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  1. Hi Patrick, I responded to your email, but I see here that you would like to join. Are you wanting an invite now, regardless of the waivers?
  2. This spot has not been filled yet. The poll to eliminate the Kicker from our starting lineup is currently in-progress.
  3. Hi rg2502, Thanks for asking. The live (online) draft is Sun, Aug 25 at 7:00 PM.
  4. Our established 15+ year league needs a replacement owner this year. It is a 12 team re-draft league with 15-man rosters, hosted on ESPN.. Our current starting lineup consists of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def. (Our draft order has not been set yet and we will be voting to eliminate the K position after we fill the empty position.) Entry fee is $50. Payment needs to be sent via PayPal upon joining the league. (I will provide the PayPal address upon joining) Contact me at if interested in joining. 4pt TD pass .05pt per 1 yrd pass 6pt rush/rec. TD .1pt per yrd rush/rec 1pt per reception League Entry Fee & Prizes Entry Fee $ 50.00 (The entire entry fee is paid out in league prizes. I take nothing.) $50 entry fee x 12 teams = $600 CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET: $400 - To the Super Bowl Winner $50 - To the Super Bowl Runner-Up $50 (3) - To each division winner
  5. I'd go with Mixon. Knowing the way NE does RBs, you can't really know if Michel will be useable every week..
  6. This is a very good deal for you.
  7. With all those weapons in KC, Hunt will disappoint you. Thompson will be better in PPR. And Diggs is much better than Sanders. So pass on this trade.
  8. Michel. Detroit has a terrible run D. (terrible, as in ranked 32)
  9. Which 1 of these 3 should I FLEX? Duke Johnson vs NYJ Michael Crabtree vs Denver Devante Parker (if he is active) vs Oakland I also have Austin Ekeler @ Rams, and I'm starting Gordon