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  1. I hear you. The problem is, Noel has earned minutes wherever he has gone. They have a similar skillset. No shot, length for miles. Add in Knick foolishness and desire to win games, and who knows what can happen. It adds risk.
  2. Schroeder/Caruso KCP/Wes/THT Lebron/Kuz/Wes AD/Markieff/Kuz Harrell/Gasol/Markieff They might switch Gasol for Harrell if they can get Harrell to understand he will get the majority of the minutes at the position even if he is not starting. They will stagger minutes so one of Schroeder/Lebron is on the court at all times. They will also stagger so that Schroeder/Harrell can play a lot of pick and roll. When they go small, Wes is at 3. They can also play Kieff at the 5. Stacked team. The only variable is how THT pans out. If he can be legit, he may displace Wes for backup SG minutes. Then Wes becomes solely a backup SF. It's not a great picking grounds for fantasy, since there are no breakouts to expect on this very stable team.
  3. That was genius level spin, before I saw the handle. Well done. Meanwhile Miles Bridges on track to fantasy irrelevance.
  4. Mitchell Robinson now has to contend with Noel. Dumb Knicks. Melo should not start. RoCo should start at PF. IF Melo starts, it will be only ceremonial. Meaning his numbers should decline. Draymond may be washed. He would have to prove it for me to draft him. I can see Lauri bouncing back. Will be looking at camp/preseason signals closely to see how they play him. Obviously, KD, Hayward, Zinger if he can play, JJJ if he can return in January.
  5. Too much offense. No defense. From a fantasy perspective, you have to discount all these guys now as their usage will fall. From a basketball perspective, they will be fun, but the sum may be worse than their parts. Gallo, for example, is a pure shooter, but can't play 3 anymore, and putting him on the court with Collins they will have serious defensive problems. Bogey is great, but now there is a timeshare brewing with Huerter, not to mention the other decent 2/3 players they roster. The only Hawk player whose numbers won't go down is Trae.
  6. This. He did those numbers on a Detroit team which barely had an NBA level roster. I mean, just for kicks, here were the other starters in their last game: Snell Maker Brandon Knight Svi Mykhailiuk These guys are not world-beaters. I love Christian Wood, and I rostered him last season. If Harden and Westy stay with Houston, Wood's usage would be non-existent. He would have a tough time even keeping up with the guards. Wood is a half-court big. His game does not mesh with those guards AT ALL.