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  1. Benching him. QB play is awful and Bradberry is underrated. Giants are actually one of the best defenses against perimeter WRs and Terry runs only 28% of his routes in the slot. I initially thought he’d be OK with Allen but Allen only succeeded because his supporting cast was good last year. CMC kept defenses honest. washington has no run game and no No. 2 WR
  2. Thinking about dropping as well. No real upside. Week 1 is turning out to be a mirage
  3. As someone who owned Johnson last year, Drake looks cooked to me. Doesn’t look the same as last year. I doubt it matters though. It will probably take an injury for Edmonds to get a starters role
  4. If Kliff kicked the tires so quickly on DJ last who is to say he won’t bench Drake? Only difference is he inherited DJ whereas he was there when they traded for Drake.
  5. lol this is such a lazy argument. SF supported Kittle, Deebo, Sanders, Coleman and Mostert last year. Explain to me how this year is different? Aiyuk is more explosive playmaker than Sanders. and like I said, the defense is in shambles. They will have their fair share of shootout games
  6. Wtf was that 😂 Ryan out here peppering guys I’ve never heard of with targets
  7. I think last night proved the defense is ravished with injuries and SF will need to throw more than expected throughout the year. Plus it should help with Jimmy G back. Kittle was a security blanket for both the backups. JG will probably take some more risks down the field and Aiyuk won’t have to deal with Slay each game.
  8. Still has some juice left. Carolina’s blocking is awful so glad he has a stable floor with the receiving game work
  9. In the past two games Snell has looked like he did in 2019...like a JAG. Probably why McFarland played more. i guess there’s no real clear cut backup? In leagues Snell is already owned, I may pick up McFarland in case Conner gets hurt.
  10. Since Reed got hurt again, I’ll probably pick up Dwelley as a handcuff in case Kittle is a GTD.
  11. Schedule eases up from here, so it’s time to let it ride. hopefully week 2 shapes up to be an extreme outlier.
  12. I benched for Gaskin. If he goes off, great. Maybe I can trade him for scraps. I’m sick of owning him already lol unfortunately, we can probably only play him against teams with poor pass rushes. Watson crumbles under pressure and there isn’t enough time for Fuller’s type of routes to develop.
  13. Usage was encouraging but also good that he was used in the red zone and inside the 5 His upside is capped by the line, although he probably had at least 10 runs right up the gut in obvious run situations where he got 1-2 years...that killed his average This type of running was not really his game. He’s been successful running out of the shotgun and catching passes. He won’t score much but I’ll gladly take a floor of 12-13 PPR points.
  14. Are we riding the Gas Can tonight or what?