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  1. if this is not the right spot for this, i apologize. i'm looking for a call-up list from 2018 of the players that were called up to the majors. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  2. need a combined 30 from Alshon and Adams.... i know im a dog, but i've seen Monday night Miracles before!!
  3. looks like Conner won't miss... was diagnosed with a contusion. Now i'm worried about who i need to add... Jackson or Samuels. I also lost Kirk, i'm looking at Ateman.
  4. yeah except when I played him because Breida was supposed to be on a limited snap count and he touched the ball twice. Good times
  5. Pats to be without Gronk again this week. Gordon set for a blow up
  6. Desperation Flex start for me. I'm going against Corey Davis tonight. Hoping Sharpe outscores him
  7. oh my goodness... all teams involved are complete morons. Pats gonna Pat.
  8. Potential for heavy rain on Sunday in NE, Philly, NYJ, and Washington... I'm contemplating dropping Elliot for Forbath. Thoughts??
  9. Do I hang on to Moncrief or pick up one of Ricardo Louis, Jermaine Kearse, Mike Williams, Josh Doctson, Marquise Goodwin, or Corey Davis? I play in a 1/2 ppr and have zero options on the WW. Deep league. Please help me decide what to do. Thanks!!
  10. i'm down 30+, I have Brees and AP tomorrow. My opponent has Diggs and Minny Def. I give myself a 30% chance.... I need BREES to hit the double rainbow to AP
  11. for me looks like Cohen, Kerwynn Williams, or Andre Ellington. Not sure about WR because most are gone in my league. .