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  1. Hey Bhemp, so did you decide whether or not you wanted to take over the available squad in my league?
  2. It's all done within yahoo. Nothing overly fancy, but does have a solid group who all for the most part have been together for the longevity of the league. If you are indeed interested just let me know and I'll send the invite to the email you listed.
  3. Nah, it's a free league that's been going on for close to 10 years now.
  4. Looking for an active manager to take over an unowned team in my 14 team, 2 player keeper, yahoo fantasy basketball league. I've been managing this roster to a small degree and setting the roster to keep it competitive, as it's record sits at 3-3 so far, but definitely needs someone to take full control of and assert itself in transactions and more attentive to the daily roster setting (I've been simply setting the active rosters for the following week on Sundays) The team definitely has a strong foundation to compete this year and beyond, including Ben Simmons, so the owner that takes over really will be in good position with this team. You can see the current roster below. So if you are interested, please just let me know. As I'm looking to get this team a rightful owner, it'll be first come first serve. Thanks.