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  1. I'm in a league where you own both but only counts as one. Last year the team just doesn't own the pitcher and he stays on the wire where no one can touch him. Not hard. Plain and simple, no part of him should be on the IL. He is one player not 2 and is not on the MLB IL.
  2. I know its bad enough I have to have teams with placeholder players in order to have Ohtani and Mckay as 1 player, now this.
  3. So they are just making up designations as they go? If he isn't on the official IL he shouldnt be on Yahoos. No exceptions. Now I have a team with a free player on his team.
  4. Money from who? MLB? NBA prints money they don't need it. NHL might take it but they are already talking playoffs so who knows.
  5. I think if they dont want to disrupt the 20-21 season too much basketball and hockey will have to start in July or Aug. Imo I dont think the world stops again if there is a 2nd wave, but I could be wrong.
  6. Boras said it best. "Don't privatize the gains and socialize the losses."
  7. I think wearing a mask works if you are wearing it once then either throwing it out or washing it, if it is in fact washable. I am skeptical that most people are doing this.
  8. Couldn't agree more. I just hope the greed doesn't turn too ugly. Its been a rough year for a lot of people. A little baseball can go a long way in taking our minds off this for a few hours a day. If they get CDC clearance and ample testing and we still don't get baseball because of differences in compensation it will be a black eye on the sport that really can't afford it.
  9. Well, it is profit sharing not losses sharing so if there are no profits.....
  10. Yeah this is basically how they all go. I could see some sort of deferred payment plan for for the prorated salaries which Joel Sherman suggested today. I could also see them making the DH permanent after this year which the players assoc. has wanted for years.
  11. I'm with ya. I get the flu shot only so I dont give to my daughter. I never used to get it and never got the flu. Also the flu vaccines that they are administering are years behind the newest strains. Hopefully the COVID vaccine gets pushed out asap for the sake of the most vulnerable, but I won't be the guinea pig.
  12. If this is the case then why dont we lockdown during flu season where 50k people die in the U.S. every year and where we are behind on an up to date vaccine. Those people are expendable? 60% of the new hospitalizations in NYC were people that were on "lockdown." That's not good. Everyone is going to get this virus whether you believe that or not. Lockdown is to slow the spread not prevent the spread.
  13. What is waiting one more week going to do if getting the virus is inevitable. The lockdown is to help hospitals not to save every life possible.