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  1. extremely. why i usually never draft in H2h but figured with a shorter season..........nope. at least he's been aggressive stealing.
  2. Lol. Yes, good restaurants, lovely climate, ocean-living, plenty of universities that keep the community young and diverse, and keep the healthcare industry bustling. And then obviously the naval base makes it a constant hub of activity. Not sure what other towns Mike was checking out (Charleston, SC has many similar characteristics but on the complete other side of the country) but you're 100% right that Mike's quality of life is on the upswing! Great choice Mike!
  3. Showing us something this series. Not swinging at absolutely everything and drawing walks.
  4. .132BA .406OPS Is it too early to say something? Yanks dropped him to 6th in the order so they didn't think it was too early to do something... Did not see this coming. Brandon Lowe off waivers has been starting since last week.
  5. ok so in a 60 game season we have to seriously consider alternatives...game 20?
  6. Hellooowe! Digging this dude at or near the top of TB lineup. Starting him over Benintendi for the foreseeable future.
  7. Batting second + in that lineup + his OBP (last 3 years, .410-ish) = ?????? Consistency & durability are nice traits this year...
  8. Oof. Thought Giovanny Gallegos was a sneaky pickup. Anyone more familiar with STL who might know if this is only temporary because Gallegos didn't join team til Sunday (team citied those covid 'undisclosed' reasons)?
  9. Me too. He might be Grandal-lite, it's been mentioned a few times since December he'll probably see ABs at DH and 1B to protect his arm a bit.
  10. Yes. Aiming for this guy at 1B in each one/kind of my leagues this year.
  11. In this case, even tho I’m sitting him, I’d go Edelman. Only guy that should confidently get over 6 targets, even unhealthy. here’s me:
  12. I’d go Boone and Connor too. Mostert is great but concerns about game flow touches (unfortunately) here’s me, Same sitch
  13. Tough but I’d go with KC (unless Denver is on the WW) here’s me:
  14. Agree with no Woods unless you need home run upside. Gotta go with volume in ppr here’s me: