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  1. Grab it IMO..i did in 2 league... I think no news is bad in Fantasy world...
  2. Would you take Julio for him? I mean he is also hurt all the time and he has Ryan.
  3. Just offered Dobbins for him...Time to get on the hype train. #FOMO.
  4. I just offered someone CEH and Cooper (both players in trouble for) for Taylor and Hill.... Lets hope he buys it... I am just trying to get rid of CEH due his record of GL Attempts and not getting TD even they i have stacked him with Mahomes in the league. If CeH can figure out his GL than he will be solid or else just JaG RB without GL in a good offense.
  5. So I just saw his team and I doubt I can come up with anything. His team is : Rojo, James Robinson, singletary, Julio, Michael Thomas, Russell Wilson, Chubb, Hilton, Mattison, aiyuk, Beasley, ertz and 2 kickers. He is 1-3 my team who is 4-0 which is Rodgers, CMC, Freeman, Hines, Akers, Gus edwards, Hollywood brown, Evan, arob, Chark, ebron, Fant, Brandin cooks. I don’t think see anything which he will trade unless I give him Arob or Evans straight up.. what you think worth giving up Arob? And how Evan Chark and cmc James can ride me to playoff?
  6. Worth a try he is 0-4 or 1-3.. I know he will say no but it can be the starting point. Probably end up giving arob or Evans for him.
  7. I kinda regrets not taking that trade I was being offered Andrews and OBJ before week 4. Anyways I think he will solid specially when Jags came out and said that they want to give him more carries in 2nd half. I think he is a solid buy high right specially from the owners who doesn’t believe in him. I think will he will be solid as long minshew and Chark can be healthy and keep doing what they do. If that happen I can def see J-Rob killing it thru out the season and specially with the easy schedule came up. He is def buy buy and I am about to send one for Chark for J-Rob... will keep you posted.
  8. All major RB are gone.. except Duke and Hill on WW. No IR for my league and we have cap on pickups. 42 Limit for the year.
  9. What website is this? Yahoo wont let this trade go thru if one team player is played.
  10. i can give up Evans. I have no issue with that.