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  1. Holy ****, there's a draft going on? Must be nice to have draft picks and get to participate... With the Diesels' first pick of the draft, the team welcomes Jace Strenberger, TE, GB to the squad.
  2. CMC on the block. Looking for two young RBs, ideally a high pick and starter. Open to adding to make a larger deal.
  3. Good game and good luck. I thought yhe preseason hype made him a candidate for improvement, but didn't expect this. Too bad the other bums on my squad took a dump and good Jameis showed out last week. Why couldn't I have faced the Week 16 version? Fml
  4. This offseason can suck my a**. I would say it couldn't go worse, but then JuJu would get hit by a train. FML.
  5. Putting up Luck for trade, seriously. They did let him keep his money for a reason, I'm thinking there's a chance he may return at some point. Looking for a FA pick in return. Far outbis fine. Awesome ROI potential for those finance majors out there. If not, I'll just hold this dud for a few years as hope.
  6. If either was the case, I would have pawned Luck onto one of you suckers. Picked up Brissett as Week 1 Luck insurance - very, very small consolation gift of the events last night. Hey - sometimes you trade a pick and it get you massive returns and turns your team around; sometimes you trade two firsts for a guy who never plays a down for your team. Shooters shoot!
  7. My thoughts were you two guys could have shared custody of that pick. Maybe first/second half of the season, given your schedules. Just make sure it feels at home and is well loved and cared. More than likely, I screwed up. I tried to look up an old accounting of picks and forgot this trade, so I can't complete it as advertised. My bad, @megamoviejohn.
  8. That sucks man, preseason sucks.
  9. FA.10 - Ronnie Harrison S Jax @Drake OTC
  10. 😂🤣😂 Posted October 11, 2017 @predator_05 trades Kenny Golladay, a 2018 1st round pick, and the entire 2019 draft to @JMakin exchange for Duke Johnson and Travis Kelce.
  11. Don't go to the Cock or Mr. Bandwagon...bring your business heeeerrrrrreeeeeee
  12. *acquire the picks to pick the Devins
  13. Me trying to trade for Devin White and Bush earlier...
  14. Confirmed 3.06 - Terry McLaurin WR WASH @Du5t3r OTC
  15. I think he's tied up right now with some extracurricular activities...
  16. Darwin Thompson RB KC @Boudewijn OTC Looking to pick up a pick in the early third if anyone is interested in a deal....
  17. Where do we get these guys? Imagine if he was in the league last year and drafted Jake Butt. Yikes.