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  1. The Chargers need their two best OL - Bulaga and Turner - back in the lineup but those two mopes have been out for several weeks. I see Bulaga was a LP the last two days so he has a shot to play, but Turner is trending out again with two DNPs. With either back in the lineup I’d feel a lot better about J-Jax.
  2. From the other side of the coin, I’ve been trying to package him in a trade and no one wants any part of him.
  3. Sucks ARI is on bye right when it becomes Edmonds SZN. I need this baw in my lineup now!
  4. Agreed. Seemed like a fairly innocuous ISO play for a few yards.
  5. X-rays wouldn’t reflect an Achilles tear. That is confirmed on MRI, which will tell the story here on Drake.
  6. I did not. Was following online and it seemed like every time he threw his way it was incomplete. But am I supposed to feel better about his prospects with Mike Glennon?
  7. Can’t even start this dude anymore. Today’s output in a shootout was horrid. Not sure if it’s him, Minshew, or a combo of both, but he’s killing me. Boom or bust flex at this point and more so the latter.
  8. Starting them over PIT (@TEN) but still don’t feel great about it. Just banking on short week and at home vs a crappy opponent...
  9. Agreed - best hope to see him back this season is the Chargers rattling off some wins in the meantime.
  10. Been starting him almost weekly. If he doesn’t put up top 5-7 QB numbers vs ATL I’m done with him.
  11. Well, last night was a big disappointment. Put up his lowest point total of the season even with ARI blowing out DAL. They couldn’t even let him run the clock out at the end? Instead they had Drake in with less than 3 to go up 31-10 and he ripped off the long TD in trash time. Very frustrating usage.
  12. Yeh, Singletary is frustrating - little to no ability to create for himself, gets no goal line work, and Allen rarely checks it down to him. No easy points.
  13. I was listening to the bounce around coverage on Sirius in the first half. They cut into the JAX game just in time to hear Minshew take an endzone shot to Cole that was incomplete, but the analyst said Chark was wide open in the endzone, so much so that Minshew could have “lollipopped” the ball to him he said. Minshew just didn’t see him/look his way. Frustrating.