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  1. Funny how everyone says Ja Morant is fantasy ROTY when his own teammate Brandon Clarke outranks him by season average.
  2. Why don't you just try it out quickly and come up with a template that can be copy-pasted pretty quickly? And just let a mod shut it down if they aren't happy Simple example: Thread title - 1/10/2020 Start / Sit Thread OP - Post your start / sit questions here. No add/drop questions. No trade questions. No ROS questions. Please post your league format (e.g. 8 cat vs 9 cat, H2H vs Roto).
  3. I don’t feel optimistic that a single forum thread is the appropriate platform to handle many questions in general, because questions can get bumped to the previous page pretty quickly depending on the activity level. I could be wrong though, and I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it.
  4. Not trying to spoil the fun - when the memes and ridiculous fun comparisons are also accompanied by stuff like “could be waiver pick up of the year” and “I predict 18/5/5 ROS”, it’s actually gray enough to be believable exaggerations. As another poster pointed out, he had a bad 4 game stretch and was labeled a scrub, and now the pendulum is swinging full force in the other direction, which I find to be just as silly. The nature of the forums lately have been incredibly reactionary. All in all, I’m glad to have him and hope he’ll reach his ceiling for this season. The kinda ridiculous 18/5/5 projection are probably somewhat close to his absolute ceiling for this season.
  5. Also a good potential fit for a punt % team. For example, my team build is punt FT% and I’m stacked on FG% enough, so Elfrid’s counting stats can be valuable especially if he can provide high assist #s with around 3:1 ast/to ratio. There’s been some few terrible TO games lately, so I’m hoping he’ll keep the ast/to ratio palatable in the starting unit moving forward.
  6. Didn't see that you edited and added this. Last week was not a good week, and his FG% impact was just +0.67, whereas he averages +2.15 over the entire season which is roughly 3 times more impactful (and pretty incredible). It's very normal for a rookie coming off the bench to have a bad one week stretch. If that's a trade-off you can't handle, or he's not what you're looking for in your team, I suggest that you swap for a hot free agent or a boring vet. It doesn't sound like you understand his value, so I also don't understand why you're holding him in the first place.
  7. "Punting 7 categories" is a gross exaggeration. For people not familiar with z-scores on BBM - it's important to know that 0.00 across all categories would amount to around #60 overall (so 5th/6th round value). Right now Gallo is 0.00 and he's at #60 overall, which is the definition of "average". It's readily obvious that he doesn't "punt" you in 7 categories. He gives a huge boost in FG%/TO, pretty average in reb/blk/FT% (and again, it's important to keep in mind that a player with every category "average" provides #60 overall value), while hurting you in pts/3s/ast/stl to varying degrees. What's disingenuous is claiming that he "punts you in 7 categories" with absolutely no numbers or facts to back it up. Do better.
  8. You clearly don’t get it... I would recommend quitting fantasy basketball, so you can go on an adventure to discover empathy.
  9. Good mention on the 3s - the highest FG% impact players tend to provide nothing on 3s (because FG% and 3s are pretty much inversely related), so it’s actually nice to know that he can chip in at least a little bit. He’d be awesome if more opportunity allows him to chip in a bit more while retaining the great FG% to some degree.
  10. I quoted myself so I don’t have to repeat myself. The shot attempts are low but the math still comes out to #5 OVERALL in positive FG% impact. I’m okay if you don’t think that’s valuable, but please don’t misrepresent the actual mathematical value and impact by presenting the low shot attempts. You’re right that he doesn’t help with FT% much, but bigs that don’t hurt in FT% are also rare. For a team trying to boost FG% without hurting FT%, Brandon Clarke is incredibly valuable.
  11. We should just let these posters drop so we don’t hear these repetitive complaints anymore. Some people don’t value (or understand) efficiency stats.
  12. I have Kevin Huerter and I also think the overreactions based on his last 4 game run are insane in this thread. Since the sample size is so small, I probably wouldn’t give up a top 50 to trade for him, and we’re seeing stuff like “waiver pick up of the year”, with names like Klay and Middleton now already flying around as legit comparisons.
  13. His per-36 ranking dropped from around #50 to #111 (as of today, for this season) so the theoretical upside is starting to disappear too..
  14. Seriously, haven't the previous posts covered this enough? Also, realistic expectations =/= writing him off. He's a low risk and potential high reward stash, and the subject of debate is how clear his path to minutes are when/if Drummond is traded.
  15. If a trade happens where they get a young promising big under a friendly contract in return, then that would be a threat to Wood’s value. If the value they bring to the team (on and off the court) is remotely comparable, there’s every incentive to develop the player that’ll stick around for sure. It wouldn’t take Wood << Bruno for Wood to be threatened for playing time, as you have suggested sarcastically. Personally I don’t feel as optimistic as the fantasy writers and some of the posters here and that the risks are understated, but it’s also fine to agree to disagree.