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  1. Perhaps this is a dumb/naive comment, but when he says this... What is he doing now? Isn't he not able to do anything currently besides grocery stores/exercise? Wouldn't this be better in a way, more to do? I guess you're away from wife and kids, I understand that, but
  2. I've heard him brought up on every podcast I listen to as a sleeper, if he can get his control in order... That he has top 20 SP potential. I'll hopefully be grabbing him for $1-2
  3. 3rd and 1 and they take Zeke off the field for a gimmicky Pollard play??? Who fumbled
  4. How exactly are there not 32 very very good kickers in the world? All the colleges, high schools, soccer players etc
  5. Remember way way back in 2018 when Kamara played football?
  6. Vinatieri's missed PAT costs them a shot at a game tying FG... He's literally cost them like 3 games now?
  7. You'd be shocked at what I'd accept if someone tried to "buy low"
  8. The Titans offense is so unwatchable, they’re a god damn joke
  9. Another Win for those in those leagues. As a Cardinal fan I'm still not convinced this isn't smoke and mirrors His FIP is still almost 5, his BB/9 is 4+ and his K/9 is only 7 1.4 WHIP Kind of Kent Bottenfield-ish
  10. Wong has secretly(?) been on fire since like July... 363/439/529 (968) He’s going to end the year with like 60 Runs, 12 HR, 20+ SB hitting .280s
  11. I joined, paid on leaguesafe... And when I go to the homepage it says I'm not in the league and my team was deleted? Am I missing something?