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  1. I have the Texas triple name guy at C in one of my two dynasties--I own Sanchez in both. I sound a million years old not bothering to learn his name, but there you are. I wouldn't move here. This entire season is a small sample size, and if it were laughable in June, it's laughable now. Yes, it's a lost season for Sanchez, but he's still a very talented doode who could easily wake up the instant you move on. Bart is interesting, but I'm not counting on a rookie catcher who missed warming up in the minors first.
  2. Does it move the dial if I have to give up Nolan Gorman, too, to seal the deal?
  3. In a m-inf league, I really wouldn't. I get why you're frustrated. I know it's only 2 weeks. This entire season is a short sample size, and you should still hold true to initial assessments. If it were laughable in June, it's laughable now.
  4. In a 12 team dynasty (h2h, 6x6) in which I have Goldschmidt and Rizzo as my two first basemen, can I safely deal.... Rizzo for Mike Soroka, Michael Pineda, and Aaron Nola? I need wins and ks, and my SP are mainly hurt or out: Stras, Chirinos, Stroman, McCullers, and Sale. I have running with tonnes of middle relievers/closers and Hill/Lugo/Walker/Maeda with SP eligible RP in SP slots. Edwin is a FA, and I would pick him up to back up 1B. I use Manny and Bryce (or Schwarber or Bryant) at UTIL.
  5. Sincere question: I've never understood whether LD% is predictive or explanatory. For me, it feels like a retelling of the struggles or successes. Does it mean he's losing bat speed, or does it mean he's just in a slump? If you asked my take, I honestly don't know at all. You're under no obligation to teach me, but I would most certainly be paying attention if you chose to.
  6. I'm debating dropping him in a dynasty league. It's so hard to judge with Edwin though: we're still only at the 30 game mark, and while there's been a marked decline over the years in his average, he's been a metronome. I am starting to wonder about his bat speed: his K% is up and his walk rate (while still nearly 10%) is the lowest it's been since before his breakout. In case you've missed it, I'm as circular in my logic here as I've been debating the issue all morning: it's only a small sample, his rates are worse but still OK, his power is still legit, he's 37 now, he might have been harmed by the delayed start, ..... Interesting to question whether it's the end.
  7. I think Santana is the call here. Gallo's approach at the plate renders him a poor man's Dunn if you remember him. Dunn's cold streaks were legend, but nothing on Gallo's.
  8. Thank you all very much for the help. I ended up taking the deal: my line of thought is that I have a chance to win this year, and Ryu is more useful this year than is Stanton. That I could say that at all means getting the top 3 prospect and more for him is worth my while.
  9. Any concern that one of these injuries will sap his value completely? That's the only reason why I pause.
  10. I like it. With the fornication with the ball, getting sure fire year-in, year-out aces really matters.
  11. I'll cautiously recommend dropping Mondesi to activate Morton. There's a lot of names above: instead of ranking or re-ranking them, I'll point out that this mitigates the risk of dropping the wrong guy. That's playing a lot shallower than my 12 teamers do. Right now, Mondesi ain't helping no one, and with its being a short season and a redraft league, you ain't got no time for that.
  12. Montero is the best combo of stuff and opportunity.
  13. I really like Schwarber. As much as I respect Smith as a man and cheer for him, I'll take the track record. This whole season is a small sample size. If people are going to let you turn hot streaks into assets, let them. Let them.
  14. Start the car. I take Carroll here, but I definitely take Belly for this price. An adage I live by: this is the stock market. Someone's selling low on Belly. Absorbing an unbalanced roster is a luxury a rebuilding or reloading team can weather. Don't let tomorrow's lineup ruin today's value add.