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  1. All the people freaking out about Bell, let me remind you of one thing: Bell sucks. He sucked this year, and he sucked last year. When he didn't suck, he was hurt. I get that people want to blame Gase and the Jets, and I guess there is no better place for an RB to land to see if they're the problem or the Jets were, but I'm not too worried about Bell suddenly looking like the 2016 version.
  2. I don't think it was luck, nor was it a reach. I took him at 43 and 38 in two drafts because I was confident he would overtake Mack within the first few weeks. The value of Taylor was most apparent if you looked at Dynasty keeper rankings - lots and lots of people were calling Taylor superior to CEH, but in a worse situation, yet still with an outstanding offensive line. He always went first or second in all the dynasty/keeper drafts. If he's that good and CEH was consistently going top 7 I saw no reason for Taylor to really be going as late as he was. Mack is a decent back but he isn't special; Taylor has that chance to be truly special.
  3. ADP: 4.3 YPC (167 carries) Thompson: 3.6 YPC (26 carries) Guice: 5.8 YPC (42 carries) ADP is a hall of famer but he turns 35 in three months. Guice also had a higher yards per reception and caught the only receiving TD of the three RBs, but an even smaller sample size than his rushing stats. I have some concern about CT in the passing game. I have some concern about them taking another back in the draft. But truthfully my only concern with Guice is his health and how injury prone he is.
  4. Making the playoffs is 70% luck, winning the playoffs is 100% luck. The only real luck you'll find in FF is in the points allowed column.
  5. He can only do better, they just need to let him play his game. He scores low, gets boards, mediocre defense. He'll never be a three point shooting wing.
  6. Picked him up as my end of the bench guy after drafting/cutting him (last pick) earlier. Was he healthy in college?
  7. Sitting on him, Ayton, Zion, Heyward. Hoping for a better 2020 part of the league.
  8. rebounds, assists, steals... wish he could at least get his FT% back up to UCLA levels.
  9. Hoping they fire that coach and get him more consistent minutes.
  10. I want all of you to bookmark this thread. once zion is back and within first round discussion in a few months, i expect a genuine apology from each of you.