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  1. Is this guy for real? I hold on to him all season and dropped him two wks ago. Then he blow up. Good for all the owners out there that got him for FREE.
  2. Drummond eating up all the REB. Nothing much left for anyone out there. Good to be Drummond owner.
  3. Funny how Rotoworld keep saying this guy is the real deal. Casey will play Morris over Wood any day. Not much hope here except to move on.
  4. Yeah he is solid outside from his poor FG%. Hard to compete in FG% if you have him and Ball on the same team.
  5. Brown is out so he should get the start tomorrow.
  6. That might not be a bad move since you have some good FA available. I rather have Ball over Payton if you are ok with the percentage.
  7. Would you drop Smart and pick up Burks? His role in GS is pretty solid and they need him to score. I like his % CAT better than Smart. Thought? 14 team 9 CAT H2H league.
  8. McCaw and Ibaka will start tonight. RHJ will be the first coming off the bench. So I doubt Boucher will get 30 min. Maybe he will get 20 min. or so.
  9. This guy will kill both your % CAT. The lack of 3s and steal is concerning too. I will let someone else deal with the headache.
  10. Let see what he can do tonight back in the starting lineup. He have been garbage the last few games and pretty much FA material. His FG & FT percentage is pretty brutal.
  11. Golden opportunity for him to shine now. WAS front court is all bang up. They have no one else to go with but Wargner is hurt. Who know when he will be back.
  12. wow looks like he can be back late Dec. That's pretty quick consider that's his shooting hand. DLO was out longer than that and it's his none shooting hand. Guess most owner would have to HOLD for now.
  13. Mr. Glass finally come back. This guy remind me of Camby. Always get hurt and in/out of games. Let see how long he last before going down again.
  14. I like PG13 here. He was putting up top 10 number last year.