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  1. Another save opportunity tonight. Throws 20 pitches. 16 of them strikes, 10 of those swinging. Punches out three batters on swinging strikeouts. And gives up the game-tying home run. So absurd, yet so predictable.
  2. Wow ... Vlad, Eloy, Franco and Adell in that same lineup through approximately 2040? That's an amazing team. Seems to me you should be a 2020 contender (just like the 2018 Braves) and be ready to move some of your deeper farm players for win-now talent. I just traded Monte Harrison for a six-week rental on Ryu, for example.
  3. Bellinger, Bregman, Turner, Cole, Buehler, Alvarez are the options. Nobody else merits consideration. Seems to me it comes down in the end to Turner vs. Alvarez and Cole vs. Buehler. With SB so scarce I would go Turner, and based on track record I would go Cole. But man it would sting to have to drop Buehler.
  4. No way. I don't think I'd trade Cruz for Crouse straight up given the depth of your rosters. The 4th for 9th swap makes it a no-brainer decline.
  5. Only if Minor gives you a good shot to win the league this year. If you are sitting in 4th place or lower, it's a No.
  6. Acuna has 1.5 years of being a top-5 fantasy player. Tatis has 0.5 years. Add in ballpark and lineup benefits, and it easily goes towards Acuna.
  7. Tough one, but I'll go with track record, lineup and ballpark and say Harper. And if you are going to mention age, Harper is only two years older than Alonso, so that's not a significant factor. And Alonso's 33% HR/FB rate has to come down, right? It's possible Alonso is the next McGwire, but I wouldn't be putting my money on that bet *quite* yet.
  8. The interesting thing about the best GB pitchers is that many of them just pitch to contact and have terrible K rates (Dakota Hudson, Brett Anderson). The ones that have really good careers can combine a 60% GB rate with a solid K rate of 7.0/9 or more. Keuchel, Webb, Stroman fall into that category. In fact, those three pitchers have exceptionally similar career profiles, especially when you adjust for today's high-offense environment. Webb is on the higher end of that group, but not by much. One thing I don't understand about Quantrill is how he could consistently post .330 BABIP in the minors. His stuff suggests he should be better than that.
  9. Whoa, Nellie. Webb was one of the best ground ball pitchers in MLB history with an insane 64% career rate. By comparison, Dakota Hudson leads MLB with a 57% GB rate this year. Quantrill is in the mid-40s. He's a solid little pitcher, probably league-average if all goes well, and I'm happy to own him. But Brandon Webb he ain't. I would love to see how Webb would fare in today's launch-angle world.
  10. You answered your own question by including the word "Yahoo" in the title.
  11. This seems like a very poor trade for both sides. Harper is performing terribly; why would the first place team want him over Yelich? This trade would make some sense only if it were going the other way.
  12. EXACTLY. You need to get one stud player back (Arenado / Rendon / similar) to replace Tatis' value for the rest of this year. And you need to get a second stud player to compensate you for the loss of Tatis' keeper value. Arenado and deGrom would be a fair offer. Arenado alone? Not enough of a 2019 upgrade to be worth giving up all that keeper value. For reference, I own a $10 Acuna in an NL keeper league. He is virtually untradeable because he has so much present value and future value. I would have to get offered Kershaw + T Turner + Blackmon to even start considering a deal. Tatis is similar.
  13. I'd like to think you could have gotten more for them, perhaps a straight-up trade without including the draft picks. Senzel and Adell *should* be keepers for many years, while Doolittle will not be. That said, if you win the league this year, it was a great move. And this trade certainly improved your chances. So I can't argue against it, even if it was a slight overpay.
  14. Manly men still can't help themselves from crying at movie scenes: When Bambi's mother gets killed, and when Ray Kinsella says: "Hey, dad? You wanna have a catch?".
  15. NL-only auction keeper league Best Draft Pick: Josh Bell $15 Worst Draft Pick: Gregory Polanco $21. I thought that was an amazing bargain. Best Add: Travis d'Arnaud in a two-catcher NL-only league. We are allowed to keep a player if they move to the AL. Worst Drop: None. I have only dropped one player all season. Best Trade: Nick Pivetta for Amed Rosario (pre-season) Worst Trade: Francisco Mejia for Miguel Rojas, when Mejia was hitting .204 and Rojas was hitting .293