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  1. Do you realize you're posting in the DST STREAMING thread and what streaming means?
  2. Mid to high ankle sprain but he should be ok for week 8? With the bye this week hes a drop at this point, no?
  3. You shouldnt trade Mahomes in a 2 QB league for anything.
  4. Funny, someone dropped TB in my league and Im thinking about grabbing them (and dropping KC) knowing full well KC's game vs NYJ next week
  5. They are in 1st place still. No shot to win the Super Bowl? Sure I hear you. I doubt Fitz would cost much draft capital.
  6. DJax, Jeffrey, Raegor are all due back and Fulgham is emerging.
  7. The problem is when Goedart comes back Ertz will also be back
  8. This guy is arguing draft capital in week 7 and "he won't score 40 ppr points in a game"