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  1. And 2 if those were lost to hamate injuries, if i recall. An injury that can not happen again
  2. This is a strong beginning to your 2020 Mariners campaign. You're an institution bro, it would feel weird here without you and your ever descriptive disdain of all things Seattle baseball.
  3. You really should read Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty by Charles Leerhsen. The things you've attributed to Cobb simply aren't true. The book Cobb by Al Stump and the movie based on it with Tommy Lee Jones are complete horse-do.
  4. Say it ain't so. I thought we were done with that walking tragedy. How very mets
  5. Steamer isn't really saying any of his skill stuff will change, all his metrics project essentially the same. They are protecting that he got lucky on both strand rate and Hr/9. Also seems to think he'll walk slightly more.
  6. What an odd take, and one i disagree with entirely. What's the difference between banging on a can in 1880 vs doing it in 2019? What's the difference between his camera use and today's? Higher def? How is his story and less "severe "? The relayed in real time also, kind of a weird comment as any sign stealing NOT relayed in real time is rather useless, no? He literally did it every day of his career. The man gave his resume, and fully admits to sign stealing as a daily profession. Not sure where the tool and living in his own world stuff come in. People love a scandal. Even a made up one i guess
  7. Here's a take from a vet i saw online today: "From Tim Flannery .... They are fining teams who try to steal signs ...hahahaha..got out just in time . Ok...I feel a need to speak out, normal is changing, and today's norm is not the norm. For 26 years I was in the big leagues , 10 as a player, 16 as a 3rd base coach , 20 if you count the other years learning the craft in the minor leagues , from Boise , to Wichita. The seriousness of the writer, the expertise from the front office man, the commissioner, to those who have never lived it. Here it is...I have 25 World Series games under my belt, 7 elimination games, and a 7th game of a World Series. 5 World Series ,3 World Championships I know it don't mean much to those in front of a computer, with the answers and all the rules. So I'm gonna make a long story short. I had a video camera on every 3rd base coach every single night, I spent hours logging tapes trying to steal your signs and finding a way to beat you. You as well did it, in New York I knew the Valentine Mets did it, I knew the Cubs did it, I knew the Dbacks, St. Louis did it, I caught them, that's when the fun begins , you f--- em up by changing signs, you tell the boys " if I put a hit and run on first pitch don't do anything, they will pitch out and now they don't have the signs, and you're in a hitters count" the list goes on and on.....if you aren't smart enough ( and believe me this isn't rocket science, it's being somewhat aware) it's your fault, now the game is turned into no breaking up double plays , don't slide hard at home, don't block the plate.if you are not creative enough to derail them, you've stopped thinking. As far as some of the greatest baseball writers who I love, read and listen to, and hang with. You are so off on the sign stuff. It's a high stakes poker game, big money especially as coaches . If you get caught , if your signs are stolen and you don't know in the moment they are close, they are on you...your not thinking, and now because of that the commissioner comes in not understanding, the writers write stealing signs is wrong. We had an advance scout that could watch your 3rd base coach for 3 days and be real close to getting his signs. He would send his report and I would watch you, or have a camera on you, if you haven't played , you don't understand how important this part of the game should be. You don't understand I would not only try and steal your hit and run sign, I would put our hit and run on that my guys knew, then in the same sequence put the other teams hit and run on so when they look at their cameras that we all used to steal the signs they would see and in their minds " **** they have the same sign for hit and run we have". It's propaganda war fare, its trying to beat you......so why you claim people aren't watching baseball because it takes to long, I say your taking the smarts out of it. ...I tried every night for 16 years to steal your signs either writing every thing you did down, or by looking at tapes because I had a camera on you, just like you had on me. Please leave the game alone, and every writer who wrote articles on this..be in church Sunday,because I know for a fact everyone of you looked at body language , vibe, and found a way to snake another writer to get the feature, get the win., leaving it with no creativity, no thinking, and the dumbing down of the greatest game ever......not that I know anything about it....Peace Tim Flannery." This isn't the scandal people are making it to be. If you think your team isn't doing this, your very naive. To act like sign stealing makes hitters into studs is ridiculous. It gives a slight edge, at best.
  8. Im not getting into who deserves what. The topic is advantage, and you just cited the smallest of samples. Read the articles. While there seems to be some gains, mostly this all looks like a bunch of noise. Tarnished or not, flags fly forever.
  9. I have the time, and the advantage doesn't strike me as giant. They were better on the road lol. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/which-players-might-have-benefited-from-the-astros-sign-stealing/ https://blogs.fangraphs.com/how-much-did-the-astros-really-benefit-from-sign-stealing/ https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/if-the-astros-stole-signs-how-much-did-it-help-them/
  10. Im with ya. Not saying it's zero, not i feel like this advantage isn't the game changer it's being made into. Stros are going to regret firing this gm.
  11. Data seems inconclusive at best. Could make a case that knowing the pitch is a form of a mind screw. Beltran seemed to do worse when knowing. But i think I'd agree with you, just haven't decided to what extent. I'd be willing to be convinced otherwise, but I'd put this behind PED use in terms of flagrant cheating
  12. Dodgers sign Alex Wood. And once again have 82 SPs
  13. It's still amazing to me, despite having watched it slowly go down, that any team has let things get this bad. It gives a free pass to all other suck-arse teams, because, ya know, at least they aren't the Orioles.
  14. Same. Watching him and Vlad destroy things in low A Lansing was awesome, for the brief stint they were together there.
  15. That's a perfect Dodger signing. Almost free upside, a perfect addition to their dl core