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  1. Well, with bonuses he has put up sixty on me. Boy it sure does suck losing to inferior teams because Derrick freaking Henry decides that he wanted to cram an entire year into one game. In my league he entered the night with 74 points. SIXTY TONIGHT.
  2. Playing a team in the first round that was so shallow at RB that he took a shot on Henry in his FLEX. So that’s real cool. No problem, out of the playoffs week 1 as the 2 seed. Par for the course.
  3. So we basically all have to hope that this was just because it was his first game. Because he was barely on the field, and that was after a bye week. This was disastrous.
  4. Man, I really needed more from Cam. Probably not even going to see the field now. 4 yards passing in the entire third quarter for him - three offensive plays.
  5. While it caused us to miss out on what should have been an outstanding matchup, if this game causes Mike McCoy to be fired, I believe it was worth it. Surely Leftwich will know how to it a little better.