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  1. meniscus surgery, out 2 -4. very disappointing
  2. How would you guys set the below lineup. Due to tyreek Hill and guice both going down I have a variety of options. Pick 1 WR, 1 Flex, 2 RB WR Mecole hardman Terry Mclaurin DK Metcalf RB Miles Sanders Malcolm Brown Adrian Peterson Justice Hill Thanks for your opinions, leave links!
  3. a quick google of 3 year old boxing would challenge your second assertion.
  4. Everyone knows number of rotoworld posts is a direct correlation to fantasy skill and football knowledge. Only a rookie wouldn't know that!
  5. bruh you clearly arent familiar with what an opinion is, i'd just let it die. the fact that some guy wrote an article that zeke likes it in dallas (noone is debating that) means hes going to accept less than we he wants. even in your blurb... "gordon is on a contract year and zeke is not" means that gordon has a greater risk of hurting his own value on a free agent contract if he doesnt play / only plays 6 (zeke can grow is value back next year). If you insist on following blind opinion of writers as fact and ignoring reality, thats on you. somehow I dont think everyone is wrong, and you're right
  6. As someone who also plays in keeper leagues, i actually found it insightful, it isn't very hard to translate the rounds (or maybe it is, i shouldn't assume). No need to be so cranky because people play in different leagues than you. The disparity in draft positions actually make quite clear sense if you understood that one of them has leverage, and the other doesn't. The value is related to the likeliness that zeke will get what he wants, but gordon wont. Whether that ends up being true or not, it clearly makes sense when evaluating value.
  7. Kicker outscored everyone except for D Hop, Mike Williams, and Damien Williams. I guess you dont like points. "You play to win the game"
  8. I snagged him for the keep away factor, and in case anyone is wondering I am still rolling out Jordan Howard over him. Personally, I would never forgive myself if I lost because of Marcus Murphy
  9. 22 Points from a kicker in week 15 and there isnt even a thread on this guy?! Single handedly keeping me in it against D Hop's big game. Such a luxury to have the best kicker in the league.
  10. for those of us out there that feel somewhat lucky to be in week 15, and are getting pretty desperate for potential, I am starting him over the likes of taylor gabriel and kenneth dixon at flex.
  11. Stream of consciousness rankings David Johnson 1 Todd Gurley 2 Leveon Bell 3 Ezekiel Elliott 4 Saquon Barkley 5 Melvin Gordon 6 Leonard Fournette 7 Kareem Hunt 8 Alvin Kamara 9 Dalvin Cook 10 Christian Mccaffrey 11 Devonta Freeman 12 Jordan Howard 13 Joe Mixon 14 Jerick McKinnon 15 lamar miller 16 Lesean Mccoy 17 jay ajayi 18 kenyan drake 19 alex collins 20 Peyton Barber 21 Chris Carson 22 Marshawn Lynch 23 Royce Freeman 24 Derrick Henry 25 Dion Lewis 26 Tevin Coleman 27 Gio Bernard 28 Duke Johnson 29 Kerryon Johnson 30
  12. Its true its the first year i went with a different strategy. Its only a 10 man 6x6 so i was figuring itd be really nice to lock up sb every single week and the rest of my power will figure itself out since its only 10 men. I think i did well to grab some value power in gallo and castellanos but we shall see how it works. If iy doesnt work out im back to mashers only next year
  13. I did this a few times and decided to go for the turner and gary sanchez 1 2 punch as position dominant complements to each other. The plan was to take cody bellinger or jd martinez or someone of thst type in the 3rd, but coulent resist jose ramirez. I fear i made a big mistake not sticking to the script and taking another pure masher
  14. Alot of people need things to happen. I need things to not happen. Going against bell hopkins steelers kicker and im loving this game so far. Keep it up squad