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  1. Holy ****, this isn't over yet?
  2. You have to admit, Crowder is not a sexy pick no matter where he's taken.
  3. Kenny Stills, WR (and criminal) HOU My cheat sheet is somewhere at the bottom of Lake Franklin in Minnesota.
  4. *ugh* Jamison Crowder, WR NYJ @mrblonde1984
  5. Again, my apologies, confusion curtesy of JD.
  6. Mostly Northern and Walleye 👍
  7. I think I need to leave my remaining drunk picks to @Proteus to execute?
  8. Don’t know what I was looking at there 🤣
  9. Chris Herndon IV @ToO_BaD I might be out on the boat for my next pick but I should still have a signal.