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  1. We started playing two opponents each week to get around this. So you would 1-1 instead of 0-1 this week. Been doing it for several years and it takes the sting out of having a great week and not having anything to show for it.
  2. After doing almost nothing for several weeks while DK Metcalf went off, Tyler Lockett was on my bench. As was D.Swift. J.Jacobs and C. Carson, who were in my lineup did not exactly light it up this week either. J Conner could have had a big week. Penalties and dropped TD passes didn't help. The other part of the vent is that I'm going up against J.Burrow, A. Gibson, A.J. Brown and Logan Thomas this week. Hopefully week 8 goes better.
  3. After leaving T. Locket and D. Swift on my bench, I need A.Rob to score less than 13.
  4. The first one I thought was an under throw. His receiver was open further down field. He just didn't get it where it needed to be. I think he was hit as he threw the ball on one of the intercepts. He was under pressure a lot most of the game. The vikings pass blocking is mostly not great. Especially with Cleveland the rookie playing guard. The other one, the DB covering a side line route on another receiver saw Kirk staring down the receiver (I think it was Thielen) about at the hash mark. The DB let his original receiver go and came in to jump in front of the Thielen and intercept the pass.
  5. Never heard of this guy until last week. Found this info on the Web for what it is worth. Looks like it is anyones guess how this all plays out going forward: The 49ers have appeared to have struck gold with the undrafted free agent running back. Hasty was very productive at Baylor. The elusive and quick running back played in 45 games with 16 career starts. Hasty finished his career with 1,998 yards on 386 rushing attempts. This ranks 12th in school history. Hasty also accumulated 485 receiving yards which are the 10th most by a Baylor running back in school history. His 79 career receptions are the second-most by a running back in school history. Hasty had a Relative Athletic Score (RAS) of 6.72. This metrics and analytics system was created by Kent Platte. It takes into account player measurements and distills them to a 0-to-10 scale compared to their position group. It essentially measures the overall athleticism for a draft prospect. Hasty was ranked as the 19th-best running back for the year in RAS. He recorded the best shuttle-time (4.03 seconds) of any back at this year’s NFL Combine. There is some risk with Hasty considering how the 49ers have distributed opportunities at the running back position this season. Jeff Wilson was inactive last week with a calf injury and Tevin Coleman is still recovering from a knee injury. It would be surprising to see the 49ers use McKinnon as a bell cow. Hasty will be involved in the 49ers running back by committee against the Patriots. San Francisco’s offensive line should be able to open running lanes against the Patriots’ front seven. The 49ers offensive line ranks ninth in PFF’s run blocking and generates an impressive 1.69 yards before contact. The Patriots gave up 101 rushing yards on 23 attempts to Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay last week. Hasty is firmly on the RB3 radar in Week 7.
  6. Didn't watch the game closely. Did anybody have any goal line attempts?
  7. What is this based on?? You have Brees and Brady still playing and Rodgers is headed for a serious decline?? I've seen a few of the throws he has made this year. What are you seeing that makes you think he will not be a valuable NFL QB for years?
  8. If the Packers get up big, AP will be on the bench as Stafford is throwing the ball to try and catch up. I agree with appox. The one script that would be good for AP is if Detroit can do ball control early/score on long multiplay drives and keep Rodgers/Packers off the field. With Detroit's defensive backfield in Shambles, I don't see the Detroit Defense able to stop the Pack from scoring. If it's a shoot out, AP will be on the bench.
  9. My opinion on this for what it is worth. Kenny Clark for the Pack has a groin injury. That is a big Def loss for the Pack if he can't play. If he does play, who knows if he will make it through the game. Groin injuries can be tough to recover from in a week. That should give Stafford more time in the pocket and I think he will find his receivers. The Vikings did move the ball through the air against the Pack last week. Marvin Jones usually has good games against the Pack. And I don't think this will be a defensive struggle for either team. M. Jones Stats Vs. the Pack Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Scor Scor Rk Year Date Result Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt TD Pts 7 Games 4-3-0 46 28 532 19.00 7 60.9% 11.57 7 42
  10. I'm a vikes homer, but I thought he played really well. But he had NO pressure either. He had time to make his reads and the young Vikings defensive backs stood no chance. I think the Packers might have lost a couple of offensive linemen during the game. So he might not have that kind of protection each week. If you give a QB the kind of time he had most of the game, the results will be good in most cases. But give Rodgers credit. He did make some outstanding throws. He made a downfield throw to Adams along the sideline late in the game that was perfect. The DB was not in bad position, Aaron just put the ball where only Adams could catch it. The Vikings were only down by 10 or 11 at the time. And the Pack was called for holding on the previous play. IF THE Vikings could have made a stop, the Minn offense had been moving the ball. But Aaron's throw pretty much crushed all that hope. He also hit Lazard on a downfield throw that should have been a score too in the 4th quarter where the Vikings were blitzing everyone. valdes-scantling's drops kept the game from being a total blow out.
  11. Rodgers had all day to make throws and was great at picking apart the young defensive backs. He should have had another 100+ passing yards if valdes-scantling had made all his wide open catches (one would have been a long touchdown).
  12. Had him last year. Got him as my RB#3 this year. Have my fingers crossed he can stay healthy this year. And if he can hang onto the football, that would be a big plus. Also hope that Pete Carroll opens up the offense this year for Wilson. The offense with run on first and 2nd down and then hope Wilson can come up with a miracle on 3rd down gets kind of predictable.
  13. My opponent this week drafted and is starting Taylor against the Jags. He drafted him at 37, 4.01. I got Mack at 78, 7.06. So I hope that Mack gets the majority of the work against a suspect defense. Maybe Indy can get off to a early lead and go run heavy to milk the clock. But if it is a blowout, I'm worried that Taylor will get a lot of backfield time and Mack will be watching from the sidelines.