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  1. Probably not. Might be a decent 1 week play if Jones is inactive. No doubt he's talented though. And I think he's a way better runner than Jamal "Jag" Williams. Maybe he plays himself into a bigger role (which isn't saying much since he's had basically no role) but think he probably needs Jones out for an extended period to really get any value. Not a bad speculative add though as a bench guy to stash with some upside if chips ever fell right. And if I owned A Jones, also not a bad insurance pickup.
  2. I've got Brown in one league....i'll do that deal lol!
  3. Kind of an odd choice for a landing spot but get it.....Brady was signing his praises last year. Evans and Godwin seem to take turns visiting the trainers table so seems likely to me Brown finds a way to have some fantasy value once he gets on the field. Gonna be interesting to watch that's for sure! I've got to give the Bucs some props though....They've went out and tried making moves to put talent around Brady. They tried to juice up the running game with Fournette which the jury is still out on. The brought in Gronk. now AB. And they've beefed up that defense.
  4. Not looking great for Fulgham so far...Wentz never even looked his way on that first drive. Did appear Bradberry is mostly lining up on DJax though when Djax is in the game. Fair warning though....everybody I've started as my 3rd WR in my league this year has busted without fail. And Fulgham is there this week so likely a 1 for 13 game incoming.
  5. I absolutely hate owning this guy this year. He's been in my lineup every week except two.....and yes, it was the last 2 weeks. Fair warning to everybody....he'll be back in my lineup this week. Prepare for another 2 for 13 stat line.
  6. I'd agree with this. I picked him up this morning after nobody in my 14 teamer even put a claim in for him. Clearly, most are thinking he's a fluke and will go back to being a nobody as Philly receivers get healthy. I have no idea what happens but I did watch the game last week. And without knowing it, this guy looked like Julio Jones or something out there. We start 3 WR's in my league so it gets pretty deep. I already have Alshon stashed....figured I'd grab Fulgham too in hopes that one of them turns into something. Let's face it though...Philly is a dumpster fire at WR with injuries and uncertain futures all over the place. They could use somebody stable and reliable at the position.
  7. As a Cowboys fan, just makes me sick. Personally, I'm hoping they just lose every game the rest of the way to set themselves up for better picks in the next draft to try and fill their many holes. Sad thing is they can probably still win the NFC East with Dalton....but it's pointless as they aren't beating the better NFC teams in the playoffs. Let's face it....They're just not good. They've barely won in the last seconds against two winless teams. I actually think Dalton's performance is going to be a big indicator of what happens with Dak. If Dalton is able to come in and play well and the Cowboys win games, that doesn't do Prescott a lot of good in terms of negotiations. If they end up 5-11 or something though and look pretty bad, Dak clearly helps his cause while not even playing. It will be interesting to see how Dalton fares in the offense. But at the end of the day, Dak is still going to get paid by somebody.
  8. Patrick seems to be a guy that nobody is really talking about. Heck, he looked pretty good to me out there against the Jets. Granted, it was the Jets. But this dude has good size at 6'4 and who knows? I know that Fant and Jeudy aren't exactly stars at this point in their NFL careers. And even if Hamler is playing, he's a smaller guy and he's not really playing Patricks position either. As others have said, Patrick is in Sutton's spot. Whose to say Patrick can't have a decent season? If you ask me, he's one more good game away from being somebody that starts popping up on all the "experts" waiver adds.
  9. This is kind of where I'm at. Sure, he's hurt a lot. But on the flip side, basically when he's on the field he's been pretty decent. Definitely wouldn't bother with him in 10 team leagues but I've stashed him on my bench in my 14 teamer that starts 3 WR's as a guy who hopefully can at least be useful as bye weeks approach. There's little doubt that the Eagles need him with all their injuries and the opportunity should be there which is half the battle in fantasy.
  10. I'd rather have the Pats by a wide margin. As a 49ers owner, they've been very disappointing and are all kinds of banged up on defense. I'm planning to move on from them after this week and just start streaming as I don't like their schedule much at all and they're far from the set and forget defense they were last year. Defense is an absolute dumpster fire this year if you ask me. I'm not sure I feel very good about anybody. I keep trying to get my league to just eliminate kickers and defense and add 2 flex spots or something but haven't been successful.
  11. This was me. I took him in the 8th round of a 14 teamer and thought he was a steal. Sure looking like I was wrong at this point. I really want to drop him but the Texans are really devoid of talent at WR. And we know Fuller is just an injury waiting to happen. Cooks really is a guy that SHOULD be doing more and is probably that guy that people will drop and then he'll drop a 100 yard, 2 TD game or something. I really don't think it's lack of talent by Cooks as he's been a productive player in many different situations. It's just the Texans not scheming for him and Watson not caring to throwing him the ball. I don't know what I'll do with him but he surely won't be in my lineup until he gives me a reason to put him there.
  12. Watched a good portion of that game also and felt same as last poster. I thought Freeman looked decent. In reality though, I'm not sure he really brings much more to the table than Gallman. Maybe a little better between the tackle runner but Gallman looks quicker to my eyes. Cowboys are coming up though so all Giants skill players should have a chance to increase their value against their pee wee defense.
  13. This. Watching the game, Brown clearly outshined Akers and was the best RB on the field for the Rams. He's getting red zone carries and 3rd down work. Akers was basically just getting fairly meaningless work between the 20's. Does it change? Who knows. If Brown keeps playing like he did last night it won't change. Frankly, Brown looked really good. He ran with power, made good cuts and did well catching passes (although he did have one bad drop). My take away from last night is that Brown is the guy to own in that backfield right now, Akers is a bench stash and Henderson is worthless.
  14. I agree. The way I look at it is that the guys I seem to be choosing from in my drafts when I'm thinking about Gurley are Gurley, Conner and Carson. And all 3 of those guys have injury and durability questions. I keep finding myself taking Gurley. To me he looked peeved a lot last year that he wasn't in the game and I think he'll be playing with some fire this year back in Georgia. He may not have a long career but the dude is only 26. I think he's got one more big year in him this year.
  15. Maybe I'm a Cowboy's homer, but I don't feel the gap is all that large. I have the 2nd pick in my league and debating Saquon and Zeke. Personally, I feel like the improved QB situation and improved OL hurts Saquon a bit. I mean, his rookie season how many dump off's did he catch because Eli was afraid of getting hit and their OL was terrible? The answer is a ton. And their skill position players have largely been a mess the last 2 years with injuries. Don't get me wrong, he's good. But on the flip side, Zeke is a guy that is consistent as they come and durable. And he's in an offense that's going to move the ball and give him a lot of TD chances. I really think he could score 20 TD's this year. My debate basically is there enough of a gap where I want to find myself rooting for Saquon when the Giants play the Cowboys twice lol when there isn't a huge dropoff taking Zeke. Funny enough, I had the same decision last year as I picked first and CMC wasn't really in the discussion last year. I took Zeke over Saquon and everybody laughed at me. But I got the last laugh when I won the league after finishing first during the regular season by quite a margin.