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  1. Damn, I'm 62 and jog faster than that
  2. Paul Sporer of FG has him listed @ 26 in his Top 125 SPs
  3. we're doing a 15 teamer slow draft on Fantrax were he's a UT only and Yordan went 27th. We do have 2 UT slots in our starting lineups.
  4. I'm not averse to jumping into the middle or end of a closer run if the guy I want it still on the board ... especially if closers I have ranked below him are being selected. I won't ever start the closer run as I never target the Top 5 via ADP
  5. and the Red Sox are on the verge of signing Kevin Pillar. hummmmmmmmmmm
  6. we have 30 man rosters plus 2 minor league spots and 5 DL spots. It gives setup RPs some value instead of them being irrelevant
  7. we have saves and holds as 2 separate cats in 6x6 leagues
  8. Red Sox appear to have regrets for trading for a SP turned RP with medical issue(s) and a mediocre OF with back issues
  9. so what ... when healthy he's medicore ... the Red Sox got taken'
  10. i love that everyone is down on Price ... give me
  11. I think you need to take off your rosey tinted glasses
  12. Dang it. Paxton is close to a DND for me due to his constant injuries and now this is one less SP for my opponents to draft.