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    Here at the Wood Anonymous meetings we dont pass judgement, all we ask is you bring the donuts when its your turn...the worst days however are when C Wood brings the donuts....that's when it hurts the most...
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    On the other hand, only his holy light can cleanse the rotten, wasted pit of scum and sin that is Los Angeles
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    Not trying to police the thread but we should probably limit speculation to actual sourced rumors and the resulting fantasy impact. Otherwise this will become a giant mess.
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    breaking news!!!! redsox fans dont think its a big deal and believe it actually HURT them!!!! 🤣
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    if hes been out a month, you better dam well be fully healed.(he woulda had an MRI if it was that serious) min restriction my a**. better play full 48
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    I have been wondering what the Wolves want in return for Lord Covington. I would assume they’d ask for the other team’s whole roster back, cause no one can amount to the Lord’s almighty light and truth. Amen.
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    How drunk were you, because that's the worst idea I've ever heard.
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    Imagine if he gets traded to Dallas in exchange for Delon Wright and whatever else they ask for. Then you immediately pick up Delon off the ww. You’ll have thy Lord and Wright on the same squad. Your stocks would be immaculate ROS. This is the trade I want to see happen. Dream scenario. Blessings for everyone.
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    Quit polluting the thread of the Lord lest he smite you down with his fearsome sthrocks
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    I cut this clown last week after being dead last in fg%. Of course he tears it up when i cut him. Hasnt done anything remotely close to this when i had him, but the VERY FIRST WEEK hes not on my team he kills it. The hell with this clown.
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    Ugliness? Guys developed elaborate illegal schemes to take awards, money, wins, and championships from other players... It doesn't get worse. The fans paid hard earned money to watch a farce. ...and yet those players responsible skate scott free. Hardnose baseball and drilling cheating scoundrels isn't ugliness, is justified punishment -- if the players don't police themselves it will never go away.
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    At the beginning of investigation they stated if the players cooperated with investigation and were truthful that they wouldn’t face suspension. Seems like MLB aimed higher up from the get go and likely used player cooperation to assist in nailing the team(s).
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    To play COD and fortnite after losses.
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    I’ve always suspected nba players of checking out these fantasy-related sites. Is that you Levert??? Because only you could defend yourself so zealously. Nobody is calling you a bad/terrible player - we are only truthfully saying that your real-life talent does not translate well to fantasy. My only teenie weenie request to you is to tighten your handles, stop turning the ball over, work on your FT, refrain from making boneheaded plays, get a steal or two every now and then, don’t be a blackhole like 2 of your teammates, and stay healthy. Do that for me, and you’ll always have a spot on my roster.
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    Because I just picked him up this morning
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    Holmes aint going anywhere. I don't understand this type of thinking.. nothing has been shown or said to give any reason anything would change to Holmes role after coming back. He'll likely come off the bench to play 20-25 mins for the first week, everyone will freak out and drop him, these boards will burn and then he'll slide right back into the starting role with a slight reduction to minutes, probably more like 28 mins a night ROS. All these fantasy plebians out here makin my head hurt
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    My advice is to not give a **** care about their rankings, read their blurbs, look at fangraphs, look at ADP, and from there make adjustments versus ADP for your own personalized list. Or it doesn't even have to be a full list if you're feeling a little lazy, but definitely identify the players you think are under/over valued per ADP and have that in mind going into the draft. ADP / historical league trends are the most important baselines. Edit: I like the Forecaster, fangraphs, and occasionally Yahoo articles. Not a fan of razzball. The real fun is blazing your own trail after taking in info from multiple sources.
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    Had a discussion at the bar the other day, instead of replay it should be a public vote. Put a poll up on NFL.com for 1 minute. Everyone can go vote, but ban people with IP addresses from the state of the two teams playing.
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    this is a beta answer. Be a man and stand by your words.
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    Asking about holding after posting a full line even with foul trouble? Lol come on dudes.
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    Dude please.. No offense, but this is like hearing fingernails on the chalkboard.
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    KC spotted them 24 and now have the lead, and get the ball after the half. What a crazy game. Been some good ones this postseason.
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    Kelce wont be able to do that on Titans linebackers. We have big LBs that can cover.
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    Just wait another 15-30 minutes and we’ll be able to do it again.
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    Thank GOD for that RW blurb that called him an outright drop like 5 games into the season. And thank god I had the #1 waiver position.
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    Let’s go Mike big second half please 🙌
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    While I love sports in general, baseball has always been my passion. I played little league, collected baseball cards, reenacted the Kirk Gibson 88 world series home run arm pump, owned multiple Nintendo baseball games, read fangraphs articles religiously, develop nerdy spreadsheets for fantasy baseball (the only fantasy sport I play), and follow more news about the game than I should. This whole sign stealing thing is really disheartening to me. I was finally over the PED issues, then this comes into fruition. I'm so jaded over the game right now. It's sad. I hope MLB can fix this problem, but considering that 2 of the last 3 championships have been implicated, it's a horrible stain on the game. I still love baseball, but I'm not "in love".
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    I dont hope that. The game doesn't need that ugliness. However, I would like to see the cheaters have terrible seasons.
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    In my 30 years of watching the NBA, I think that's the first time I've ever seen anyone tossed inbetween shooting their 2 FTs 😂😂
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    I'd have to imagine that players like Bregman and Altuve will be feeling a lot more pressure out of the gate than they normally would. They'll be anxious to prove they're legitimate star players and it could have them pressing more than normal. Any 1-for-20 slump is going to draw A LOT more attention than it otherwise would.
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    I think this statement (below) by Saban is they key to remember for fantasy purposes. I've said it probably 10x in the past year or two on these forums.... sometimes it just takes time for these players to develop. Don't let their first or even second year determine the rest of their NFL (fantasy) career. “And I think every player -- and Derrick probably went through this when he went from college to the NFL -- when you go from high school to college or college to the NFL, I think there’s sort of an acclimation that you sort of go through to learn a system and figure out how you’ve got to play to be successful at that level. I think it’s a little different. That took a little time, and now that Derrick’s got his opportunity, he’s certainly taking advantage of it.” Everyone wants immediate success for their rookie or even 2nd year player. Sometimes it just takes time for them to develop or time for them to get their opportunity. Some may remember the thinking that WRs really started to show their form in their 3rd year. That still hold true in a lot of areas and I believe the stacked NFL draft of 2014 WRs ruined the normal FF thinking. People are so quick to write-off players like Henry when they hadn't truly been given the full opportunity and the player may have needed to figure out a few things and how things work in the NFL.
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    Yeah but nobody goes to minor league games. They probably had a band behind home plate drumming and snipers out in center scoping signs.
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    I have him in a punt ft team and he had me worried for 3 games 🙃
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    You may be talking yourself into it a bit. Floor spacing is usually associated with good 3-point shooters, which Zion is not. And Kobe was better with Shaq off the floor (one season sample): Kobe Bryant stat splits for the 2003-04 Regular Season Situation FGA FG% FTM Ast TO OReb Reb Stl Pts Pts100 with Shaq 17.2 45.5% 6.3 5.7 2.9 1.6 5.7 1.7 23.0 100.0 without Shaq 24.0 41.5% 10.3 4.6 2.7 2.0 6.3 2.2 31.6 100.4
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    Yeah, but if that amounts to three targets then you can't really call that "heavy involvement".
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    In a one catcher 12 or 10 team league there’s no way I wouldn’t just be one of the last to grab a catcher. The position is still overall a glob, the tiers within each other aren’t as different as other positions. Currently have Yadi was my number 12 catcher and I’d love to have him at a very late pick in those types of league at no cost.
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    pretty sure they said the same thing about Otto Porters injury which turned out to be a fracture.
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    Stop it man. Why do you do this to us owners lol. I don’t want to hear anything about this — get this bad juju the heck outta here. Put some respeck on Oubre name babyyyy. What a line today 😍
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    is it me or does it always seem to be like one of him and Miles is good (at best), and the other is garbo in the same game?
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    dont worry there is still Rodgers
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    He's had multiple big lines like this this year, it's why he's so talked about and polarizing, the issue is Casey usually stifles him by inexplicably playing him little minutes the next game or not making a concerted effort to get him involved in the offense (he'll follow up a game with double digit shot attempts with 15-25 minutes and just 5 shot attempts). He's just as likely to put up a big line as he is a 4/4 line as long as he's under Casey/behind Drummond. The only reason we're hoping for a Drummond trade is because Casey's hand will be forced. There's no guarantee they don't bring another big back though and we're back to square 1, or if Wood makes any mistakes he ends up benching him in favor of Maker. The Pistons continue to look bad all season, I don't think Drummond getting moved out is the only change upper management is considering.
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    Underrating the value of a bankable 300 hitter with power. IMO. He is top 50 and half the guys (Chapman, Moncada, Machado, Suarez) i'm not really in on over Rendon. You could argue Suarez because the Reds offense is primed for a good year + one the league leaders in the HRs again. 200+ R/RBI with .270-.280 BA. That is more an argument for Suarez being underrated then Rendon being over-drafted though. Moncada appears to have tempting upside. I personally don't buy he will repeat his BA. Nor will his HR output be much different then Rendon's. Get the presumption of a 25 year old taking more steps forward though. While the other half (Arenado, Bregman, Ramirez, Devers) are being drafted before or right where he is.