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  1. he is definitely starting him self again this week and so am I.
  2. Going to sit him this week and see how they use him on his first game back.
  3. You can do a lot worse with all the players on BYE.
  4. He did, he caught 3 of them for 7 yards. Johnson has 5 targets. Caught 3 of them for 25 yards.
  5. Diontae Johnson. If Moncrief plays the way he has been then Johnson should get way more opportunity. He is a 3rd round pick with the exact same metrics as AB. Maybe not necessarily this coming week but soon. We all know Steelers know how to pick their WRs.
  6. Serious question. When was the last time shady played a full season healthy?
  7. Surprised this is not one the first page....anyway.......WTF HAPPENED!!!! how does the one team to do well this week goes against me? how can I have an undefeated season and then lose on the first week with Gurley, Mahomes, Kelce etc on my team. I'm vexxed son!!!
  8. No bye....this is a 16team keeper league. Best player available on waiver is Ian Thomas. lol
  9. lost Hunt to the stupidity and then Green to the injury. First overall team so you can imagine how confident I feel going into the playoffs.
  10. being it a home game makes me feel a bit more confident.
  11. So which video is worse Joe Mixons or Hunts?
  12. bro please don't come here and spread negativity, we don't need that...specially today. This man is not a normal human being and we didn't hype this man up for 266 pages just to not feel great about him starting rest of the way and after a week of rest.