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  1. I thought about it but I am scared by the opponent, offense and workload. this seems like a game where he gets 15 touches and goes 13-40/2-15
  2. Let’s ride folks starting Dion to replace an injured Cook. Not real sexy but a good option for us folks who have RB issues and are in search of volume
  3. it was a separate injury...lol thanks for your insight after the fact. We started him due to the matchup and worst pass d in the league outside of DET. Didn’t work out. Move on
  4. I’ve abandoned ship. I got him in the third round, so I can’t really complain, but I’d rather someone more stable. I don’t think he’ll ever truly be elite in Dallas. He vanishes far too often. They did that with Dez, too.
  5. What are we doing with him today? i am going up against a juggernaut and need extreme upside. On one hand, I’m tempted to sit him due to Ramsey/injury at the same time, it’s a home game against a team that has moved the ball well lately. I could see dLlas getting in an early hold and Dak having to throw a ton to get back in it
  6. We benching him or what? Matchup and poor weather has me wanting to put someone [else] the flex. this screams 4-40 type of game for Cooper
  7. Lol at Roto blurb calling him an above average plodder. Mmk ill take my 20 points however
  8. Right, but I guess my point is all these dudes have risk For me, what if guice gets 5 carries and Peterson is the bell cow what if Ballage loses run to P Laird, etc etc etc there’s no guarantee. If anything, I’d be more turned off that Colts fall behind...but TY being back should help them move the ball.
  9. I’m convinced Kliff would rather just throw it 50 teams even in the NFL and have a bunch of JAG RBs to rack up 8 carries for 17 yards just to say he did so. arizona is going to lose a bunch of games and Murray is going to throw 40-50 times with regularity. DJ won’t have RB1 value unless he’s involved in the pass game. the irony is Kliff had all the hype with his tricked out offense, yet Baltimore has a far superior approach with Lamar.
  10. I feel each year I fall for one player and overdraft. Duke was it this year. I should have known better. Honestly, a guy like Chris Thompson (finally healthy with his juice back) is more valuable. Watson simply doesn’t like throwing to the RBs. Sad to say say but Duke will probably be WW fodder in a few weeks. He isn’t going to produce much on the ground and it seems unlikely he get the touches he deserves through the air
  11. I feel I overdrafted. Got him as the RB23 and my RB3 on my roster. Does he outperform No. 23? Maybe since injuries across the league happen, but I drafted hoping he’d be a James White type from last year. Not so sure now.
  12. One of the bigger disappointments. His injury was built into his ADP but I held on and waited for his return. i will still wait a week or two to see what transpired since that lineup is so potent. I wish he’d run a bit more to help offset the poor BA
  13. So I was just wondering this. I'm trying to figure out my transactions for the rest of the week and I assume Kawhi will be on the bench Sunday. Sunday is against the Heat, Monday against the Cavs. In theory, would make more sense to sit out against the lowly Cavs, but I doubt he's going to play Friday, then again Sunday, when we consider he's basically not playing these days unless he has two days of rest.
  14. Same here but I’m not even mad anymore. I guess that’s my point. i will miss the playoffs by a few games. Leonard has cost me at least 5-6 categories that could have resulted in wins.
  15. So... we’ve graduated from not playing in B2B to not playing unless he has two days off? this isn’t even frustrating anymore, just humorous now.