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  1. Keep Evans. QBs are so deep you can pick one up off of the WW if you want. When AJ Green comes back Boyd is back to being the #2. Your team is underperforming but don’t panic. Evans and Adams will carry you. Keep an eye on the WW for a RB though.
  2. 12 team half point ppr. Start 3 WRs and 2 RBs. I drafted AB so my WRs are pretty thin. The guy who drafted Saquon is super thin at RB. The trade would be: Me giving Joe Mixon Him giving Tyler Lockett my current roster: QB: Wentz WR: Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Emmanuel Sanders, DK Metcalf, AB RB: David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Austin Ekeler, Chris Carson, Miles Sanders, Duke Johnson TE: Darren Waller The only other two guys I’d possibly be interested in is Thielen (although I hate their offense) and Rashaad Penny as a throw in (Chris Carson handcuff). Any thoughts? Leave a link and I’ll help you out too!
  3. Take DJ and Allen. That’s a steal.
  4. I think I’d go Waller over Hock just cause I don’t trust the lions (not that the Raiders are much more trust worthy).
  5. I think he’s as interesting an add as anyone right now. But we don’t know how to you-know-who scenario will play out (not saying his name to avoid a forum suspension 😁).
  6. Bump for Gordon and Dorsett is the pickup of the week.
  7. If you need another RB just hold onto him and play him. If you have good rb depth and need help elsewhere try and get help there. Try and package him and a WR2 for a top 5 WR.
  8. That sounds accurate. And to be honest, if he’s RB10 that won’t lose you your league. That’s solid enough to get the job done. It doesn’t live up to his draft cost but draft cost is out the window at this point.
  9. Yeah I agree completely. That means taking him in the third which would be way too early.
  10. What happens if you went overboard and own all 3 of the pats WRs?? Asking for a friend... 😁
  11. Not saying you, but if he’s your WR1 you should have STUD RBs and either Mahomes or a top 3 TE which would make up for it.
  12. This. This is exactly what he did last year. He’s never going to get 13 targets but he always has a chance for a long td.
  13. I’d look at Singletary first then Jones. I live in Buffalo (not a bills fan though) and Singletary will definitely get his this year. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. It’ll take him a few weeks to get up to speed, but don’t overthink it. He just upgraded Derek Carr to Tom Brady. This is a win for AB.