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  1. Starting with full confidence in the WR slot in CBS. somebody has to throw the ball and he has the most experience doing it.
  2. Rivers likes his TEs then checkdowns first then WRs imo.
  3. looked fine but he’s tentative to run slots in the middle, scared of contact is what it looked like to me.
  4. We outta start an over/under touches pool 😁
  5. Exactly what I’m thinking.....I’m rolling out Hardman in one league. I think K.C. Is pissed and they’re not going to let up on the gas pedal in this one, regardless the score.
  6. No, stating that Ingram deserves every tag next to his name or just one general tag that fits all descriptions. He’s all banged up in some sort of way.
  7. yea, I could give two ***** either way. That’s just what they were saying this morning that his hamstring injury is finally behind him and he 100% and they’re excited to see what he can do at full strength.
  8. I don’t know, Good Morning Football mentioned him this morning saying that he’s back and healthy and ran at 22.something mph and the coaches want to get him the ball and see what he can do. FWIW. I don’t think this other Akmed or what’s his face is going to be the bellcow. IMO