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  1. Dude, don't touch Julio. Of those four trades offered, I like the one where you get Bell for Henderson and Akers the best. I'd rather own the KC backfield than the Rams backfield.
  2. I would keep TJ. I don't see any quick fix for Philly, and TJ's done nothing to hurt his ROS outlook. Your team is buck nasty, btw.
  3. I'd do that if I were you (and him). Honestly, the only other thing I would do is start out by including a Robinson/Diggs swap and see if he'd bite.
  4. I'd snag McLaurin or try for Sanders. At best, Bell will be in a timeshare.
  5. I've received an offer from a Lions fan that's essentially D'Andre Swift for Cam Akers in a half point PPR dynasty league. Both players are on similar 3 year deals. I'm trying to win now. I have no idea which of these two has the best ROS outlook. I think I prefer Akers long-term. Thoughts? WHIP
  6. I, far and away the best team in the league, lost the week by 9 points. So, so frustrating.
  7. Started Devei Garcia against my opponent’s John Means today with a decent lead heading into Sunday. Winner goes to title game. Couldn’t have gone worse. I’m barely hanging on now.
  8. Sweet. While deep diving, I did come up with Austin Gomber who will get at least 1 start in the Cards' 10-game week next week. He also seems headed for regular starts down the stretch. My evidence? He's built up to 63 pitches (last start) with 55 pitches the start prior. He's ready to go 5-6 innings. He's pretty f***in' good! 19 k's across 17ip, with a 1.18 whip (and obviously unsustainable 0.53 era, but the 2.89 FIP plays). This is a cat who had a 10.32 k/9 in AAA last year and a 3.25 k/bb. He also doesn't give up homers. His k% (28.1% AAA last year, 26.8% MLB this year) is holding steady and his BB% isn't too high. Guys, my league is deep, but this guy seems like a sneaky add right now. You're welcome.
  9. Oviedo is toast ROS due to Covid precautions. Cards have 10 games in 9 days. Who’s going to get some starts down the stretch?
  10. His command is Bieber levels. Upside is through the ceiling.
  11. Sometimes these dudes just click in the bigs. Snagged.