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  1. I think we're in the minority here but I'm feeling the same way. I mean, how excited would we be if they landed a guy like Taylor or Dobbins....guys that could be true 3 down RB's and a threat for double digit TD's? And threats to handle 20+ touches weekly? Maybe I'm old school but I'd have much rather had one of those guys if it were me drafting. I just have a really tough time getting confident with RB's that have about a 10-15 touch ceiling every week. Those guys just have to be ultra efficient with their touches. And what kind of TD upside will Edwards have? I can't see him getting pounded in the red zone. He's gonna have to bust longer TD's and that's not something I like betting on. Yeah, he'll be okay in PPR leagues and he'll clearly have more way more value in PPR leagues than standard leagues. I just have a feeling he won't be on many of my teams as I view him more of a RB3 type that I want on my bench as bye week filler and get the feeling many others will be treating him as a high end RB2. I'm just not buying it. Maybe I'm just gun shy after falling for the David Montgomery hype last year.
  2. True.... But I know I personally had paid very little attention to the flu and never thought it was a big deal because of what you mention. I started looking closer after this whole thing started. But these numbers from the US have reminded me that the flu is something to be taken much more seriously than maybe I've been led to believe. I mean, the worldwide corona cases so far are still nothing compared to the flu....And these are just US numbers.... It just boggles my mind that we don't hear more about the flu than we do. Yeah....We have a flu vaccine....And we STILL see these kinds of numbers....
  3. Good early rankings. I know I will struggle with Lamar next year. I mean, when I start looking at many late first or second round picks, I'm not sure I'll be able to pass on Lamar. He's just a huge difference maker and weekly advantage. I know it's a replaceable position and all....But I'm still gonna struggle. I think it's a little different than Mahomes because I really expected his TD rate was unsustainable and we knew regression was coming there. But with Lamar, he can still run like he did this year and he might be capable of running for 15 TD's while still throwing for 30+ TD's. And if they improve his WR corps....Look out. It's just going to be interesting. I really don't think Lamar will regress as much as Mahomes....Injury is the only thing that will derail him.
  4. Both of my money league champs had 2 of the 3....I had Lamar and Thomas in one and another team had Lamar and CMC in the other. No doubt next years pre-season rankings will have each of those guys #1 at their respective positions.
  5. Lamar Jackson. I just felt strongly he was can't miss and that if he could even be decent as a passer he'd have good value. Never would've imagined in 1,000 years he'd lead the NFL in TD passes. I mean, he almost could've had a shot to lead the NFL in both TD passes and rushing yardage if a few chips had fallen differently....That's unthinkable.
  6. Amazing how Locketts second half compared to his first. While I know he relied on unsustainable efficiency, I really believe that leg injury is what really derailed him and his usage. I'll probably be back on him next year as his finish will probably push him into value territory again. I mean, overall I feel like he exceeded his value this year for what I got him for even with the poor finish. Almost all WR's have bad games during a season, he just lumped his together.
  7. 14 teamer that starts 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR. Had easily my best draft in quite some time...We do an auction draft. Getting Lamar for $1 was clearly the steal of the draft. QB: Jackson (Stafford was my backup and grabbed Tannehill later.) RB: Zeke, Mixon (Drafted Kerryon Johnson but traded Tyler Boyd for Mixon after Kerryon injury and that worked out well. Zeke was drafted and steady all year). WR: M Thomas, Lockett, Diggs, Gallup (Thomas was drafted and obviously carried me. Lockett also drafted and helped get me going despite poor finish. Diggs was traded for early in season after his first couple bad games). Def: Had 3 main streamers this year that I used for stretches. Cowboys in first few weeks, 49ers for a chunk of the season and Ravens the last quarter of the season. Worked really well. Ended up setting the record for points scored in a season in our league that has ran for about 30 years and rolled through playoffs mostly with my big 3 of Lamar, Zeke and Thomas. Ultimately, got mostly lucky with no huge injuries and the Kerryon injury actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Also was really helped with my defensive choices week by week as the 49ers and Ravens put up great scores for me in the weeks I used them.
  8. Went with Diggs for the win! Thanks for the push in the right direction!
  9. Lol....I'd have thought that with Tyler Lockett too.... I wouldn't even be in this position if not for his stinker.
  10. Being a PPR league I'd lean Diggs I think.
  11. Probably Golladay for sure....He's a stud and imagine how much better his season would've been if Stafford had played all year. After that, it's tough to say. Hunt could be solid but it would depend if he leaves Cleveland and goes somewhere as the feature RB. I wouldn't use my keeper on him if he's back in Cleveland. I'd probably choose between Sutton or Chark for the second guy.
  12. I'd stick with the guy that has been a top 5 RB for most of the year in Jones over a 3rd string RB that we have very little idea about. Help:
  13. Agree. I'd like to see him play to just put that QB rushing record out of sight but it would be foolish for the Ravens to play him....Especially after what they just saw happen to Ingram. I'd proceed as though he isn't playing and even if he does play, it would probably only be a series or something.
  14. That is not looking great lol. I'd probably try Lazard from those and hope Rodgers could connect with him for a big play or two. My second choice would probably be Abdullah. Maybe Boone is completely ineffective and the Vikes fall behind and Abdullah sneaks in to a bunch of receptions or something. Help:
  15. I'd bench him. You've got it locked up, don't risk something crazy happening like 3 fumbles lost or taking a negative play of some sort. Help: