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  1. I have to say, I just watched Boylen out-coach Pop. So the world has surely turned upside down. That said, Poeltl looked great, except for the FTs.
  2. Maximum Derrick just ALMOST won the game for them. I'm done. Dropped Dejaunte for Delon Wright.
  3. WCS sucks at basketball. Dropped Dejaunte for Delon.
  4. I grew up a Magic fan. I was crushed when Magic announced he had AIDS. A death sentence. Magic is alive, and Kobe is dead. Damn, I feel old.
  5. I feel like I've known him personally since he was a high schooler. Watched him grow up, watched him fail and succeed. It's beyond words.
  6. I'm very pleased with tonight's performance. Looks like Zion's arrival will add 2-3 easy assists for my man Lonzo. It's going to be less about assists to Zion for the 3p shot and more about rolls to the basket. Zion's spin in the paint for a lob was SOOO good, and few PGs can make that pass as well as Lonzo. Arrow continues to point up.
  7. All true. Funny thing is I was all set to stream Maxi, and would have been streaming him tonight, if Culver hadn't dropped to the wire. So I grabbed Culver, dropping Maxi, and now Maxi is being streamed by another lucky fella. It's like musical chairs. I agree that Maxi is not as good with the Unicorn as he was in the Unicorn's role. You made me feel better about the drop. So thank you.
  8. I hear you. I never root for injuries. Bad karma. But if one just happened, then I don't mind profiting from it.
  9. Yes, it's about fit. Dallas loves rimrunners. Lob city bigs are washed and locked up. Drummond would fit like a glove. For once, a Drummond rumor that would make actual basketball sense. Imagine the p/r with Luka. Also, apparently Woj has already been talking about this. https://www.si.com/nba/mavericks/news/woj-mavs-want-to-trade-for-big-physical-presence-but-whats-the-bait Lesson: Dallas always wants a rimrunner.
  10. For those holding him, you should know that after tonight's injury news, there's at least one new bidder for Drummond's services:
  11. Look for the Mavs to be heavily involved in the trade market for a Center. I think the odds of Drummond to Dallas just went up, by a lot.
  12. Anyone think Millsap's knee may be chronic? I've had Grant for the last few tasty games. Not in any rush to drop him.
  13. I've watched a lot of Pelicans this season. I think Favors will lose usage and minutes. There is no data that both Zion and Favors can share the court. Neither spaces the floor. Both clog the lane. Zion is a fantastic roll guy to the basket. So I see a ton of P/R with Zion/Ingram, Zion/Ball, and maybe Jrue when he gets back. Favors going down to 20 min. At least 10 minutes with Zion at the 5, and Ingram at the 4. They can also play Jaxson Hayes at 5, with Zion at 4, but again, neither of those guys has a jumper. That's just the pure basketball logic. Then there is Favors' injury situation. Then on top of it all is the Pelicans' playoff status. This could be a great situation if the Pels go on a run and get into contention.