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  1. Not necessarily. This could be the opportunity to push the whole season to start later, not just this once, but from now on. The new season opener could happen on Dec 1, for example. That said, it seems super-unlikely we will get more regular season games, even with a later start of next season. There just aren't enough days in the calendar. We could easily be in this current alert state for 2 months.
  2. They would have to be top 20 in fantasy for multiple years to qualify, imho. Chris Webber (should be in the real HOF also) AK-47 Marion (huge, #1-3 overall) Peja Brad Miller Jermaine O'Neal Agent Zero (loved this guy) Rasheed Wallace (one of the game-changing stretch 4, ball don't lie) Amar'e On the bubble: Crash Chauncey Billups Sam-I-Am Starbury Stevie Franchise KJ
  3. Josh Lloyd, the fantasy guru, advocated today that it's not fair to refund everyone's money, since there are teams which were out of the playoffs already, with no chance to win. His idea is that all playoff teams split the pots. Even that is a bit too egalitarian for my taste, since I was planning to win the whole thing.
  4. Silly season is upon us. He looks good out there, and Fournier is down "for an extended period of time," according to Clifford. MCW has put in decent lines for the last 4 games, with nice steals, 3pm and points.
  5. In his defense, RoCo was smothering him tonight.
  6. Good so far. I have a feeling he will play more than 20 minutes tonight.
  7. Lakers have to work very hard to score each basket with this team. When it is AD and the shorties, there is no movement. When it is LBJ, he is the only one driving, and everyone is standing. They end up with an 8-foot iso for AD way too often. I thought Caruso put in a good 6 minutes in the half. The only times I have seen the Lakers play decently against the Clippers is when they have 2 bigs, and use their height advantage to get all the boards.
  8. I have a feeling Zion will never be on my team. He is an extreme example of a category of player that is about FG%, points, and that's about it. He gets less rebs than most bigs, hurts FT% to the point that it has to be punted, and low stocks. His height prevents him from blocking shots at the NBA level. He is ranked #95 in 8-cat, and I would not draft him higher than 60. So I'm sure I will never get him. He is a force of nature, to be sure. And I love to watch him. But this is business.
  9. He was a solid contributor to my team for a good month at the start of this season. And Phoenix was playing surprisingly good ball. Anyone know why the main Rotoworld site has no blurb about him? Maybe they're debating what to make if it. Sunday is a packed day, making it tough to stream. And the game after that is on the 10th. Odds are Ayton will be back by then. Right?
  10. Tonight reminded me it's a game of gladiators. Did you see Lee's face at the end of the game? He got great offense tonight, but also gave up 37 points to Norm Powell. And missed two key free throws at the end. Undrafted, on a 2-way contract that got converted. Lee is playing for his NBA life. At least they won't play the Raptors every night.
  11. What did I tell ya? He is useful on both starting and bench teams. Lee will eat. And he is doing this against Toronto's swarming perimeter defense.
  12. So Lee started, and has played even after Curry went out. Lee is doing a lot of handling with the 2nd team too. I'm here to say the pundits are wrong, and Lee will thrive with Curry around. More open looks, and more steady minutes since the rotation will be more set. He will channel Klay.
  13. I don't roster him, but it's good to see him back. Good for the league.