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  1. Lol. Losing track of the days of the week. Thanks for the correction!
  2. Starting tomorrow at AAA Las Vegas.
  3. Promoted to AA. Nice turn around from a talented player...
  4. Consistently flat, blown out of the building? mevins31, I hope you watched that come back from 9-2 today. 😂
  5. Anthony Alford reportedly making opening day roster with Jays after Morales trade.
  6. Another solid outing against a pretty tough lineup. 7IP, 3ER, 5H, 1BB, 9K.
  8. Met relievers let in 3 of his earned runs. Could have been a great outing if they shut the door.
  9. 3rd start at second base. In an article on Franchy, I read the manager saying Pirela at second was a way to find time for the outfielders. Still a believer but mostly because my middle infield is terrible. Let’s go Pirela!
  10. Could get into rehab games this week per beat writer Twitter/ Gibbons. So, we’re probably looking at sometime next week.
  11. Probably grabbing more AB’s from Travis than Diaz.