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  1. Thanks for mine....you have to start DJ. If one of your options were any better, I might say differently. Their new idiot of a head coach has said they are going to start involving DJ more in the passing game. Too risky to bench the guy with his volume. He may disappoint again, but there just isn't a way to bench him here.
  2. Thanks for mine....While Lockett or Burkhead are the popular choices, I would go with Ekeler. He seems to be heavily involved in the Chargers offense this year, and they should have to do a lot of dump off passes to beat that pass rush.
  3. So, my RB's are critically thin due to injury. I was able to pick up both Corey Clement and L. Murray off waivers. I need to fill my RB2 slot and my FLEX slot. Right now, I have Clement as my RB2 and K. Cole as my flex. Would you stick with that, or find a way to get Murray in there in a game where Minnesota is likely to be milking a big lead? I am kind of thinking of putting Cole on the bench, as Bortles has a number of WRs to throw to. Thoughts??
  4. For what it's worth, I picked up Fitz in a league where I have (had) D. Watson as my starter. I am very seriously considering Fitz over Watson this week. You saw what Mahomes did to Pittsburgh, right? Well, admittedly Fitz is no Mahomes, but that Steelers secondary is pretty damned bad. Sorry to make matters more confusing for you. I personally don't think J. Winston is going to get his job back in T.B.....at least for the foreseeable future.
  5. Thank you for mine...That's a tough one. I am going Burton over Graham in one league, but Rodgers will be looking to get the ball out quickly vs. Minnesota to protect his knee. Lots of slants and dump offs. That points towards Graham; however, I like the Brees/Watson matchup better. Right now, the only two receivers Brees trusts are Thomas and Ginn. Eventually, a team will take Thomas away and I think that could be this week (gut feeling). I would start Watson and pray it's the right choice. None of us ever know until the games are played anyway. Worst case scenario is they have similar numbers, but Graham has his once/twice a year TD outburst.
  6. Thanks for mine....I would go with Kupp and Golladay. I am not quite ready to trust Williams yet, as it's still the K. Allen/A. Ekeler/M. Gordon show in SD. Just my opinion.
  7. I have both A. Rodgers and D. Adams at home vs. MIN, but both are banged up and may end up not even finishing the game. My challenge is the lack of real skill behind either guy. I could go with Tyrod at QB for Rodgers and Shady, Stills, or James White and WR (or flex, moving Crowder to my WR slot). Thoughts on if this is the exception week to the "never bench your studs" rule?
  8. I just accepted the deal. Really hurts my chances for this week....at the very least. But, what the Hell? No $$ involved, may as well take the chance. Thanks to all who responded.
  9. Good to hear from you, my fellow Rush fan. So, you are saying I should make the deal? Samuels and Ridley are still out there on waivers, and I have offered Alf Morris for Conner (don't know if the guy will accept)
  10. Thanks....it's really tough because I actually believe in Mixon this year. Cincy has improved their O-Line and I think will have a good season this year. That said, I don't think Mixon gets more than 60% of the work with the Bengals with Gio around. It's a free league, so I may as well.....but there is a reason the other owner is extending the offer. I have to consider that also.
  11. That's the best case scenario, and the other owner will likely pull the offer. That's why this is such a tough decision. I may try to trade for Conner first and then pull the trigger. Problem is, I rarely get responses to trade offers in this free league filled with owners I don't know at all....
  12. Yeah, but it is unlikely my team even sniffs the playoffs. I need any and all wins that I can secure early.
  13. Thanks for mine.... Personally, I would NOT do this deal. You are already fine at RB, but your WR's are suspect. I would hang on to Alshon. I know Foles looked like crap last night, but the Falcons have a pretty tough D. Alshon is week to week. Coleman didn't exactly show out last night either. If you had Freeman, yes.....as it stands, no. Just my opinion. Again, thanks for mine....
  14. 0.5 PPR league, and my team is pretty weak: QB: Big Ben (dropped M. Ryan, who I initially drafted as a backup) RB: K. Hunt, J. Mixon, P. Barber, A. Morris, S. Ware WR: AJ Green, JuJu, T. Williams (SD), S. Shepard, DJ Moore, Anthony Miller, J. Edelman (susp) - a WEAK bunch, I know... TE: Olsen So, to the question. Even if Bell returns to the Steelers on Saturday (tomorrow) as Donald did with the Rams last year, I won't have him week 1. Long term; I am not so sure Bell will be more valuable than Mixon. His teammates have already started bashing him, including is OLine (which is NOT a good sign). So, big risk/reward offer. Accept or Reject? WHIR
  15. Thanks for mine....I like your counter proposal thought. Freeman, as is the case with most rookies, is hit or miss. He will also be splitting time with Booker. But, if you do that, you are going to have to try to find more depth at RB. Maybe an afterthought like Payton Barber? I would honestly trade Prescott before Smith, though. Dak doesn't have many weapons at his disposal. Smith doesn't either, but he gets some points with his running and doesn't throw too many picks. Just a couple things to think about. Good luck...