - 41% owned, Beasley is Mr. Ol Reliable. While he won't go bonkers for 11 catches for 112 yards again, he is Josh Allen's checkdown option. With John Brown's injury being worse than presumed, continue to treat Beasley as a WR3 Denzel Mims - The secound round rookie made his debut posting a respectable 4/42 on 7 targets. While the Jets are atrocious and Jamison Crowder was out, Mims has some appeal given his size, speed, and draft pedigree. Breshad Perriman is in the concussion protocol, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mims firmly takes hold of the starting outside WR job for the season. Treat him as a WR4 with upside in standard leagues. Preston Williams - While he has been TD dependent for season, the change in QB to Tua may spark his value. Williams may be in for sneaky solid game vs Rams, if Ramsey shadows Parker. Rashard Higgins/Donovan People-Jones - With OBJ out for the season, both Browns WRs stepped up and put up numbers vs Bengals. Higgins seemingly is the safer pickup, given his route running ability and familiarity with this team. However, the rookie People-Jones is more intruiging given his pedigree (being a former 5-star recruit) and athleticisim. This Browns offense is hardly good enough to support even two WRs, given their run-heavy approach and constant involvement of TEs, but Higgins and People-Jones are worth stashing. Nelson Agholor - Well hated in the fantasy community, Agholor is a Gruden favorite. He posted his first 100+ game this season, and has scored in 3 straight weeks. It's not entirely ridiculous to think that Agholor is OAK #1 WR moving forward. RB JaMycal Hasty/Tevin Coleman - It is anyone's guess as to who the workhorse or lead back in this 49er RB committee will be. One thing that is clear is that whoever that guy is, for that given week, that RB will put up atleast RB2 numbers, evident by Jeff Wilson's performance. Hasty was the next man up after Wilson's injury, but that may not be the situation again if Coleman is healthy. There is no clarity in this backfield, but if you are RB needy either one of these guys are good pickups, given their potential upside. La'Mical Perine - Jets are terrible and Gore outrushed Perine by a good margin, but Perine seems to be good for atleast 10 touches a game moving forward. His main appeal is the usage in the passing game, were Gore is non-existent and Jets figure to be behind just about every game. Treat him as a low-end RB3 moving forward. Carlos Hyde/DeeJay Dallas - Given the vague injury status on Chris Carson, Hyde is an easy plug-and-play RB2 if Carson misses any time. However, Hyde himself is apparantely nursing a hamstring injury, which as of now puts his Week 8 status in doubt. Dallas is unknown as a rusher, but is looking like a respectable 3rd down back, boosting his value. Wayne Gallman Jr. - Dependent on Devonta Freeman's status. Gallman Jr posted 10/34/1TD in relief on Freeman on TNF. Despite the stats, he actually displayed some good burst and vision. If Freeman misses another game, Gallman will be an low-end RB2 option, who may have the potential to be the starting RB for the season, if he has a good game. TE Trey Burton - The best pass catching TE on an extremely TE friendly offense. Burton can offer sneaky TE1 production for the season, given Rivers affinity targeting TEs and the terrible landscape of TE itself. Harrison Bryant - The rookie TE went off for 4/56/2TDs in the absence of Austin Hooper. His value is dependent on if Hooper misses another game (which is looking likely as of today). If so, fire up Bryant as a low-end TE1 one more week. Albert Okwueugbunam - "Big O" was the only respectable Broncos pass catcher vs Chiefs. The former college teammate of Drew Lock posted 7/70 receiving on 7 targets. However, his main appeal is that Fant and Tim Patrick got hurt. If Fant misses Week 8, Okwueugbunam offers sneaky appeal, as he has seen 13 targets combined past two games.
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    You’re disappointed that a guy isn’t injured more severely? K. 🙄 real life > your fantasy team
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    WR3 is a joke. Solid WR2 at worst. More low end WR1, high end WR2.
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    If someone offers a trade and they sincerely believe the trade benefits me as well as him, I will engage. Those are the best traders. They make an argument that the trade improves my team and it's not some ridiculous BS. An example would be trading me CMC for a low end RB1 if I'm 6-1 and he's 2-5, and I have RB depth. Definitely worth a conversation. If I get an insulting offer, I don't reject it. I let it sit there and see if my guy gets hurt or for some reason is much less valuable (i.e. CeeDee Lamb after Dak went down). Then I accept. The other owner deserves it, in my opinion, for the crap offer and not remembering it was out there. I know there is a school of thought that you never start with your best offer, but invariably you are just insulting the other owner's intelligence and he's going to ignore you. Don't do that. Offer a fair trade that reasonably makes the other guy's team better and you will get more responses.
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    I swore off Matt Nagy coached players after the Jordan Howard **** show a couple years back. My life has been simpler and happier since. He ranks only behind Adam Gase coached players and Bill Belichick running backs on my "Do Not Ever Draft or f--- With" list.
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    Last Play - 4th 9:06 Darrell Henderson Jr. rushed to the left for 5 yard gain, tackled by Roquan Smith
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    Davis could be the pass catching back even if CMC returns. Hence the coach speak.
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    Would've been nice to know if Henderson got up and was okay instead of panning on McVay's face for 60 straight seconds.
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    Who is leading in targets for the Rams? Reynolds or the sideline?
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    This, if you're trying to trade rape me don't expect a response.
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    Is this supposed to be entertainment?
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    My favorite part about fantasy is that any time it seems like any time things are coming together for your roster, something like this happens.
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    WRs: Fixin for a bowl of Higgy pudding! 🥣Please sir may I have some mo'? Rashard Higgins will fix your Odellemma you are having. Higgys 6 rec 110 yards in Beckham's absence makes for an enticing scoop. Baker fed him til he's full...😋 The Allegory of the Alligator named Agholor: gather round 🔥and let me tell you of a tale about an Alligator named Agholor who snapped off his opponents crowns with one big day.... he waded in the moats of a dry deserted land and one by one each week his patience was his plan...and slowly he did dare to rise above to catch his prey 🏈 and so he did what he set out to do upon this fateful day. Snap him up! 🐊 Go to thee and find thy Shepard's flock bountiful! 🐑🐑🐑Make A Sterling decision to join Shepard's flock ... not a baaaaa-d welcome baaaaaa-ck party he haaaad...ok no more sheep jokes...swipe the Sterling n get outta there. RBs: If some how??? 🙃🥸🤯🤔🤫 Jamaal Williams is available 👹 Gus Edwards is available 🐁 Chase Edmonds is available 🚗🚗 Gio Bernard 🐶 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Seek Hyde: Carlos is the leading man with Carson going down, so find Carlos Hyde and run away with the game of fantasy friend beating 💓 👥 Hasty decision is finally made? J-Mike Hasty looked like the tasty scoop and then Jeff Wilson dominated and then got hurt and now Hasty is a tasty scoop once more...🍨go 9ers! TEs: Harrass your opponent with Harrison Bryant...newest TE for the Browns...Baker ♥s Harrison Bryant in 🔥📛👨‍🚒 redzone...2 tds... QB doo 🐝 dooooooos: 🐶 👨‍🍳Baker baked up a victory Minshew Maniacs of the 🌎unite 🧸B balled out STOUT DEFENSES: Chiefs gets Jets next 😋 Buffalo 🐃 Chargers 🌩lots of sprite Nice kicks! 👟👟Kickers! Bass Master schooled all you fishes 🐟🐠🎏🎣🐡🍥🐟🐠🎏...wowzers 22 fantasy points ...Bills whole offense was TBass...hook him! 🥞➕🦬 should be fantasy stats...happy 🏈to all and 2 alll footbaaallll!
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    If you offer me David Montgomery and Mike Williams for Kamara you deserve to be slapped across the face. Instead, I just ignore the trade. So in reality, I’m being extremely nice and generous with my approach.
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    Depends on the league. When joining a new league 90% of the offers are garbage bc the established members like to feel out your knowledge. If it's a league I've been in for years, with close friends, then I'll entertain offers bc it's typically legit. I've learned that fantasy is a lot like life, you have to have an established resume to not get low-balled lol.
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    Ryan Pace when 4 TE's are on the field
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    If a trade is decent enough I’ll decline it or even offer a counter trade if I feel like it’s going somewhere. If a trade is stupid (usually two bums for like an elite RB1) the dude doesn’t deserve my time and I don’t bother countering or declining.
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    Bears have to be the worst 5-1 team in the history of the NFL.
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    you know what there's not enough of in this game? Moon shots.
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    Even my grandma knows this. And they have a decent defense, so it's not like you can rely on their opponent to score. $16M each for some overrated WR2s. Why they paid him $134M with $110M guaranteed is baffling. Who was fighting for his services???
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    Never trade. Don’t feel the need. I have my team for a reason. I see too many people who make trades just to regret them or have injuries ruin them. Yes it could happen both ways but I’ll take my chances with players I actually draft or pick up. I am in a dynasty league and one dude is constantly texting about trades. Endless. Drives me insane. I do try to actually reject though.
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    I've said this before, but we all need to look at this situation from the "What would I do if I were Andy Reid" perspective, not "what's best for my fantasy team" perspective. If I'm Andy Reid, I have two really good RBs now. I've got a vet who looked pretty good on Sunday, and I have my first round RB who has flashed very well all season. I'm gonna play both of them. This will keep both of them fresh during the game and put a lot of pressure on the defense. Imagine you're a defender playing in the 4th quarter and now you gotta chase down a fresh CEH? Now...how do I divide the work? Well, frankly, why do I have to have a set plan? They're both pretty good at everything. Maybe in specific situations I'll favor one over the other, but am I really going into a game saying "Bell is my 3rd down and GLB, and CEH gets all the carries between the 20's"? Why would I do that? I might go into a game saying "Let's start with CEH for the first couple series, then bring in Bell, and then let's see what makes sense after that". Beyond that, why do I have to have a set plan? This isn't a situation where you have a big back and small satellite back where you know what situations make sense. Both Bell and CEH have shown they can have an every down role. I've got two 3-down backs. I don't need to put them in specific packages. It's really going to be a touch and go situation that will be very hard to predict. As fantasy owners, we all want to know up front what the work division will be (so that we can set our lineups correctly), but Andy Reid doesn't give a sh-t about our lineups. He's going to manage it in-game. He's going to see who's running well, who's winded, etc. and go accordingly. Based on this, they're both sort of low end RB2 / Flex players with decent ceilings and unfortunately low floors. You never know when one guy is just going to turn it on one game and they ride the hot hand.
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    Coleman coming back just in time to make the 49ers backfield clear
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    What’s he resting from? 14 touches since week 5. GTFO Shanny and McKinnon!