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  1. You have to pick up Acuna, it's not a question. There will be a carousel of relief pitchers available all year, so I think that one of those guys is certainly replaceable. I wouldn't be so sure Leone gets the job over Gregerson and Bradley has to deal with Boxberger who has lots of experience too.
  2. In a H2H format, I'd keep Kershaw and Stanton. They can both win you weeks on their own, although you can't go wrong with any combination of those 4 guys.
  3. Picked up an orphan team and I need help on deciding my last keeper by tonight. I'm already keeping Judge, Freeman, Rizzo and Scherzer. 15 team H2H points Dozier 2nd Aaron Nola 7th Dee Gordon 17th David Dahl 18th Corey Knebel 22nd Alex Wood 22nd Thanks and will help in return!
  4. Keenum Allen, even though he's gimpy, he always gets the targets Kamara is the safest floor in a PPR, but Howard has the upside Carolina for me Thanks for the help on mine.
  5. I have Baldwin, and would rather start DT if I had the option. He consistently gets 6+ catches and is a far safer option.
  6. It's Duke and not even close for me.
  7. Engram all day for me. 5+ catches and 75+ yds is what I'm thinking.
  8. Thanks in advance for the help everyone, WHIR. 1/2 pt PPR need to bench 1 of these guys and I really need to win this week (who doesn't) Mixon Howard Martin Ivory I'm leaning toward benching Martin, but I can't pinpoint why.
  9. I need your email to send you the invite

  10. Hey what's up man? New to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

    1. One Man Wolfpack

      One Man Wolfpack

      Hey man, sorry to disappoint but not a GB fan, though I do like Aaron Rodgers. One Man Wolfpack is from the Hangover movie, and kind of an inside joke with me and my buddies. Either way - All Syracuse sports, Yankees, Giants and Rangers. Us NYers tend to have a local allegiance.