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  1. This was Way Cool Jr., thanks for doing this.
  2. Snipes: Godwin in the 4th Goedert in the 11th (Ertz insurance) I'll post my recap later but I'd grade the big Mahomes-Ertz first 3 rounds experiment at about a C+. IMO waiting for Watson or Rodgers 2 rounds later was way more effective.
  3. Generally speaking it's the hardest skill position to trade away unless someone gets hurt early in the season.
  4. Has anyone here ever streamed QB? Probably not in a 14 teamer but I mean actually waiver wire streamed not just draft 2-3 later round guys and play the best match up. I've always wanted to try that in a 12 teamer but never have.
  5. Sam Darnold, QB, NYJ @FFCollusion otc
  6. Early reports seem to indicate that this is how they see him
  7. Nice. The guy who will actually take over if Gurley goes down.
  8. I think the following teams are better than mine: 1972Mia Wink Zidane Iron Ray FFC
  9. “Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little makeup!...” Should we try to get through this by tonight? Many times the last couple rounds don’t require a lot of deep thinking.