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  1. Tony Oliva. Before the pandemic, I used to see and talk to Tony at a local health club. Really a nice guy. Oliva had remarkable rookie season in 1964, when he hit .323/.359/.557 with 32 homers, 43 doubles and 12 stolen bases and became the first rookie in MLB history to win a batting title. That was the first in a stretch of eight seasons in which the franchise legend made eight All-Star teams, won three batting titles, led the AL in hits five times and even won a Gold Glove Award in right field. 8 knee operations derailed his career. Oliva had a 43.1 War, and a career .304 batting average. He totaled 1,917 hits, 329 doubles, 220 home runs and 947 RBI
  2. This is from Sports Illustrated yesterday. Take if for what it is worth. "Encouraged and optimistic.'' Those are the words being used to characterize the mood of what Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN terms "an overwhelming majority of high-level officials'' who continue to harbor the belief that NBA basketball will return - in some form - to complete the 2019-20 season. There were 259 games left in the season. That is a lot of money that the owners would lose out on. I think they try to find someway to recoup some of the income. There are a lot of hurdles and difficulties in coming up with a plan. I maybe too optimistic, but if there is a chance to make money out of the situation, The NBA will come up with something. But it wouldn't be the first time I have been wrong either.
  3. Well, if you were playing for 300-600 in prize money, I don't think you would be laughing so hard. I think the NBA will try and finish the season somehow. Even if the games can only be viewed through broadcast.
  4. If they play 10 games, that is two weeks worth of games at least. So you could use the current standings and have 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 one week. Then have the championship the last week. The question is how is the NBA going to make money doing this? If there are no spectators, the money has to come from television/broadcast rights.
  5. See where he was playing 3 on 3 before the Virus. And the talk is he could play if the season resumes. So I put him on my bench and hope we get the season resumed sometime and that he decides to play. I'm in 2nd place right now, but if Durant plays, I like my chances a lot better.
  6. Kent Hrbek lifts Ron Gant off first base for the out
  7. Man this guy was my worst draft choice. Fortunately White was available. Hope White can do what he did last year when Murray was out.
  8. Categories have their issues too. I played categories and got tired of punting and having mediocre players that specialized in 1 category on my team to try and win. Like the guy in the Zion thread who can't play him because his FT% is so bad. So he was going to sit him for the week. What real NBA team would sit Zion because is FT% was crappy. So this Categories is superior doesn't ring true for me. To each his own on that. I'm certainly not going back to playing categories.
  9. The original question all this was based on was how could Holmes be on a waiver wire in any league?? He is not been that good in a points league this year (by a wide margin on a per game basis, and then there was the injury). I hope he starts lighting it up again like he did in Dec. But with his min limit, Giles and his goofy coach setting rotations, I'm not optimistic he comes close to his Dec stats before the season ends.
  10. It is normal 12 team CBS points league roster. Nothing odd. You only need on starter at center. He is averaging 24.31 fantasy points a game. His points per minute played are .84 That is not that great. So there are 18 other centers doing better than Holmes. Most of the good centers are over a point per minute played. Even Jarrett Allen is doing .92 pts per minute. I can't put the report of the 18 guys ahead of Holmes, as it is bigger than 51k limit that the forum software enforces. Just for comparison, here is the number #14 guy vs #19 and it is not even close as who should be rostered. What is here that make Holmes must rosterable in any league??
  11. Must be comments from the Roto guys again. We have 18 centers in my 12 team points league that have better point per game averages than Holmes does. So with needing only 1 center per team, Holmes has not been that valuable. Plus the injury and there he is still on the waiver wire.
  12. Looks like with 5 fouls, we are going to have another dud from Bryant tonight. Holmes and T.Thompson are still on my league waiver wire. I'm losing patience on this guy.
  13. They only have three games next week. So I would say the chances of him playing are nil. Hopefully Middleton can pick up the slack. But I'm down my key player and I'm going against the #1 seed in my league.
  14. He was pretty good last spring for Toronto. So I don't think he was that much of a surprise. He was drafted in the 7th Rnd in our league In a points league he was right around Eric Gordon, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier. Here were his 2019 stats:
  15. In contrast in a points league, with his efficiency per min played, will easily be a top 25 pick. Probably early second round as he improves playing more NBA games. Which to me reflects his real world NBA value rather than the view you get looking at him in terms of categories.