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  1. Obviously AB is bad for Scoots, but he’s put up 4/6 good games basically 6/109/1 yesterday on 9 targets
  2. Droppable if in a league with no IR? We're now probably looking like 3-4 MAYBE?
  3. Insanely underwhelming, especially for a guy who’s still getting like 7-7-8-10 targets
  4. NFL is shutting down the Patriots’ facility this morning, marking the third shutdown there in 10 days, sources tell me and @FieldYates. Patriots are testing this morning and awaiting further direction from the NFL. But the status of Monday night’s game vs. Denver is in question. - Schefty 👀😬
  5. His 4 game total is like 1 good Kittle game...
  6. Herndon is like the Greg Bird of the NFL I don’t get it, maybe he’s just bad at football
  7. Was gonna say, could be a "decent" 3K draftkings punt, but he's not in the player pool
  8. How are coaches so dumb that they decided, “Ya, Tyrod is our best option over Herbert”
  9. That's upsetting for my 17th overall pick
  10. I haven’t really been keeping up, but do we not care about Justin Watson?