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  1. Come watch some fastpitch someday. It's def about the fans, and a much faster game. Im 10 years into coaching here after leaving baseball. Wouldn't trade it for a thing.
  2. This is what we're doing to. A big part of luck mitigation in h2h is in the length of the season. It's easy to win a random week, not so much 25 of em though. 8 wks you don't even play everyone once. We're freezing our keeper league and doing a for fun roto instead.
  3. This. They seem to take for granted that people will just be there in the end. Most won't get angry, they'll simply fade away to other interests.
  4. This mantra has been addressed. Again, there isn't a company out there that that gets tax and monopoly protection. Your normal business model doesn't apply. The owners need to show their work if they want to claim specific losses. No one said they'd get full pay. They already agreed to a cut. That's called negotiation. Then it was reneged on, with a dubious claim. That's also called greed, just the owner version. To the owners: take that cut, and move on How is this so hard for people to understand? And why are people so quick to side with billionaire property owners over the guys who actually do the work of playing? To be frank, the Jerry Jones, Mark Cubans and the rest of The Club can kiss my arse. Im sure they have a nice offshore acct they can use to make up for the chump change they'd pull at the gate
  5. This. Take a page from the owners here, the first to speak up looks like the loser. Why do you think the owners never say a damn thing in these situations?
  6. Now change the word player for owner..... How one can have this take and completely give owners a pass is beyond me.
  7. That post about the A's just seems like he's dying for a lawsuit. Crazy
  8. The greater good being the existence of baseball. How many other companies in America, run on capitalism to use your term, run with monopoly protection and special taxes? In buildings built often on tax payer dime? And i also can't make your leap to higher ticket sales in this. If anything, it would most likely show how laughable the margins actually are. Im more tired of hearing about sports owner poverty issues than i am hearing about this virus.
  9. Why dont the owners take one for the greater good for once? Arguments like this baffle me. You could change the word player for owner throughout this statement and id agree with it. Open the books. I want to see this poverty the owners constantly claim. When's the last time you saw an owner go broke?
  10. 1994 all over again. Players need to get their message out a lot more eloquently than what Mr Snell had to say. They've got a legitimate gripe, but optics matter
  11. To add to what @The Big Bat Theory said, a bunch of Americans are due for some surprise bills soon. A lot of providers will not be covering covid tests, and a lot of the uninsured with them, will probably be getting screwed here. Once we all get to go outside again, the billing fight will be upon us. Yippee
  12. Ya we're up there on the leader board. Opening up manufacturing monday, so plan on a new spike soon.
  13. Michigan is extended stay at home until the 28th now.
  14. This stupid trade looking better and better. Hope this guy is ready for an entire fanbase to hate him before he ever puts on the uniform.
  15. that people could die. Really that simple bud.