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  1. Jose Fernandez Giancarlo Stanton Miguel Cabrera Hanley Ramirez
  2. Giancarlo Stanton just sprained his wrist washing his hands
  3. I was head of the Jordany Valdespin bandwagon
  4. I met Jay Buhner and his mom in line at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disney
  5. TREVOR STORYSS, COLORADO ROCKIES Rockies signed SS Trevor Story to a two-year, $27.5 million contract. The deal, which was agreed upon last week, buys out Story's final two seasons of arbitration eligibility, but does not extend his stay in Colorado -- he's still set to hit free agency following the 2021 season. The dynamic shortstop is coming off of a phenomenal 2019 season where he slashed .294/.363/.554 with 35 homers, 85 homers and 23 stolen bases. Was this 35 HR in the first half, 85 in the second half?
  6. Not an M's fan, but when Edgar drove home Griffey in the ALDS to beat the Yanks
  7. Is it bad that the first thing I thought of after hearing this story was to check Kela and RichRod’s usage the last 15 days?
  8. This thread reminds me why I never play head to head leagues
  9. You must’ve done great in your creative writing class
  10. That’s quite the lineup Detroit put out there today
  11. I traded away Pete Alonso for Taillon early in the season and I can’t take it anymore