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  1. Last minute decision for me = bench. I'm on this train SUPER late, I just know he's been a perennial bonehead in the past. I know the whole adjustments talk and what he's done in the past 20 IP, but I'll feel alot more comfy with this guy AFTER seeing him dust the braves off so I'm playing it safe here. Besides, if this is a real breakout then we'll get plenty more starts out of this guy. This coming from someone that really needs innings but ratios can't afford to be battered much.
  2. If Minter could actually pitch good I think he could overtake Jackson. From a redraft perspective I'm not really convinced this guy can pitch good. To me it seemed like a foregone conclusion that as long as ATL is in contention they will likely hunt for relief help. My money is on their second half closer being on a different team/free agency.
  3. My supervisor has the Kevin Cron smile, the guy is one the most untrustworthy people I've ever worked with. Anything you say he is liable to spin it and deliver it to someone else out of context. Don't trust Kevin, trust Yordan.
  4. Yeah, rockies are among the worst in the league on the road OR against righties. Rockies lefty bats vs RHPs are like 20th in wRC+. Deploying him confidently here. I'm expecting a gem from this guy today, I can live with the variance in this scenario in the event I'm wrong assuming he not dealing with some phantom injury.
  5. assuming standard 5 x 5...I think this is personal preference, leaning towards the hitters, but TBH, I would be really set on countering that offer with Bogaerts + x pitcher so it's a 3 for 2 deal. X obviously is a lower caliber pitcher than Sale and Snell. I just don't see the pt of having Lindor, Bogaerts, Seager, and Rodgers. Make him take one of those SS's back, that way you aint giving up 2 aces at once anyway. 1B is more of the position you want to fix anyway, you obviously don't even need Lindor fr fr.
  6. Was coming here just to say the same. I tried to convince myself but the brewers are a top 10 lefty hitting team and Eickhoff's splits this year still look bad against lefties. He still needs to show and prove against them.
  7. Yo that freeze frame of his delivery on that article doesn't even look real the way his legs areπŸ˜‚...that just gave me new context on how Kershaw's bad back inhibits him. There's no way in the world you can comfortably get into that kind of a position with a bad back lol. Can't believe I'm being sold on this guy again, but you never know when the breakout can happen so you just gotta be a glutton for fantasy punishment. I mean, inevitably he HAS to breakout one of these years right??? πŸ˜„
  8. I'm holding (in a league that counts walks), but this dude is getting murdered by lefties like never before this year. I just hope he's not playing through some low key nagging injury that he'll have to deal with the whole season...
  9. So basically if he happens to figure out lefties this year then you feel confident he's a certified ace?
  10. Alvarado/Castillo resting excuse don't work this time...
  11. I'm not seeing the incentive, and I'm drawing a blank for recent baseball case precedents. No mention of retiring or health issues that I recall either. I just don't see it. I'm more concerned about when he signs than will he sign. Ain't seen any recent news, and I get this feeling that most people just assuming that he's coming back to any team to close.
  12. it's not possible Kimbrel stays unsigned all year right?
  13. Just looking at the stat lines -- Miller probably ahead of Reyes after that
  14. I still disagree with the bolded because he's primarily deployed in scenarios RIPE for vulture wins. We can agree to disagree on that though. Unfortunately, that does tie into the idea that he doesn't have to be superb in those categories if the win rate is better than the typical starters. If he vultures more saves (which he's already done), that takes even more pressure off his win rate, which takes pressure off how elite we need him to be in the 3 categories he listed. I wouldn't bet on anyone being Miller elite, but I think Devenski will be great in the 3 categories you mentioned. Regardless I stand behind the prediction of him getting a save or win every 10-12 innings pitched. I have that same prediction out for Miller. Feel free to flame me here (anyone) or pm me and let me know when that doesn't happen at the end of the season, I will PM you when it does.
  15. I don't think there's really anything to see here; most signs still pretty much pt to this guy being more dominant than he was last year. There was a mention of him being potentially overused -- He pitched around 38 innings through the first 2 months last year (he's not projected to hit that this year in that same period)...I personally don't see it as much of a concern. Ironically he also had his worst month in May last year before he went on to dominate. I think this whole predicting wins thing whether reliever or starter gets overblown. Even if you want to say you can't predict wins, that doesn't mean people should just blow it off as if there is no info available to us to at least make an educated guess. When I picked up Devenski this year I mentally came to the conclusion that I thought he could get ~9-11 wins+saves. Believe it or not, that was actually one of the final deciding factors for me to pounce. If you look at Devenski's leverage index stats from last year to this year, its quickly clear to tell that he's being used in much higher leverage situations than last year. Generally speaking, he has one of the highest gmLI for relievers. If you ask me do I like a relievers chances of having a win rate that beats the league avg SP win rate if said reliever is: A) on a good offensive team, B ) has a fairly solid bullpen behind him to close it out C ) primarily comes in when the games is tied, 1-2 runs down/up, or when the starting pitcher couldn't go 5 innings (thus he can be the first pitcher eligible for a win) D) said reliever is DOMINANT, E.) Is at least in the convo of next in line for closer I will say YES, I like that relievers chances of having a win rate that beats league avg SP win rate....Is it really crazy to think a guy deployed under those circumstances can net a win/save on avg every ~10-12 innings? .Much of the same line of thinking applies to Andrew Miller in his current role and I pretty much used that rationale to build Andrew Miller's value on draft day. You don't have to agree, nor am I saying the outcome is a given. I just think we have enough info with a guy like him to say, IF WE CAN'T predict wins but WE HAD TO TRY, he def falls in the bucket of relievers I think are in the most favorable position for wins. If we feel confident in the k/9, ERA, and whip (and generally speaking you should with this guy), I see more than enough reason to have high hopes for solid win rate or wins+saves count based on IP.