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  1. That rule is garbage. If players are not held over like in a keeper or dynasty then draft picks shouldn't be held over from the previous season as well. Say the Saquon Barkley owner is out of the playoffs by mid season he can just trade him for a mid round pick in next years draft because he's given up and at least he can start on next season. If it was a dynasty or keeper then I would understand but since it isn't draft picks for the following season shouldn't be traded. It could greatly effect the balance of the league and basically let some teams tank.
  2. Rothlisberger went for 470 and 5TDs vs them in the playoffs last year.
  3. QBs just don’t have a lot of trade value in fantasy football.
  4. I think Golladay, Landry or Sanders should be able to land you Cousins. I wouldn’t trade Allen of Thielen for a QB.
  5. I’d probably go with Jackson here. Everyone knows he’s as boom or bust as it gets but he’s been all boom so far no reason to think that’ll change vs the Steelers.
  6. I know I don’t play in leagues where that deal is possible. That would offer wouldn’t be taken serious.
  7. So you sent a trade that’s pretty one sided. Then you make a thread on it. Then everyone comes in there and tells you to make that deal. Quality work right here. That offer should get laughed at as not a serious offer. QBs just aren’t worth that. Good luck pulling it off.
  8. Yo this dude is a scrub to the highest extent. He’s in that no mans land of just waiting a roster space doing nothing but just slightly worth a roster spot based on upside. He’s on the drop block here soon. Straight trash homie.
  9. 13 TDS in three games is awesome but I think it’s just as impressive he has zero pics in games two three and four of his career.
  10. I like Goff a lot more then Luck. I’m selling Luck any any Indy player anywhere I can.
  11. On the positive side he does have 67% of Arizona’s TDs. Unfortunately they’ve scored 3 TDS in 3 games.
  12. I hope you know I was joking. Just referencing the idiot expert from fantasy pros from the article posted above.
  13. QBs are so hard to trade because so few teams don’t have a good one. No one will know what kind of WR you can get for one of your QBs because it is totally dependent on finding a team weak at qb.
  14. I’m hoping the switch to Rosen will give some sort of spark to the offense. It can not get any worse.