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  1. That is a great point and I 100% agree with you but I really doubt that moving it a couple weeks (if necessary) would really have that much impact on the host city. As you said, they've already known for a while now they were going to host, so if you know the date is pushed by 2-4 weeks with at least a 3-4 month notice, I don't see that as having a negative affect.
  2. I won’t disagree with you in this regard as that depends on the type of league you’re playing in. I personally prefer to play in a more competitive league where research, time and grind pay off more often than not. Luck is a part of fantasy no matter what type of league you play in, so most would say that is irrelevant. To each their own though, so nothing wrong with disagreeing in that aspect. I apologize if I derailed the thread. Best of luck!
  3. I’m not saying it’s impossible because it absolutely isn’t. That argument is different though because you are comparing a 3rd year player to two rookies (or first year starters) in your scenario. RG3 was gods gift to earth after his first season and look where he is now. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Allen is a stud but his situation is nowhere near the 3 QBs that I listed above. If you put him on one of those teams then maybe it’s a different conversation but the talent is no where near what those other players have.
  4. You like waiver priority over FAAB because FAAB takes “more time, more research, and more grind?” Legitimate question because I don’t understand...isn’t that what separates great fantasy managers from average fantasy managers? I didn’t get to watch much of Davis but I’d be willing to take chance on him depending on my RB depth. However, I wouldn’t blow a ton of FAAB or a #1 waiver on him if I had decent RB depth. If I owned CMC then that might change my thoughts on that though.
  5. Should probably add that I fully believe in Allen’s talent this year and moving forward but QB1 is a pipe dream in my opinion. Top 5? Sure. But no way this guy is ahead of Wilson, Mahomes or Jackson. However, the value where you drafted him is likely better than those three guys. Hell, Cam was a LATE round pick in most leagues and look what that guy is going. It’s only been two weeks but the return on investment for Allen this year is looking extremely promising, especially with that high floor/high ceiling.
  6. 100% agree with you on the guy’s takes. Noticed a few of those takes went missing in the Fournette thread after he blew up this week. Not sure if how that’s even possible but some of the posts of his I was previously quoting have now mysteriously vanished.
  7. That makes way more sense lol. Sorry for misunderstanding. i honestly don’t think JJ would even be worth giving up much for as a handcuff to begin with though. If Kelley goes down, then I would imagine Ekeler would be featured more with a little JJ sprinkled in.
  8. This makes zero sense. In what world would JJ take over as the #2 with Kelley/Ekeler doing what they’re doing?? I would trade you JJ for Kelley in a heartbeat and then come to this forum and brag about it afterwards.
  9. This has to be one of the biggest exaggerations I've ever seen on these forums. We get it bud, you don't like Fournette. It's only been one week. He's worth a hold for 2 more weeks minimum in my mind just to see how things shake out.
  10. I'd say the top pick is Rams over Cincy. I also like Detroit over the Giants.
  11. Lately? This is only the second time this season he hasn’t put up 20+ points and he’s currently the 5th ranked QB fantasy wise. Not sure there’s much to complain about there.
  12. His 2017 season with the Dodgers was elite. While that is only one season, it's not like he had an awful year in 2018. Early July is only two weeks away. So now would be a perfect time to stash in my opinion, obviously dependent on league size and number of DL spots. I don't think anyone is expecting him to repeat 2017 but I'll take a chance on him based on the upside alone.
  13. Now may be the time to stash this guy for anyone who believes he can help their team in the second half.
  14. Trubisky has 164.16 points in my league compared to Hunt's 155.40, but that's honestly irrelevant because Hunt is a perennial first rounder and you wouldn't even come close to touching Mitch in the first round. Points scored are generally compared to the replacement level at that specific position, which is why RB's are drafted so highlight, due to position scarcity.