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  1. Niners Kicker vs Charger Kicker? Niners Def or Denver Defense?
  2. 12 Team 2nd in points by 200 pts finish 5-8 Lamar Jackson Cooper Kupp Christian Kirk Kamara Chubb (Keeper) Kittle Dalvin Cook Zach Pascal Benny Snell JR Sammy Watkins Ty Hilton (Trade during injury) Marquis Brown..
  3. Benching him over Stafford in one league and starting him in 1 league... Hoping 20 pt game this week by Jackson. BB will stop his running game and make him throw from the pocket.
  4. Try it l... he usually comes around in December
  5. QB Lamar and Stafford RB Chubb Fournette WR Edelman and Thielen TE Hockenson flex - Aaron Jones and Ekeler bench - Metcalf, MVS, Watkins and Boyd def - Bears and Niners
  6. RB - Chubb, Fournette WR - Edelman and Theilen Flex - Aaron Jones and Ekeler bench - Boyd, Metcalf MVs
  7. Dk and Boyd they both won’t start for me unless injury. Hilton will start for me at Ekeler spot. And Thielen will be back by next week. Boyd needs green for him to be a solid WR. What if he throws in Gallup instead of Sanu?
  8. I rather Keep Mack... no other TE available in the league?