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  1. I'd take it. One basic rule I try to manage by is, take hitters over pitchers. Tatis is sensational, and he's low priced, and you're giving guys you can't keep anyway (and candidly, you might be able to get 80% of Puig on the WW this year). Go for it!
  2. 16 team, keep 14, points league. Team 1 is in full rebuild and gets Kristian Robinson, Nomar Mazara, Danny Santana Team 2 is the highest scoring team in the league and gets George Springer and Whit Merrifield Will help in return
  3. This is a close one. I typically want to be getting the best player in the deal, and I think in this case it is Stanton. On the other hand, I don't know if he's the best player by such a wide margin that it's worth giving up those two players. I think it's smart to be targeting Stanton but this is more a "want" than a "need" for you. In fact, the trade will create a "need" at SS. I probably would not pursue this exact deal.
  4. Nola + Segura for Bauer? Yeah, that'd be fair, but I don't know if Bauer's owner would accept it. I suppose it depends on how long Story is supposed to be out. For Corbin or Boyd, I'd offer anyone but Nola or Castillo. Heaney might be too expensive too. Try Paddack. Lots of buzz around him, could be still win a "sell high" window there. ROS is gonna be very up and down for him, both as a rookie in general and for his innings cap in particular. Good luck.
  5. My first rule of thumb is to ask "who's getting the best player in the deal?" and that's obviously the team receiving Haniger. Next, since it's dynasty, I look at age and upside. Haniger is 28 and La Stella is 30 (I would have guessed younger than that). Not a ton of upside left on La Stella nor any real track record at this level of production. Strahm is the X factor and is a fine back-end starter for most deep leagues. But as far as upside, I don't remember him being a highly-regarded prospect, I take Haniger.
  6. 16-team points league, each team starts 6 SP, can keep 14 players year-to-year with no caps (can keep a player forever if you want). Team 1 is sending Eloy. Stacked OF (Yelich, Acuna, Yordan Alvarez). Pitching is very thin (Verlander, then next best is Kyle Gibson). Team 2 is sending Soroka. Stacked SPs but getting older (Corbin, Ryu, Minor, Marquez). Best rotation in the league by points. This should be an automatic accept for Team 2, right? The concerns are lack of SP depth for team 2 (no viable replacement off the bench) and Eloy turning into Soler 2.0. Thoughts? WHIR.
  7. Can't help but feel this was done to break up Greinke's outing. The cell is tiny and will be blown over before we know it. I've seen teams play through much worse.
  8. Castillo threw a front-door two-seamer on Hosmer for strike three that looked like it moved 12 inches. Hosmer couldn't do anything but sheepishly smirk as he walked away. That was maybe the filthiest pitch I've seen this year so far. Can't wait to see the Pitching Ninja gif on that one. He was able to get a bunch of strikes on that pitch, but that last one to Hosmer was jaw-dropping. Guys, the breakout is real. Enjoy the ride.
  9. (Agree completely) Another thing to keep in mind is, teams do this to save money six years from now. As if they know what's going to happen next season, let alone six years from now. Sure, you could get hit with that extra third year of arbitration - but that would only really make a dent if the guy happens to turn out to be as good as you're hoping (in which case, boo hoo, poor owners). Meanwhile, you're retarding his professional development and gambling against any possible acceleration of whatever plan you ostensibly have in place. In other words, he might not be ready if or when you need him.
  10. Just got beaned on the first pitch of the game. Right on the elbow. Still on the ground in a lot of pain. We are officially at DEFCON 2. Clearly wasn't hand/wrist, so some small comfort there. UPDATE: standing at first base. Sorry for the panic. Acuna flipped his ankle pad right on the mound in front of Urena. Urena just tossed. Will this put the fire out?