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  1. his 1965 Topps All Star rookie card is 1 of my all time favorites:
  2. I still collect, primarily cards from the 1960s
  3. BS, they are the ones most likely to take the precautions
  4. I 100% agree that if the 2020 season is cancelled then a league draft for 2021 should be set the same as the 2020 draft.
  5. use FAAB with a max budget for all teams
  6. a decent comp might be prime Roberto Alomar (BAL & CLV years)
  7. This changes everything. Draft Florida pitchers and Arizona hitters: Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that Major League Baseball is considering doing away with the American and National Leagues for the 2020 season. It's just one of several scenarios that the league and the players' association is discussing. The idea would be to split the 30 teams between Arizona and Florida based on the geography of their spring training sites, constructing realigned Cactus League and Grapefruit League divisions during what would be an abbreviated season. Nightengale says that the designated hitter "would likely be universally implemented" under this scenario and that two more Wild Card teams could be added or they could possibly have a postseason tournament with all 30 teams. Like the proposed "Arizona Plan," this is just one idea that's being kicked around, as it doesn't appear anything is close to being decided.
  8. in a NFBC league draft back at the end of February I drafter Chavis @ #245 to be my starting MI. I was able to select Peraza @ #446 hoping he van get me some bags when he plays. Was also able to snag Moreland @ #506 so hopefully I have whoever Boston starts on the right side of their IF.
  9. check this website for projections for each state. There's a drop down where you can pick the state. I checked my state (PA) and it's projected peak is April 11th. On May 1 they project needing 114 ICU beds (out of 1,043 available) and they project zero deaths due to COVID-19 to start on May 13th. NY has the most cases by far. There peak is projected to be April 8th. On May 1 they project to need 231 ICU beds out of 718 available and they project zero deaths to start on May 8th. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  10. I'm envisioning a fortress with a moat and a drawbridge. We need a moat!
  11. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that Major League Baseball is considering opening the season in empty spring training parks -- with no fans and all players quarantined. The plan would have all teams stationed in one centralized location -- likely Arizona. Rosenthal notes, "The logistics of quarantining 30 teams in one area would be extremely complex and potentially controversial... requiring local, state and federal government cooperation and resources that might be necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic." The major logistical concern though, "To play under quarantine, the sport would need to protect the health not only of players and other club personnel, but also umpires and those producing the television broadcasts, plus hotel workers, bus drivers and anyone else involved with the players and games". It's encouraging to hear that MLB is exploring all possible options to begin the season as soon as possible and to fit in as many games as possible during the 2020 season, but there are going to be many major hurdles that they'll need to overcome first to guarantee the health and safety of all involved. SOURCE: The Athletic Apr 4, 2020, 9:53 AM ET
  12. I have Fantrax on my android phone. google "download fantrax app for android"
  13. https://www.wtae.com/article/upmc-to-discuss-potential-covid-19-vaccine-on-thursday/32014437
  14. a pitcher could tie this record while only pitching to 10 batters. i.e. he could be brought in to face Tatis Jr with the bases loaded and proceed to cough up a Grand Slam. 9 batters later he's still on the mound and has reloaded the bases bringing Tatis Jr up again and he proceeds to allow GS2. Faced a total of 10 batters.