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  1. 50 total from Adams and Boone for a Monday Night Miracle!
  2. Need Adams and Boone to outscore ARob by 41. Ok I lost
  3. How do I lose with LJax, two top 5 RBs (Zeke and carson), and the top TE (kittle)? When Gesecki outscores your top 2 RBs by 6. That's how.
  4. That hurt He's already been ruled put for next week not that it matters for most of us.
  5. Who starts Mike Gisecki on a championship game? My opponent that's who
  6. Wow gonna get a stinker from lamar in the championship?
  7. And Falcons have looked great on defense since break. I still think he'll have opportunities today. I consider him a wr2
  8. Talented player that other teams either took away or Rams schemed away from for some unknown reason.
  9. Perriman owner going against Gay. That's like a 14 point swing
  10. Houston has not been better against the PASS. maybe better against WRs specifically.
  11. Volume wont be there as indy will run run run. Could get a TD though. Hes a wr3 at best.