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  1. I'd say the top pick is Rams over Cincy. I also like Detroit over the Giants.
  2. Lately? This is only the second time this season he hasn’t put up 20+ points and he’s currently the 5th ranked QB fantasy wise. Not sure there’s much to complain about there.
  3. His 2017 season with the Dodgers was elite. While that is only one season, it's not like he had an awful year in 2018. Early July is only two weeks away. So now would be a perfect time to stash in my opinion, obviously dependent on league size and number of DL spots. I don't think anyone is expecting him to repeat 2017 but I'll take a chance on him based on the upside alone.
  4. Now may be the time to stash this guy for anyone who believes he can help their team in the second half.
  5. Trubisky has 164.16 points in my league compared to Hunt's 155.40, but that's honestly irrelevant because Hunt is a perennial first rounder and you wouldn't even come close to touching Mitch in the first round. Points scored are generally compared to the replacement level at that specific position, which is why RB's are drafted so highlight, due to position scarcity.
  6. I say no and it's not even close for me. Ideally DJ will bounce which case you'd regret this trade. Also, who knows how long Leo's hammy will linger. DJ is the more talented, healthier back. The only way I would consider it is if you were also getting a WR2 or better in return as well.
  7. He's RB needy, so he may go for this and I would still say that you come out on top here. I just traded Allen and Powell for DJ if that helps.
  8. Dallas radio is saying he’ll bat in the 2 hole tonight FYI. EDIT: oops, just saw the post above me.
  9. As did Bartolo Colon, aka big sexy.
  10. You do know that no WR has ever been an MVP in the NFL right?
  11. This exactly. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
  12. I'm sure this difference lends some credence to the differences in the perception of PEDs in baseball compared to other sports. However, I think the main contributor to the perception is that baseball at one point was known to have a widespread culture of PED use, whereas there has never been any confirmation of that same widespread culture in any of the other 3 main sports. To second that, baseball is all a numbers game and each player's numbers tend to remain somewhat consistent year to year (pending injury). When you compare that to say, football, each player's statistics don't necessarily remain as consistent on a year to year basis because of the nature of game and how players are more dependent on their teammates to some extent.
  13. First off, I'm not saying that I believe Thames is on roids, because I don't (and hope not because I do own one share). I 100% agree with you Slaty that this is exactly how steroids would help fringe players - Melky Cabrera in his All Star game MVP season anyone? Not only does it improve bat speed, but you will hear a number of players say that it can simply just skyrocket your confidence at the plate which can be a huge contributor to a players success. Sorry to go a little off topic here but just thought I'd add this this conversation.
  14. What would you value him at in a reasonable trade right now? As in, what player(s) would you think an owner would accept a trade for?