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  1. I am SUPER GUILTY of chasing upside, and let me tell you, bigs with defensive presence in hoops are my beloved should-be 5-tool outfielders (I'm the last guy waiting on Lastings Milledge, likely). I was all set to ignore him because of my own bias towards young bigs with blocks, but he's still only 21. And this isn't waiting for a non-contact hitter to get a batting average over 210. It's reasonable to expect workmanlike double doubles with a smattering of blocks. The dreaming on his upside stuff? That's the part I don't truly know much about--I really haven't seen much of his career. If things break well here, what are we actually getting? I've got him in my own head as high upside, but I can't think of a future equivalent for him.
  2. There's no way he's worth owning now. He was much better than I'd thought he'd be as a starter, but I fear he's a Barrea type.
  3. I'm going to hold for now: I'm missing out on higher upsided guys like Davis or Claxton who don't have this much of a role, but I think it's worth it. Napier's just needs to settle in with a half decent FG% for him to be very useful to us. He can clearly get us steals and assists.
  4. This weekend has been sobering for those of us who got him. I want to like him, but this is the KAT show until further notice.
  5. Is it possible that they were trying to get something better for Teague from Indiana? I don't think there's any guarantee that they're committed to adding a PG necessarily.
  6. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO I love this move for Napier's value even with Culver in the fold. I don't think they're in an either or circumstance for fantasy value. I'm sure they'd love it if Culver transitioned to the lead dog role, but Napier's going to get a lot of minutes regardless.
  7. I've become a believer in the last stretch--more so that Teague looks frozen in carbonite than anything. I just can't see any coach playing Teague over Napier for the rest of this season unless he likes unemployment cheques.
  8. I just traded for him for a win-now dynasty build: his circumstance lends itself well to fantasy relevance ROS. Sure, DET is at the precipice of tanking, but a Rose is exactly the type of vet whom good teams might not trade for and who would lend a veneer of respectability and competitiveness to a tanking team. He'll steal games for DET from now 'til May, but he won't cost draft slots.
  9. It sure does, but that's a team that could have added both Fultz and Jones. They're still going with Gordon/Bamba [really Vuc]/Isaac up front, and really, Fournier could be a 3 in more modern deployment. Even with what they've got now, DJA and MCW are a little too involved for my taste.
  10. Canadian here who gets tonnes of Raptors games: I'm holding him in two 12-team dynasties, and I wouldn't pass him in up in 12-team redrafts if you've got the space. The Raptors seem to value athleticism a whole lot in their prospects, and they do a great job of converting that into production. I know he's got good shooting percentages now, but I still consider him to be an athlete over a player yet. His upside is super high because of this. The Raptors don't feel like a completed team now: Gasol, Ibaka, and Powell are all guys I could see them moving on from this year. When and if the roster shakes out for their run this year, I wouldn't be shocked to see Davis (or RHJ for that matter) elevated to rotation players as VanVleet was last year.
  11. His points and minutes were up yesterday: result of Simmons's being back?
  12. I fear I'm the one who planted the seed on Adams. I really like him in this exchange.
  13. Am I overrating the upgrade for this year? Am I am getting better enough to go from 23 and 24 years old to 33 and 35 years old?
  14. Tatum Ingram DDR Wiggins Harris J-Rich I'm not going to lie, only the top 2 are clear. The rest are true dice rolls.