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  1. I feel that retaliation and fear of retaliation has its place in both baseball and hockey. Cant have guys throwing 100 mph feeling free to plunk someone without a fear of one of their players getting hit as well. Same in hockey, the game is way too physical and players should have to think twice about taking runs at or leaving sticks high. Penalties/misconducts not enough of an enforcement. Fear of retaliation polices this somewhat and has forever. And for the record the fighting has subsided considerably in the NHL do to it being a little less physical(more speed and skill) and teams just cant carry a one dimensional goon anymore. But I still think it needs to be there in some capacity.
  2. So BBT you think fighting should be banned in hockey?
  3. Like when Piazza had to have a presser to announce that he was not gay.
  4. Sad they cant give an update before the game starts.
  5. There is a fine line in telling teams how to manage their teams and what value a player has. 20 years and I think I vetoed 1 trade that involved 2 idiots trying to be funny. But having set parameters for these dump trades will decrease the chances of teams doing the so called offload just because they can and those players don't have big value anymore.
  6. We have that in place already, also for 2nd to last place. Both pay more.
  7. After 3rd year of contract they become Restricted free Agents. They are thrown back into the player pool for next year's auction. If you decide to protect a player you can do so(counts as 1 of your 12 keepers), but will not be able to bid on them, but at end of bidding you have option bid one more dollar than highest bid and keep him for new contract at the auction +1 price or let highest bid take him. As for trade deadline, we moved it up to same as MLB trade deadline and it kinda deadened the league after that. Right now we usually have it mid-August.
  8. Wondering if anyone has any good league rules to combat/limit late season dump trades in auction keeper league? In season salary cap would work but would be burdensome to keep track/enforce since we are using Yahoo. Looking to limit teams from just trading away multiple high priced star players that cannot be kept the next year for cheap value players. Not trying to do away with it, just trying see if anyone had any good rules to limit the amount of players going to a team. It has gotten a little out of hand the last few years as teams out of the race just dont care about the non-keepers they will include a lot for any low priced keepers.
  9. Anyone have inside info if Yahoo is finally gonna have 2 way players as 1 player?
  10. They wouldnt be doing that straight in production rather a test environment, but it is Yahoo so you never know.