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  1. Davis was missing his spots with his FB but his CB was mostly good. Couple of nice CB's to K Dyson. Hope he sharpens his command as he pitches a few more games. Man, Cron is a big boy... Colo had Diaz warming up in the 9th.
  2. Damn Pirates. Buy him an airplane ticket to AAA. He's hitting .134 over the last month. Certainly some more time in the minors would help, wouldn't you think?
  3. Toussaint coming in to try and finish the 9th 2 on 2 outs. 1 pitch 93 mph 2 seamer for ground ball out to third. really nice pitch.
  4. Blevins and Jackson according to the announcer.
  5. Puig's one handed double down the line for 2 RBIs. Lopez had hit the spot where the catcher is set up.
  6. Yea, Votto hit a ground ball right to where shortstop would have been for an RBI - wasn't even a hard hit. Puig hit a one-handed double down the line on a good pitch by Lopez. Puig was a bit fooled on the pitch... Really, only 2 hard hits against him this game. Lopez was really unlucky that all those soft hits landed for basehits (and that Miami isn't good in playing the shift). IMO. Plus, one of the hits counted against him was a double clutch by Castro that should have been an out but the runner barely beat the throw. Ruled a hit but should have been an error. That one didn't score but was counted a hit instead of an error.
  7. Hampson picking the wrong time to slump at the plate. His batting average has dropped to .263. Meanwhile,McMahon is hitting .476. Hampson better pick it up soon.
  8. Neris about to blow a 10 - 5 lead.... It's 10 to 9. Time to put Dominguez in. Oh oh, he's already been used in the 7th.
  9. Rondon got a little lucky tonight. He put two baserunners on and with one out, Beltre hit a grounder to third and trotted down to first base to enable the double play.
  10. Morgan grooved the ball right down the middle of the plate to Heyward who was 0-4 on the night until his grand slam. Why the hell was Morgan pitching in the ninth? In his last two outings he had given up 2 hits on 5/28 and 2 hits on 6/2 (without recording an out) and his breaking ball was garbage tonight. Was no one else available to pitch for Phily?
  11. My notes from From Sleeper and Bust Podcast - He hurt his hip last year and wasn't completing pitches. ENO - I talked with him he said his hip was hurt, not doing any stretching, landing on hip hurt everytime he landed. Effected command and velocity. His Changeup and 4 seam have the same movement, not much movement but speed difference of 11 mph just like Tyler Clippards (no movement just speed 12 diff and its been very successful) Romano's is only 8 mph slower. ("11 mph diff makes me stand up and notice") great for GBs, 11% whiffs last year. 4 seam last year was 91mph and it's 94 this spring. Justin - Fantastic 1st 3 starts last season, then mechanics went on downward plane and not same pitcher, went great to blah, Justin- should have figured something was wrong, everything trending in right direction for Amir. Young in development as pitcher b/c part time BB player in college. Paul - thinks he may be 2-3 inning guy out bullpen not sure he has 5 -6 innings in him.
  12. a little off topic but how did Hicks get credited with the win? Mikolas had a 4-2 lead when he left after 4 2/3s innings so Mikolas doesn't get the win. But St Louis never trailed after Mikolas departed. Cecil finished the 5th with a strikeout, then Bowman pitched the 6th and gave up one run but didn't give up the lead (4-3 Cards winning after the 6th), Hicks pitched the 7th, Holland pitched 1/3 of the 8th inning and gave up 2 but not the lead (7-5 Cards winning), and Norris pitched the rest of 8th and 9th innings for the save. I would have thought Cecil would get the win. If it was awarded based on scorekeepers judgment, then is there no way to judge that Mikolas's 4 2/3s innings could be considered to have contributed more to the win then Hicks' one inning?
  13. Yep, Ozuna was calling for it and Dejong didn't move out the way. Rosario's ball should have been caught.
  14. Fowler is not one and done in SL. Per Cot's baseball contracts: signed by St. Louis as a free agent 12/8/16 to a 5 year contract for $82.5M (2017-21)
  15. "You see why everybody wanted to trade for him and you see why we didn't give him up and include him in any of those trades," said manager Dusty Baker of Robles, who was among the top 10 prospects in Baseball America's midseason rankings. "He can be an impact player." Hey Dusty, He can't be an impact player if he never leaves the bench.
  16. Not even a player.... merely an observer
  17. Not sure why he was charged with that 3rd earned run in the 5th. Puig was stealing 3rd with one out and the catcher badly overthrew third base allowing Puig to score. If the throw had been on target Puig would have been out by 1 or 2 steps. Next batter fly out to RF then ground out to pitcher.
  18. Bad time for Broxton to find his bat....
  19. Adam. Site won't let me edit my post. Tough crowd.... Thanks for the thoughtful replies.
  20. I drafted Wainwright as SP2 in NL only league thinking he would have a great season. He had sat out most of the 2015 season with an Achilles tendon rupture (he returned after a 5 month recovery period instead of the 12 month predicted recovery period). I thought he would have a great year after having a year off with a non throwing arm injury which would give him time to completely rehabilitate and rejuvenate his pitching arm. What the hell happened? He was awful out the starting gate in April and May, had a good June and July and then the wheels fell off in August and September. His regression in August and September don’t give me much hope for 2017. Anyone have any information/thoughts on what happened in 2016 and a forecast for 2017?