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  1. He had a dominant defense, a decent running back (not the one who lines up as a WR), and the same quarterback last year and they never emphasized the run. Granted maybe losing a few of the close games will give him some hubris but didn't Rodgers come back to beat them by one point almost exactly one year ago because he refused to run the ball?
  2. Maybe it's just me, but selfishly I'm more concerned that the Green Bay defense is for real and that Rodgers won't need to sling the ball excessively. It was Trubisky though so hard to tell off of one game.
  3. Hey on this team those are feature back numbers...
  4. I really hope Trubisky is just trash and the GB defense isn't this good because I need Rodgers slinging it the rest of the season.
  5. Arob's the only one tall enough to reel in his throws. Genius.
  6. Didn't they say that the Bears love Davis as an elite route runner or something? Nobody could've gotten that info before the game?
  7. Well I know who the hot waiver wire pickup for my punters league is.
  8. Have you seen Trubisky? Pick 6 is probably the only way for Chicago to win they should absolutely kill the clock. Terrible for fantasy though.
  9. Just bench everyone playing in the Bears game except the Defenses.
  10. Carson didn't even get a shot after halftime. Was he even ever in on offense, I don't remember seeing him.
  11. On the plus side, the guy is huge and he must play a ton of downs because that o line needs all the help it can get. The receiving corps is such a dumpster fire that he was like third in targets and had the longest reception of the day for a Seattle receiver. On the other hand, he got everything but one catch late, and the other TE Vannett had the same amount of targets.