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  1. Good god. I put him on the bench for Garland and he finally has a decent game. 6 AST, 16 PTS, 2 TO, 6 TRB 6/16 FG 1/2 3pt and 3/4 FT in 28 min. And Garland sucked too against the Knicks
  2. Anybody got any news on George before I have to set my lineup?? I hear he did not travel with the team to Dallas. They have a 6 game road trip coming up I lost last week when he didn't play. So I'm benching him this week I can't afford another loss.
  3. Don't forget that games start at 2:00 eastern today. So those setting weekly lineups should make decisions before then.
  4. Here is one experts analysis on what it would take to do the DLO trade. Seems like a lot to me. Basically, any in-season construction around a Russell deal would have to include Gorgui Dieng and either Robert Covington or Jarrett Culver, or it would have to be Culver, Covington, Okogie and Layman for Russell. The latter seems like a lot, in my opinion, for Russell. And the Warriors might not have interest in taking Dieng.
  5. I bet he hits the injured list soon. As soon as he started playing major minutes for the Wolves, he would break down. He has been so valuable to my team this year, I can only hope his body holds up to this. Derrick Rose will start Wednesday's game ahead of Svi Mykhailiuk. Rose played 37 minutes during Monday's overtime defeat, and coach Dwane Casey doesn't have many alternatives to drum up offensive production. Whether Rose can stay healthy with minutes in the 35+ range is another question entirely, but owners should just enjoy the strong mid-round production while it lasts.
  6. Teague doesn't seem to have that burst to get by a defender on offense. And he was passing wide open 3pt shots last night. I don't think he really believes in his offensive game anymore.
  7. I hear this morning that Naz Reid scored 15 straight points during one point of last nights game. https://www.nba.com/timberwolves/news/reid-gives-wolves-chance-career-night
  8. He got in foul trouble with three in the first half. Reid must have been playing well enough that Saunders stuck with him.
  9. Local Broadcasters said he had a temp of 102 on Sat and was still feeling the effects of the flu. It was implied that this was the reason he did not play the last game. They say he will play this week once he gets over the flu.
  10. Wow, that running tear drop shot he has is really effective. Really sees the floor well and finds his teammates easy shots. He was on my waiver wire a while ago. Should really help my team going forward, especially with all the injuries my team has.
  11. What's the logic on this?? I think KAT probably will draw more double teams, leaving perimeter players like Napier wide open for 3 point looks.
  12. Stats look pretty good to me for 22 min played. Then they take him out in O/T and the Nets get destroyed
  13. In my points league, Harden having more fantasy points is due to him playing 200 more minutes than the Greek Freak. Giannis is more efficient with his minutes, but has not played as many.
  14. Prep for Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball (not Roto for either, tried it a for a couple of years. Catagories based Fantasy gives you a twisted view of the real life game). FBaskBall, unlike all the specilization that occurs in FF, is mostly not there (maybe a 3 pt specialist or defensive stopper in the last few minutes). So it is easier to evaluate players than in football. Injuries and minutes played are a factor. Coaches substitution patterns can drive you crazy. But all in all, I find it easier to win in FBaskBall and in FF. I was advancing nice in Fantasy Baseball in the playoffs until Trout went down (Justin Turner too). So I lost in the semi-finals in a 14 team league (which we have been doing since the mid-80's). Baseball is a marathon. Your roster rarely stays intact for the year. Early season success (see E Thames for the Brewers) and the players on your roster in Sept will probably be vastly different. I mostly do FF these days to have someone to cheer for when I watch games. I made it to the playoffs, but C Carson, Barkley, Lockett, Waller and the NE Def all had a bad week for me in week 14 (week 15 they were all great, but it was too late). So it's not like I don't try in FF. It is just more difficult to consistently win year after year in FF.